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My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Dear Friends,

I am starting my first thread.

Mods and others - please feel free to correct me if I am missing something. I will offer my apologies in advance and also offer my thanks in advance here only!

My plan is to present my experience in following way:
  1. Why I decided to change from my Honda City ZX VTEC 2006
  2. How the search took place
  3. How the deal was done
  4. My purchase and delivery experience
  5. My ownership experience (in stages as the car and I live together)

1. Why I decided to change from my Honda City ZX VTEC 2006

I had done 1+ lakh km by the time the car completed 9 years. (Note: 1,30,000+ km when I actually parted with it!)

My original plan had been to keep the car for 6 years only. I can tell you freely, that I could have kept it for 6 more years - if only.. oh yes.. this is the part I want to cover!

Till 2008 June, I was living and working in Pune. My home-office distance stood at just 5 km. My long distance travels took place a few times every year only.

Just to give a back ground to highlight my love for the Honda City - When I bought the car, I was going to office (5 km away) in about 40~50 minutes! Why - you ask? Because the famous Pune University Flyover was being constructed! My car was traveling 300~340 km in 34 liters of petrol (which boils down to FE of 9~10 kmpl). Then, hey presto - the flyover was ready! I started reaching office in about 15~20 minutes. Still too much time - I agree - but 'we are not to ask why - we are but to do or die'. And the car average shot up to 340~380 km in 34 liters of petrol (which boils down to FE of 10~11).

Then I got a job in Mira Road, Mumbai!

I cannot explain the situation here in detail, but simply put - my family (wife and 2 daughters) stayed on in Pune and I shifted to Mira Rd in a rented flat.

The Pune Mumbai Expressway was not too crowded in those days - specially in the morning. I could cross 100 kmph comfortably! The last 55 km after the Expressway - on the other hand - was a pure mess! In the morning it took me about 1 hr and in the evening (for the return journey - next weekend) it would take me 1.5 ~ 2.5 hours.

But the magic was the petrol consumption - now my car started to go for about 480 km in 34 liters (which boils down to FE of 14.1)!

A few months later and a little bit of mathematical calculations later, I realized that I was saving just about 10 minutes by traveling at 100+ speeds! Coincidentally, we made a family trip to Saptashringi Temple, Vani near Nashik. Due to family presence, road condition and traffic condition I was forced to stay within 100 kmph. With full load, full AC I still got 535 km in 34 liters (now an FE of 15.7)!

Consequently, I decided that FE is a reflection of how I am driving. The monetary benefits are a bonus. So, took a decision to not cross 100 kmph.

The effect - during my next trips to Mumbai - I got in the range of 530 to 620 km in 34 liters of petrol (boils down to FE of 15.6 ~ 18.2). I got 620 km range more than once - the common factor was that during those trips I did less of local traveling in Mira Road.

Later, I even took a triangular trip Pune -> Nashik -> Saptashringi Temple -> Jalgaon -> Aurangabad -> Pune. For this approximately 1100 km trip I got an average of 19.5 kmpl consuming only about 56.5 liters of petrol!! Please note this is a 1500 cc engine 101 BHP - fully loaded 100% AC ON etc etc! You cannot believe the amount of time my wife and I spent checking the calculations. Most of the driving had been done by me - with some it being done by my wife. The kids did what they are good at - they slept!

Now I am a great advocate of sedate driving. It saves fuel - yes! However, what I realized was that the stress was significantly less. Sub-consciously, the body stays in a condition of 'high-alert' at higher speeds and it is just not worth it!

Another experience which needs to be shared here is that I got a life of 72000 km from the original Bridgestone tyres. The dealer kept telling me that it is supposed to go for 45~55 thousand km only! But, when he looked at the tyres, he openly admitted that the only thing possible is that I am a good driver. Agreed (Ego boost!). I do not accelerate or brake suddenly. The next set I bought was a higher end of Bridgestone and they had done more than 60,000 km when I sold the car - and they were good for another 10~20 thousand km. (By the way I also became a fan of Bridgestone tyres)

Anyway, to cut a long story short - every year after it completed a year after its 5th birthday, I decided that I would sell it 'next time'.

Now when the car completed 9 years (July 2015), I realized that some things have changed - I am significantly older than I was when I took the car, the traffic pattern on the roads has changed, the roads are better/bigger/etc but still there are too many speed breakers, parking is becoming a bigger and bigger headache, etc. I noticed that now I am more irritable - more tired - that I am facing more knee pain/back pain after I drive for more than 30 minutes in a jam.

