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Old 19th September 2008, 14:50   #121
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
Indica Turbo DLG
Hood is invisible. Ends up getting the front bumper scratched
Rattles in rear- Personally have no clue - never sat in the rear
Rear suspension claimed to be bumpy- no idea , same reason as above
AC cuts in and out very sharply. I've almost hit people in bumper to bumper traffic when the AC cut off.
Gearbox. quite imprecise. Engaging reverse is a hit and miss
A*S*S- cant blame the car for it
Indica Turbo DLX

Squeaky locks for folding rear seats, squeaks only when no one is sitting on it.
No Bottle/can holder- even the alto has one, thankfully the v3 has got it finally.
Stock tyres need to be better.
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Old 3rd October 2008, 20:26   #122
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i think much is said about this.
1) costly spares.
2) less rear legroom
3) bottom frequently kissing speedbreakers
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Old 12th October 2008, 16:09   #123
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Flaws in my M100

1. Underpowered.
2. Bouncy suspension. (I like it sometimes though)
3. Headlight not very bright.

Not many problems!
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Old 12th October 2008, 16:26   #124
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Originally Posted by Sagittarian View Post

Now about Aveo 1.6
You dint mention the Engine.
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Old 12th October 2008, 19:05   #125
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Originally Posted by teknophobia View Post
Indica Turbo DLX

Squeaky locks for folding rear seats, squeaks only when no one is sitting on it.
Hey, did you check the latch which the rear seat locks onto? Usually covering the stub it clamps onto fixes the problem
Originally Posted by Hashim View Post
Flaws in my M100
Dude whats an M100? The bigger brother of the M80 ?

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Old 17th October 2008, 09:23   #126
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OHC- sad that the steering wheel can't be adjusted
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Old 17th October 2008, 10:17   #127
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Ikon 1.6 Zxi (2006)
Dated interiors, pretty tacky too
Long throw gear shift is set at least one inch too far back
Lack of a dead pedal
Fragile and Tacky OVRMs
Fuel economy (I still get around 10kpl, but thats not great)
Engine could have been a little quieter at low revs
Cost of Ford spares

What. An. Engine!!
Comfortable in the front and the back
Reliable. In almost three years, the only thing that failed was the ignition coil and a couple of fog lamps.
A total HOOT to drive!
Great steering, precise and weighted
Lovely steering wheel. Nice and chunky.
Great side support on the front seats.

Swift 1.3L Diesel
NVH levels could definitely have been better. Engine is a little noisy, especially if you're used to petrol cars.
Steering wheel feels cheap and is too thin.
Rear visibility
Massive OVRMs create a blind spot in front of them if you're looking out or down (especially while turning or parking)
Lack of a tacho in the base model. C-mon people! Charge me another 500 bucks and throw the damn tacho in!!
Body roll, even with 195/60 R15 Yokohama S-drive tyres. Not the best car for spirited cornering, compared to say, an Ikon with the same tyres.

Absolutely phenomenal to drive. The engine is torquey and is bee-oo-ti-fully geared. Turbo-surge is more addictive than crack!!
Fuel efficiency is brilliant
Looks cute as a button.
Fit and finish is fantastic.
6.5" round speaker compartments in the front! Thank God!!
And the most important thing I look for in a car... the 'X' Factor that makes a car fun to drive!!
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Old 17th October 2008, 10:59   #128
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oh boy this is going to be big list:

Esteem Limited:
1. Power windows: I made sure i preserved my power window motors and didn't let any one use them for 4 good years but it never paid off. it rolls down nicely. the problem is rolling it back up especially when the car is stationary. Very embarrassing when people look at you pushing the glass with one hand. I would say it would be better if it didn't have power windows. would save that much power for the 2nd problem.

2.Wipers: LOL @ GTO, I know exactly what you are talking about. both the blades vibrate and move at -40kmh as if its 100 years old and is having a seizure. My wife points at me and the wiper blades and laughs ridiculously every time that happens.

3. Brain cell killing rattles from the doors: I am serious one of these days i will strip off the dash board and the door panels and even the hinges (just seal the doors shut). Will get out of the car like nascar.

4. Poor Poor dampening: Ok i find the esteem quite stable and predictable at high speeds but the way it behaves when it goes through a rough patch is very disappointing. At times it sounds like the shock absorber is going to launch and tear through the bonnet. Needs better dampening capabilities.

5. Very tall ratios: I think everyone will agree on this that the esteem is tedious to drive in traffic. there is a constant need to shift between 1st and 2nd gear.

6. Rust: I took care of my car more then i cared for my self and still at 8 years there is rust everywhere and i mean everywhere. I guess the paint is holding the car together.

7. RPm shooting up: Ok i don't know whether this is common but. when ever the car is cold lets say even for a couple of hours. when i start it up the rpm slowly rises up till 1500-1700rpm and never comes down. I have to wait till it warms up and then shut it down and start it up again and then the idle is normal. Got it checked a couple of times but thats the way it is. I am used to it now.

