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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Thanks GTO. This is the thread we actually waiting for from the 15th of every month.

5 stars, as usual.

Nothing stopping Maruti Suzuki.
Ford going good with Figo
Tata's performance could have been better
Honda.. I am happy to see Jazz dwindling but Not so happy with City's low volume. It is a gem of a car.
VW - Seems to got the Indian pulse.
Hyundai - Never ceases to amaze. i10 with only Petrol outselling swift with a Diesel. Good.
Waiting to see how Verna and Fiesta going to fare in the market place.
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Thanks for sharing, PCS. Maruti has been added to the opening post.

Kizashi gets what it deserves; just over a 100 in only its 3rd month! Beaten already by the Accord & Superb.

Alto outsells the entire portfolio of the No. 2 car manufacturer in India.

SX4 also overtakes the Honda City, diesel effect wot? For the 1st time, Honda City is no. 3 in its segment.

Except for the Vitara and Kizashi, every Maruti product has done well. Even the 800 - with its relatively paltry 2915 units - outsells the total output of some manufacturers.

Originally Posted by PCS View Post
Maruti Sales.

800 - 2915
OMNI- 7808
ALTO - 38065
ESTILO - 4403
WAGON R - 14885
DZIRE - 10278
SX4 - 3632
EECO - 6608
SWIFT - 12114
A STAR - 2934
RITZ - 6059
GYPSY - 606
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Talking Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Hondas attitude has paide them prices which is good to hear. They have good cars which are overpriced and why do some manufacturers think they can take you for granted? No diesel and overpricing is their way of dealing with the indian market!!
Take that Honda

OMNI!! Gosh this is a total surprise!! Looks like MS got some bread and butter

Wanna see VW improve their numbers more and anyone who does not take the market for granted in a good position.

Hyundai: Stop fooling around and launch your winning elantra and sonata models. Will surely increase your numbers quite a bit.

Thar numbers are not very great. Just about 1255 or what if i am not wrong?
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by SPARKled View Post
Awesome Maruti figures as usual. Swift is at the fag end of its life but still is the best selling hatch.

SX4 too has beaten the City due to the diesel launch. Honda has to launch a diesel City or be decimated by the looks of it or else reduce its price considerably.

Just wondering if the high sales figures are more due to the all India reach Maruti have which I guess is better than anyone else. So when GM and and Ford and others are able to reach every corner of India like Maruti has, will Maruti still rule or will there finally be a balance. I say this because there are some relative duds which still sell inspite of better products within Maruti themselves and else where. So this makes me wonder if this is mainly due to the better dealership network/ reach than anything else. A head start in India has really helped Maruti I must say. For eg. In Navi Mumbai where I stay, we have 1 GM, Ford dealer for entire Navi Mumbai Chembur area while there are 3 Maruti dealers in navi mumbai alone and 2-3 more in Chembur Ghatkopar area. So I guess its just convenient for people to buy a Maruti than anything else.

Well MSIl has not been resting on its laurels like HSCIL. All companies like Ford GM, Hyundai and Toyota have been in the Indian market for over 10 years. If they cannot get their act together in all these years it is their fault.

One reason for MSIL ( and for that matter TM and M&M)doing well is the commitment they have shown to the Indian market. Being home grown companies, failure in India was never an option.

It is only now that the others are really investing in India when the market has become a close to 2 million units p.a market.
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

for once a sales figure thread that has not turned into a Fiat bashing thread just one post mentioning total Fiat aales at 1860
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Kizashi is imported as CBU which adds to its cost. I wonder why can't Maruti assemble it here from CKD kits.
That would definitely make it more competitive.

We hope that Tata realises its pricing mistake of Aria and also hope that it happens before its sales are down to 9.8 from 98. Or are they waiting to create another Ford Fusion?

Optra sales have been hovering between 250 and 300 despite lack of equipment.
Don't know what is stopping GM from giving some basic equipment.
I am sure there are many more out there to lap up this beast with better equipment list.
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Even though Beat LPG was launched, it is still difficult to sell this car. I don't think even a Beat Diesel will help its cause. I can see that only the young people going for this car.
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures


Where is, if it is, a compilation of all monthly reports, in one table, available?
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Thanks GTO.
Mercedes has done record sales of 833 as per Autocar India.