Consequence of this - in usual style - democratically - the family decided that I need a replacement car - and that too an automatic car!

And so - the search started!

Let me submit this. I will add the next point in the next stage.

Take care..

Girish Mahajan

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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Ok - so now you have the background!

Now next stage -

2. How the search took place

I had purchased my first car in 1998 - Maruti Omni E. I was the first customer of the dealer for this car. This was in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. I sold this in 2011 after it served first me and then my wife - extremely faithfully.

The selection process had been real easy - there was only option of Maruti 800. And since none of the immediate relatives had any 4-wheeler and they would come and stay at my place, the deciding factor was an eight-seater - finish!

My next car was Honda City ZX VTEC 2006 model. The decision was easy - it had to fit in my 90 degree parking slot and it had to be easy to drive. We took test drives of Maruti Esteem, Maruti Baleno, TATA Indigo, Ford Fiesta and Toyota Corolla. The Corolla was the best to drive. Unfortunately, it was a bit above my budget. The whole family just fell in love with the Baleno. For some reason, we were not able to connect to Deccan Honda for a trial of the City. I made a decision to take Baleno. Still, just for the heck of it, I made a last attempt to call Deccan Honda. AND I got through. The lady was just too cooperative! I got a TD in the next few hours. We were just swept off our feet - what a car! After that nothing else mattered! This was in 2006.

The third car that I took was to be the replacement for the OmniE which was serving my wife (home/school/college/classes/etc local travel). Since it was completing 13 years and we felt that we must not push it. Here again the procedure of selection was very easy - it had to be small and the driver should be able to see 1 feet ahead of the car! Only two cars were considered - Zen and WagonR. One test drive later - the deal was made for WagonR! This was in 2011.

Cut to 2015. I thought I would follow the 2006 method. How wrong I was! My life was badly complicated by the changed scenario. I had felt that having to select an automatic would be very easy. I could leave out the small cars (due to my regular Pune Mumbai routine) and I would have to select from 3/4 cars!

The cars that we landed up evaluating:
Nano Genx XTA
Alto K10 VXI AGS
Celerio ZXI AMT
Ritz AT
Brio VX AT
Swift Dzire VXI AT
Jazz S CVT
Xcent 1.2 Kappa AT SX Option
Figo Aspire Titanium 1.5 Ti-VCT AT
Jazz V CVT
ZEST XTA Quadrajet 90PS Diesel
Amaze VX AT
TUV300 T6+ AMT
Ciaz ZXi AT
Sunny XL P CVT
EcoSport Titanium 1.5 Ti-VCT*AT
Vento TSI
Diesel Rapid Elegance Plus 1.5 TDI 7 speed DSG Automatic
Vento Diesel Comfortline A/T
Vento Diesel Highline A/T
4S Fluidic Verna
Scorpio S10 BS4 AT
Creta 1.6L CRDi VGT 6-Speed Automatic SX+
Scorpio S10 BS4 4WD AT
Corolla Altis 1.8G CVT
XUV500 W10 AT
XUV500 W10 4WD AT

Corolla Altis 1.8VL CVT
CRV 2.0 2WD
CRV 2.4 4WD

Note: I have copied this from my spreadsheet and the sequence is 'funny'! If anybody wants to see that file, then please PM me. It is a very big file and I do not think it right to load it here.

Another note: You will find that many cars like some of the Hyundai cars are not there. Some I missed and some my wife did not allow me to put in the list - just personal biases on our part! Fans of those models please excuse us!! And - oh yes - some others just lately got added which were not available/known to me at the time of making the list.

I am sure some of you have already guessed the sequence of the list - it is in order of landed cost to me in Pune.

Let me try to put in words the way we shortlisted. I am afraid it is going to be very hard to remember all the details - but I will try my best!

Some were too expensive.
In some cases it was more a question of value for money rather than the absolute money involved.
In some cases the dealers killed the deals.
In some cases the test drive vehicles killed the deals.

Anyway, let me try to list out our experiences. Note: I have been studying various feedback on TeamBHP and other sites too - and one common thing I notice is that all brands and all models and all dealers have fans and haters! So, once more, I request all readers to accept that these are our experiences and they should not take offense if they do not match their thoughts! Just remember, it is all just 'perception'.