In spite of all these niggling problems, its a fantastic car and no other car comes close to what it delivers. I will hand it down to my kids one day and never sell it.

The corolla is by far the toughest car i have seen. We have tried to break this car at numerous occasions and nothing happens to it. No squeaks, no rattles, no suspension trouble absolutely nothing, i actually think its bullet proof. BUTT one little thing -

The Power Steering: If any one drives my corolla i can challenge that you would think my car doesnt have power steering. I understand its hydraulic and is suppose to be a little heavier compared to EPS. But this is ridiculous. After driving for about 100kms in 1 day, i actually have to spray some volini on my arms and take a combiflam before going to sleep.

OHC Type1:

Absolutely nothing! At 11 years this car has not given me any problems at all. Flawless. No wonder honda is having trouble to beat the bench mark it set back in 1998. (If i have to point something wrong, the rear suspension setup acts funny under extreme driving)

1. Low end: Poor low end torque. My esteem responds quicker then this vtec below 2000rpm. After that its a monster.

2. Ride quality: Ok there are no scary noises for the shock absorbers and also there is a solid thud but you keep feeling each and every little thing on the road. Ride could have been better.

3. Poor Built quality: at 2 years i did not expect this from honda. there is no damage on the boot lid and still it has started developing rust at a couple of places where normal people would never care to see. Right next to the rear number plate lighting. Also there are noises from the strut when the car is stationary and you turn the steering wheel. There are rattles from the dash board and the factory fitted HU. Also at low speeds in 3rd and 2nd when you press the accelerator there are violent jerks (like in the ohc vtec even worse). I actually have to take my foot off the gas.

4. Road dynamics: Lets face it giving the nhc 100hp with the suspension setup it has was not the greatest of ideas. If some 16 yr kid would drive this car like an esteem or accent, someone could actually get killed. The tail pops out without any warning, unpredictable under steer as well as over steer and tires locking up (non abs version) on the slightest of pressure.(tried with Goodyear eagles as well as potenzas)

Overall i am disappointed with my NHC Vtec and am preparing a file with photos videos and detailed bills and reports to be sent to Honda Siel Cars.

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I like my Indigo Marina. gives me abt 17 to 18 KMPL with AC (I dont drive, My Topline driver wife does, also the best I have known for long). Its a Diesel. I hate TATA cars for the build quality and a lot of things but I like the Marina for its shape and comfortable ride. The rest of the TATA cars suck. Bad bumpy jerky ride and you can end up with a pain in your back.
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Old 21st October 2008, 19:58   #130
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
Dude whats an M100? The bigger brother of the M80 ?
Oh no What a typo I was telling about my maruti 1000, you can call it older brother of esteem.

Update: I have solved my headlight problem by upgrading to 130/100W rally bulbs.
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Old 22nd March 2009, 18:45   #131
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The vRs was my dream and I got it in July last year.
It's an amazing car apart from some small issues:
  1. Plain interiors
  2. No cup holders or centre armrest
  3. Fabric Difficult to maintain
  4. Rear Seat is less when i sit in the driver's seat ( Fully Down , Fully Back)
  5. Front Lip touches some potholes if not manoeuvred properly
  6. OVRM Non Electrically Retractable
Thats about it. Apart from it , Love the car to the core...

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Old 23rd March 2009, 07:37   #132
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Octavia Combi: Front seats don't have enough travel. Very Expensive Parts - nearly 33,000 for the xenon headlight (not a pair - single unit with installation)

Fiesta: Some rattles, lack of space in rear with seat fully back

Galant: Slightly harsh ride, LIGHT steering, bad FE
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Originally Posted by Shan2nu View Post
8. Though braking a VTEC isn't scary and it doesn't lose composure............ it does lock it's wheels. That can be bad if you don't know how to tackle it.

Speaking of which... Could you explain? Because I have no idea how to tackle it [I didn't even know it could be tackled], and it would be a very useful thing to know.
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Old 24th March 2009, 11:39   #134
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Some of the likes & dislikes with my esteem:

AC - bad AC, does it really work when it gets hot
crawls with AC & heavy load in the car.
Bad brakes

High revving & butter smooth engine.
cheap spare parts
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Old 24th March 2009, 16:03   #135
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Originally Posted by guns666 View Post
Palio 1.6 stile

- lousier grey/beige dashboard (tata plastics, i guess)
+ visibility is better (but i'm a little over 5'11)
+ pedals are close cause they are designed like race cars (?)
- after-market mods very difficult
- rear leg space less
Palio 1.6 Stile

- uncomfortable front seat ( compared to Swift)
- too much engine noise in cabin !
- noisy aircon blower
- large steering wheel
- tyres look too small for wheel wells
+ great engine
+ good stability
+ solid build
+ great headlights
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