356 C-Class saloons,
307 E-class saloons
103 M-Class SUVs.

Waiting for BMW numbers now- This post from Feb sales says BMW did a cool 620 excluding X1. So March BMW numbers should better Merc's.

PS: The Captiva numbers are quite impressive.
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

I think too much is being read and made out of the numbers that Vento and SX4 are more than the ANHC
1. Clearly the SX4 diesel has been the addition on SX4 sales numbers. Have those been buyers away from ANHC, dont think so as those who want a diesel option already had a few and these are folks who are opting for the SX4- means loss for verna and possibly fiesta potential buyers. New launches ALWAYS have high initial numbers, one should wait for a while to draw a conclusion, though for diesel car buyers SX4 diesel is a hard to miss product
2. Vento has clearly eaten into Linea , Fiesta sales as far diesel and yes to some extent into ANHC sales. It has ALSO created a new market of its own as diesel buyers are anways growing looking at high fuel prices.
ANHC had been selling max numbers for many months and the recall surely had an impact. If its sales have fallen cause buyers are moving away to other options for good, then the coming months sales will prove that. The fact that their market has NOT grown too much for the city is surely an indication that competition is hot.
As far as petrol sedan, its still the leader. That said, Honda SHOULD and MUST get a wake up call, will help consumers finally. I still feel the petrol sedan segment needs more options in this segment.
I am surprised to see comments that indicate Honda is not serious on indian market etc, a leader for a decade, will not just vanish!!
These are my own interpretations on the current numbers and the coming months data can always indicate otherwise.( posting as do not wish people to start a debate on this as i can see many strong comments against honda here)

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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Where are Fiat's numbers?

The best car company in the world and Fiat GP - The most beautiful Hatchback in India.

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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Wow, lots of feeling against Honda, however as some BHPians have mentioned Honda will just not vanish as they still make excellent products, lets wait and watch.I'm hoping that they do gets some sense and price better though..

Aria numbers are much more alarming,IMO this is a segment which is quite new (crossover), so uptake may be slower
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Audi has sold 681 cars, impressive numbers and I would love to see the break up of which car added the volume considering the A6 is now out and I do not think they have much of old stock which is being sold at high discount? (Do correct me)

Audi Sales for March 2011

Also GTO, and others can someone clarify why is Mercedes-Benz India not reporting S-Class sales from Feb 2011? It was always a part of the break up and now it's missing so are they not selling them? shortage of kits? or did the sales suddenly dirve from 50+ to lesser numbers?


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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

I honestly dont know how authentic this info is.

I heard from a Maruti Service guy from one of the Maruti Authorized service stations, that because of the Japan crisis and as the Kizashi & Vitara are imported directly form Japan, there are very few cars left with dealers as one big consignment has been delayed in reaching India.
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Default Re: March 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

The threads above remind me of a dialogue from Batman Begins - 'You either die a hero or you live long enough to be a villain'.
Looks like we have got a new one to be bashed up this month (read Honda) rather than the regular (read Fiat).

I am not a big fan of Honda's overpricing strategy & 'take-it-or-leave-it' attitude but lets not write them off so soon; its just a month's sales folks coupled with the massive recall (for which I think HMC should be appreciated) and the Japan quake/tsunami.

Try buying a VW car in India and you would experience the dealer high-handedness first hand! A product is the key but A.S.S. & attitude important as well.

The market still is a long way from being called even maturing.

All said and done; good to see conventions being shaken; new entrants dethroning long timers. This may not be the end and neither the beginning to an end but a good month for movers and shakers trophy I guess!

A few things I had like to highlight out of having owned the vehicles from the stables:
- Hyundai after Mr Subbu's exit and having fared well seems to have taken the premium image too far; need a reality check.
- Honda definitely will come back with a vengeance and we love Japan!
- Try getting a few parts in an Ikon or a Fiesta replaced and you would know why we love MSIL!

Lets hope in all of this; we as consumers emerge winners!
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