Anyway, let me get ahead..

First the too expensive:
The Honda CRV models were just too sexy. One friend had told me once 'Don't take a test drive. If you do, then you will never be able to drive another car.' After looking at the costs involved, I lost all desire to take a test drive too. I hope that some day I will take that test drive and maybe even buy one - that too a 4WD! It largely depends on GOD and my income increasing significantly. Unfortunately, I do not have many years of service left! Ouch!!

Second the dealer killers:
DSK Toyota is advertising so aggressively in all media and still when I made an inquiry they slept on it for 3 months! After a couple of calls from me, I got a feeling that they did not want to sell automatic cars! What pissed me off was that 3 months later they call me to ask 'what have you decided sir?' When I told them that I had already booked a car, there was no sense of regret from their side and in fact I got a feeling that 'oh you booked a Jazz - oh you cheapo!'

The Nissan dealer's ladies on the phone talked very nicely. However, the calls always ended with a 'we will call you back when we have a TD vehicle'. Results ZILCH! Later as the dealers vanished, I felt that God had saved me!

Thirdly the value for money issues:
This is highly perception based - but still here goes..
The Creta, the Ecosport, Verna, Rapid and some others were felt to be good cars but badly overpriced.

The other sub category in this category was the cars like the Ciaz and Verna which continued to have efficient but outdated (by my perception) 4 gear automatic transmissions.

The next sub category in this category was the cars which we felt were too inconvenient for long distance. Note here I am 5' 10" tall, my wife is 5' 7", my elder daughter is 5' 4" and my younger daughter is 5' 9" tall - so we need some minimum space to just fit in!

Some of the cars that got eliminated are:
Nano, Alto, Celerio (I loved this - but still...), Ritz, Brio, Polo, etc

The Test Drive Cars that killed the deals:
The Tata Zest XMA that we drove was a one year old model. It was not 'nice' inside. Also, unfortunately, when my wife was driving it, just before a speed breaker she slowed down and it started to jerk! The deal was dead! I had liked the car - but my wife would have none of it...
The Rapid that we test drove, we did the day after the Vento. The drive seemed significantly inferior. The rep said that this was due to higher air pressure. Well, if this were even true, he should have corrected it before the TD! Anyway, my wife became a strong enemy of the model!

From the total list, the cars that we actually got test drives include:
Celerio, Jazz, Zest, Polo, City, Rapid, Vento, Scorpio, Creta and Ecosport from the dealers. Yup - we did TD of 10 models - some more than once!
Additionaly, I took a 80+ km drive of a manual XUV from Zoomcar AND test drives of manual version of Scorpio and Ciaz.

Test drives I am still looking forward to is the TUV. Model that I am still waiting for is XUV.

Consequently, instead of being enlightened at the end of the process, we were actually operating at a higher level of confusion

So instead of just using mathematics and/or feature comparison we decided to use our feelings!

HA - we narrowed it down real quick!

We decided to have a family vote between City, Vento, Jazz and Scorpio. Yeah - I know - I know! They are all from drastically different categories.

As you can guess I was rooting for City or Scorpio. My wife was for Vento or Creta (hey - that is not in the list!). So again stalemate!

We decided to sleep on it for a week or so!

After going through my spreadsheet - I realized one very interesting thing - the costs in 7 years! I did a rough calculation, to determine cost of ownership over a 7 year period.

The calculation included my estimate of exchange bonus for my City, down payment, EMI, insurance etc, regular maintenance costs, fuel and even Toll.

Assuming that my monthly payment capacity is decided by my salary, I decided to put a cap on the estimated EMI.

Consequence - the repayment periods were - Jazz 2 years, City and Vento 3 years and Scorpio 4 years!

The other consequence - the total fund outflow in 7 years - Jazz 14.8 lakh Rs, City 20.9 lakh Rs, Vento 19.7 lakh Rs and Scorpio 22.6 lakh Rs.

Note that this does not include any changes in fuel rates and neither does it include any expenses on accident repairs! It also assumed that I get an exchange value of 1.5 lakh Rs for my City.

So, we had a vote again - with these facts!

Since we had started with clear specifications of what we are looking for, we had been successful in narrowing down our choice quite clearly - in spite of the wide range available. This time, we had added a few new parameters to help us narrow down further.

