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aseem 7th November 2005 06:59

Best B+ Segment Choice!!!
After the much popular Swift and Getz comparison, there comes another player in this market, the new improved Indica V2 Turbo. So its about time we go polling again between the 4 B+ segment cars. To not give unfair advantage to diesel economy, lets say that the poll is for which car make most sense when driving less than 1000km per month!
Let the poll begin!

Sahil 7th November 2005 08:17

I'd pick the Getz....simply coz its roamier than the swift...Tata i wouldnt even consider and Palio is gotten pretty dated now. Only drawback of Getz is that its a Hyundai but i would be willing to live with that coz its a B segement car....the upside of hyundai is the service backing.
P.S - Aseem how come u didnt add Baleno to this poll? Isnt it better than every car in India right from B segement to D+++ segment ?! haha.. juss kiddin ;)

hawkeye 7th November 2005 08:36

I'd pick the Getz for sure. A more complete package in the list. The Indica comes second because of the VFM it offers. But yes, if I got the money, it is the Getz.

streetlife 7th November 2005 09:06

i'd go for PALIO
although looks are dated but still gives tough competition to rivals(looks dept.)
roomier -more space than gets, indica
FE is equal to gets, swift (10-11) and solid built quality, built to last
its only the ASS which fiat is not upto the mark but suerly its improving

devarshi84 7th November 2005 09:20

Where is the corsa sail???

palio nv 1.2 is pale to the competition and swift wins due to the airbags and ABS safety

but palio 1.6 will be the killer in this segment. :D

But indica v2 turbo if you want the best value for money deal.

amit 7th November 2005 09:22

It's the Palio that I would buy. Solid build, best suspension that gives amazing ride and handling and After sales service is pretty good in Mumbai. Although looks are subjective, I feel Palio looks the best among the cars listed even today. I don't feel the Palio looks dated at all. 3 years down the line the Getz and even Swift will look dated but the Palio's classic European lines will still draw second and maybe more looks on the road.

adya33 7th November 2005 09:41

Swift ZXi over all others

satish_appasani 7th November 2005 11:00

Palio is my choice. It has engine options for every soul.

Mpower 7th November 2005 11:28

I'd go for a Swift because it has character, flair and style. But I would sell it off in a couple of years, that time every gully in India will have a couple of Swifts and it just wont stand out anymore.

normally_crazy 7th November 2005 11:39


Originally Posted by Sahil
Only drawback of Getz is that its a Hyundai

i would consider being a Hyundai in India is a major plus not a drawback.


but i would be willing to live with that coz its a B segement car....the upside of hyundai is the service backing.
arent you contradicting yourself ? or plain confused ? :)

Hyundai's are well built, reliable , reasonably FE with the (dare i say) best A.S.S in the country - I would buy a Hyundai anyday here .

I choose the Getz.

trinadha 7th November 2005 11:42

swift is the best choice. at the current positin of fiat i dont think palio1.2 should be given a thought. And if the options were palio gtx i would have thought to go in for a palio.If you are driving for less than 1000 km a month and dont mind petrol prices go for a swift else nothing better, go in for a diesel palio or else a indica turbo

Steeroid 7th November 2005 11:51

Getz if you dont do great distances, Indica TurboDiesel if you do.

Duh....whats a Palio???

rajdoll 7th November 2005 12:18

I feel here Indica V2 Turbo is too VFM and just can not be ignored when it comes to buying decision. On paper you can argue about fine points but when it comes to buying it is all together different thinking. I'll go for V2.
Go for Palio, only if I have to drive less 500km per month.

tsk1979 7th November 2005 14:27

Let see, driving 1000kms/month
Now for a petrol car in bangalore city like traffic(getz, swift etc.,), it comes to around 4rs/km.
So you spend 4000rs/mo
with the indica turbo, this amount is reduced to 2300/month approx.
you save 1700/mo on the fuel costs, and about 700/mo on the EMI.
this is 2500/mo saving.
Considering a 4 year warranty on the indica(Extended) you get to service once every 5 months(5000kms) and service costs are comparable.
so from an economic point of view indica makes sense. If you do 2000kms/mo then the savings double.
but yes you have to live with the diesel clatter and not so good performance(0-100 16s).

Vish_Janu 7th November 2005 14:28

Getz GLS for me simply because its the best all-rounder
better looks
better performance
better everything else (lol)

though , i wish i could get more then the current 9kmpl :(

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