Theoretically, financially, we could afford any of the options. But the deciding factor turned out to be something which we had not considered at all! Every time that I would want to send the car for servicing I would have to use my wife's car. If this is done on 2nd or 4th Saturday - then okay - no issues. But if this has to be done on a working day, then I land up driving my wife's car for 2 weeks and my wife lands up driving my car! She had done the test drives of all the above cars. She was confident of driving short distances. However, the concept of 'automatic' was an unknown factor to both of us! So, the new criteria was that the car should be very easy to drive in small places and easy to park in small places. Automatically, the top three automatics got eliminated! The obvious choice was Jazz V CVT!

The long term strategy we decided was this:- We would take Jazz. In a short time we would come to know my wife's comfort level with it. If she still felt that the car is 'too big' then we would replace my wife's WagonR with a smaller automatic. If she felt 'ok' with the Jazz, then we would replace the WagonR with a car of my choice - most probably some SUV. But, one thing seemed clear, we would have a lot of difficulties with one manual and one automatic in the same garage.

Add to this the fact that even after having a license my daughter does not like to drive manual cars - we are hoping that she will become independent due to the automatic! The only down-side of that being - I might have to spend on a third car! Ouch again!!

End of this part!

More in the next session..

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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

This should be short....

3. How the deal was done

I had taken Honda City from Deccan Honda. I had an overall satisfactory experience on the service front. I had done business with the Dhankawadi branch earlier and then with the Pimpri branch. Distance wise both are same distance from my place, but the Pimpri unit is time wise closer. The road and traffic to Pimpri is smoother.

Anyway, the deciding factor was the Service guy I was dealing with - Sandip. Really fantastic guy. He had only introduced me to the marketing lady - Rekha.

I went through the usual bargaining process for Jazz, Vento, City and Scorpio - before we had finalized. Interestingly, none of them came down even one Rs. Note: later with the scandal - I heard that Vento has started to make some offers. But, to me that was too late.

We booked the car - Jazz C CVT Orchid Pearl White. This color was suggested by my elder daughter, seconded by my younger daughter and my wife and I confirmed it. After have received the car and after others have looked and commented on it, we are sure that we did the right thing.
This was on 22 or 23 Aug 2015. We paid 50,000 to confirm. We were told that we would get it in 2 months approx.
We spent some time going through the accessories. In the Official Review thread, I had put my thoughts at the appropriate time. I got a lot of inputs and that helped me to freeze up later.
Later went to the 3M dealer in Baner, Pune and studied options. Asked him to send a quote on my email. He forgot! Later he called to ask what I had decided. I reminded him that I was waiting for a quote. This time I got it promptly. Maybe these guys are testing to see if I am just asking or if I am really serious!
Later I went to a near by friendly garage to see what else was on offer. I had not liked the Honda reverse distance sensor system. I saw what felt like a better one there. Anyway, told him I will come with the car and finalize then.

Then, waited..

Oh! You got the message! It was an agonizing 2 months.
In the first week of Oct, I was told that a car had been allocated to me in Oct itself.
On 16 Oct, the car left the factory.
On 23 Oct it landed at the dealer.
I was told that the loan process with the dealer was fast. Unfortunately, when the time to get it came, the concerned guy says at least one week to process it and one more week to deliver the car! I got mad!
Anyway, I have a privilege account with ICICI with a account manager. Contacted him. I wanted a 2 year loan. He had different interest rates for 2 yr and 3+ years. I told him - nothing doing - I am getting the desired rate from HDFC and SBI. He talked to his boss. I got it! Yeah! The process was super fast after that. The money was with the dealer by 23 Oct evening. They 'saw' it in their accounts on 24 Oct. The paper work started! I was told that the car would be sent for RTO process on 28 or 29 and delivered to me by 30 Oct. That was a painful time indeed!

The pregnancy reaching it's end - let me cover the delivery process in the next stage.
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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

4. The delivery process:

On 30 Oct took a leave from the office. Told the good news to my boss. Got immediate sanction!

Reached Pune on 29 Oct. On 30 Oct, I was told to come in the evening by 5:00 ~ 5:30 pm so that my choice of accessories could be fitted up. I okayed it.

We reach sharply at the appointed time, in my Honda City.

I am repeating some photos - for relevance sake -

My City before bidai

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151030_170329.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151030_170339.jpg

Now that you have seen how well I maintained it, just see the odometer:

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151030_170707.jpg

I have shared more photos in the Official Jazz Review thread. I will not re post all here.
I got a measely (in my opinion) price for my City. But, the euphoria of the Jazz offset that.

Completed the paper work for both the City and the Jazz.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151030_181314.jpg

Customary Pooja followed. The whole staff had collected. Lots of photos taken using my mobile phone. (Unfortunately, my Sony camera refused to cooperate when we were leaving the house .. so we had to manage). Since the light inside the showroom was good and outside not so good, the photos are of mixed quality. I have uploaded some of them in the Official Thread.
They took one photo with their camera and printed it out immediately. My elder daughter was like - flabbergasted!

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-honda-jazz-delivery-deccan-honda-30-oct-2015-small.jpg

We had called Sandip (Service guy) and Dev (Sandip's standby and friend) to the ceremony. It was very nice.
We had got presents for Rekha and Sandip.
Deccan Honda decided that we deserved something after all and gave us free mats at the last minute!
We also got a 2 port USB device which can be connected to the power socket, a Honda key-chain and a Jazz computer mouse.
There was Zahid who showed us all the features. We had studied all these during the test drives. But it was still useful to hear everything just before taking off! We were ALL most sincere students!

One interesting observation during the demo:
He said that in the D mode I should not use the toggles. He said that the S mode is like manual mode. He said that I should use the toggles only while climbing steep slopes or while coming down the same slopes. However, the guy who had given us the test drives had said that you should use the toggles even during the D mode for short time shift-up or shift-down. Later, I confirmed that something equivalent is present in the user manual too!

There was very little petrol in the car. We made it to the nearest petrol pump and filled only a small quantity. Then we went to the regular petrol pump near our house and topped up!

A small comment here - I have been driving for about 30 years and my wife has been driving for about 15 years. I have done about 3.3 lakh km and she must have done maybe just under 0.5 lakh km. BUT STILL, she kept telling me to be careful when driving! She kept telling me to keep safe distance. She kept telling me to watch out for this guy and that bike and ... You get the drift. I can tell you - first for a few minutes, I got annoyed, then when my daughters started laughing at the back, I enjoyed it totally!

Here I need to thank the Team-BHP members. In many places, I had read that the dealers set the air pressure high. So, after filling the petrol, I got the air pressure checked. You should have seen the boy's face. He could not understand how we had got a brand new car to check air pressure. Then when he checked, he could not understand how I had said that it would be high! Then he was having problems understanding how a dealer can say in print that the pressure should be 30 or 32 and then set 40+! My wife just smiled and gave him a couple of pedhas!

My car waiting for the number plates:

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151031_093834.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151031_093843.jpg

We were told that the number plate would be delivered to us the next day - i.e Sat 31 Oct or latest by Mon 02 Nov. On Saturday, 31 Oct, we were told that the RTO series is just over and the new series will take a bit of time. Implication of this - the plate will reach us by 5 or 6 Nov! I cannot describe the frustrations! I had to go to office! I could have taken monday off - but not the whole week. AND - driving a vehicle without number plate did not fit in our style!

Final action plan - I take my wife's WagonR to Mira Road. She is to keep the Jazz and preferably not use it - to use rick! You cannot imagine the thunder and lightening that I got from those eyes!

Saving grace was my elder daughter who gave her confidence that she would be able to drive the Jazz. How come this girl does not feel confidence to drive - in spite of having a license and gives confidence to someone who has so much experience? Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

My wife agreed - on one condition - that I would give her a practice session. So we made the customary temple visit with my wife driving and me in the passenger seat. She cribbed and cribbed! And after that short trip, she was cribbing about how short the drive had been!

Anyway, I was separated from my All New Jazz CVT for a few days.

During my stay in Mumbai, I got regular reports from my wife. She had taken the car out for a couple of times. She noticed that there were numerous cars running on temporary / dealer plates. The traffic police was ignoring them. We came to the conclusion that they knew about the high sales during the Diwali season and the fact that the number process was stopped!

The best part was the last call that we had before I left Mumbai. My wife tells me that she is going to keep the Jazz and I have to use the WagonR!
I laugh so much - I am ready to fall off my chair!!

The next day - the next fun starts. She takes the WagonR out. I am looking from the window. My daughter, who is in the passenger seat, lowers the window and calls out to me that her mother is trying to make the car move without using the clutch!

The new number plate arrives in the morning of 6 Nov. Ya! Party time!!


I found only one photo with the number plates and taken in front view:
This is on the way, from Nashik to Pune, somewhere near Sangamner.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00221.jpg

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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Oof! I am tired!!

I had not thought that I would write so much.

5. My Ownership Experiences

Best drive-ability
Smooth movement
Suspension is neither too hard nor too soft - comfortable and gives just the right amount of feedback to 'understand' the road
D mode - it is so good that I have used the S mode only once and that too for coming down the steep slope of Saptashringi Gadh/Temple.
Armrest - it is really very convenient indeed. It gives a feeling of 'balance'
Climate control - When I go from Mumbai to Pune - in any weather - I feel cold. When I go from Pune to Mumbai - in any weather - I feel hot. Ok - this lasts for a day or two max! The point I want to make is that in City and WagonR, I am forced to change the AC setting for both way movement. In the Jazz, the setting is constant! Wow!
Space - obvious - no explanation! Felt to be more than my old City.
2 air bags - I hope I never use them! But, it sure feels good to have.
Interior - I know I am not with the crowd here - but I love light color. The beige interior gives a nice open airy feel. For the first time, I did not put a set of seat cushions - because - the original seat is really comfortable.

Dislikes (or desires for improvements)-
No cruise control Sob sob! Sniff sniff!!
No reverse sensor - just camera
No 60:40 rear seat. There are many features of my old City that I did not use - or used sparingly. For example, the rear armrest had been used less than 5 times in 9 years! So, I do not mind Honda not giving me Magic Seats! But a split rear seat is very useful. I use it regularly in the WagonR.
No adjustable head rest in the rear seats. Come on - after giving so much space in the back for tall persons why compromise on the safety for tall people?
Such a weak horn!
Looks - everybody says 'oh hatchback'. Then they come close and say 'so big'. Then they sit and say 'ooh! soooooo big!'
Finish - the 3M guy gave the car a satin finish. But, the original finish was also very good. Only people with sensitive eyes are able to see the multi-layer sparkling finish of the Orchid Pearl White. When they see it - they get jealous! As the old ad went ' neighbor's envy - owner's pride'

On-road price & discounts
The on-road price came to approx Rs 9.33 lakh.
Extended warranty up to 4 years (included in above)
RSA (included in above)

Got accessories fitted at dealer worth Rs 21,000.
Got mobile holder from outside worth Rs 770.
Got 3M treatment done (underneath, engine, silencer and paint sealing) worth Rs 10,000. After discount given about 5% and free 3M wipe.

Number of kms at the time of writing this review

As on 28 Nov 2015, the car has have covered 1200+ km. Some 70~90 km out of this has been driven by my wife.

Wheels & tyres
The car comes with 4 alloys and one steel. When I took the car, I hoped that I would never use the alloy. It looks ugly. It does not match the car in anyway.
The rubbers are Goodyear. The drive feel is good. Too early to say how they will last. Like I have noted earlier, my experience with Bridgestone is too good. On my bikes, my experience with MRF was good. I do not remember properly, but I think my Omni E had MRF and they did a good job.

On the way back from Nashik to Pune, my wife was driving and the front left tyre just FAILED! I am not saying it got punctured or burst! I am saying it just 'failed'! We are cruising along at about 70 kmph somewhere near Sangamer and suddenly we hear the famous thud-thud-thud-thud. A quick stop to the side of the road and the tyre is TOTALLY FLAT! I was so disturbed that I did not take a photo! I should have.

An interesting points to note - the car did not do anything funny in those 15~20 seconds. It kept on going steady. Otherwise I am not sure if my wife could have kept her cool! Full points to the car - zero points to the tyre!!

I have had many, many punctures in many vehicles - from cycles to bikes to cars to even trucks and buses that I have been in. But, never have I seen a tyre fail like that WITHOUT a puncture!

Luckily there was a puncture repair shop just across the road. He takes out the offending wheel (front left by the way) and declares that the damage is so big that he will have to put a tube! No way! Not on the 3rd day from the new number plate! I tell him to put the spare and not fix the damaged one.

Next day, I put in a new Goodyear tyre and gave this to Deccan Honda to claim warranty. Let us see how this goes ahead. Even the guys there agree that there is no puncture! Again I forgot to take a photo!

Driving position, ergonomics, controls & MID
When coming from such diverse cars as City and WagonR, we were totally ready for making adjustments. My wife likes the seat in the front and I like a more comfortable back. Both of us love straight backs. My cousin, who is about 6' 2", sat in the front seat and then in the back without changing the driver seat position. The back seat still had a lot of room left. He was mighty impressed! He has a family which includes his mother, wife, daughter, dog and 5 cats. He has an Ertiga due to the dog. So, his inputs are useful to me.

I had read many persons' comments about the ease of using the controls. I agree I do not make too many changes once I am off. But, I found the steering controls nice and easy to use. But, what impressed me most was the AC settings. I had got an impression from other persons' feedbacks that it is too sensitive. I found it to be very nice.

Like I have written earlier, I miss the cruise control! Sob! Sniff!!

Visibility & size of mirrors
When I look at the ORVM, IRVM and the reverse camera setup together, I think the vision coverage is really good. I have noticed that the gap I leave in front and back is more according to my City habit. I may have to reduce that. I really like the way the ORVM folds. The only downside of that is that the cleaning guy does not do a very good job. So, now I do not fold them overnight - only at the office and other places outside my society!

Audio system & sound quality
My daughter tried using AUX and USB. For some reason the USB option failed. We did not bother - surely she was doing something wrong. We will check later. The AUX connection worked just fantastic.
All of us in the family love music. However, unlike most people, we like it soothing and not loud. So, we land up using a fraction of the power available! In fact, the car is so silent that there is practically no need to change the volume setting whether the engine is running or not!

Interior storage, practicality & boot space
The boot space is less than my old City and much more than the WagonR. But, I have to admit, it is more than enough for our needs - whether short trips or long trips. Please note that with 3 grown up ladies in the family, luggage is always a LOT!

Engine performance & drive-ability
Since this is a car with about 1k km under its belt, I will be commenting on this - in detail - only later.
But let me share my impressions on my experience as yet.
All this talk about 'rubber-band effect' - not that it does not exist - but I have not faced a single issue due to that. In fact, I felt that this is the greatest advantage of the CVT. Since there are no medals to be won, no rewards/awards at the end of the journey, since I have no ego based target about reaching ahead of all others, .. so on.. so, I find that the smooth pickup is just great. Whenever I needed a quick pickup I did not have to floor the accelerator - all I had to do is press is slightly more - and the car just takes off! I think the 7 speed DSG Polo has a much better pickup. But, for similar situation, the S- mode of the Jazz is more than enough!
I had read that the pickup on slopes is bad. I drove up Saptashringi ghats and it went up like it was on a flat cement road!

The blue/green lights which signify your driving ECO quality did wonders to my wife's driving style! Come on -- I admit - even to my driving style!!

My City was 100 horses, the Jazz is 90 horses and the BHP per ton is almost same. BUT - and that is a big BUT - I found the Jazz slightly better in effective power, refinement and smoothness.

I love the engine.

I have to take a break...

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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Continuing with my experiences

The steering has come with leather cover. The friendly neighborhood garage guy wanted me to add a better leather cover on top of it. He said that this would get sweaty. I said that I would like to try it out before deciding.
So far it has felt very nice. When I turn the steering, it turns smoothly. When I let it 'glide' to the center after a turn, it still slips gracefully. Overall, it is good. I am not sure how to describe the weight - but at low/medium/high speed I felt that I was getting the right amount of road and speed feedback.

The City that I had was fitted with 4 disc brakes - but did not have ABS, etc. Jazz is with 2 discs only. I was a bit skeptical about the performance. But, it proves to have a very undramatic stopping ability! I am worried - I would not like to lose the practice of keeping safe distance! Ha Ha Ha Ha..

I am still not used to the dead pedal. I find that I have to 'decide' to put my left leg there - it is not automatic. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

Ground clearance
Some times I think that the car manufacturers do not know how to measure distances! Really! I think they have given a high ground clearance and declared it as 165 mm only. On the car breakers in Thane district where my City used to go 'buzz', my Jazz goes silent and undramatic!

Any particular likes
There is this small bottle holder on the right side of the driver, in front of the AC vent. I have something similar in my WagonR too. For some reason, the Jazz one cools the bottle just fantastic! Simple but lovely feature.

Any particular dislikes
The gap between the boot cover and the rear seat back is just painful. Anything kept on the boot cover for quick access always falls in the gap at the first instance of braking! I might use some DIY technique for that.

Other peoples observations
Obviously, I landed up giving 'one ride' to many relatives and friends. Some also took short test drives. There was a lot of 'confusion' visible. Is this a small car or is it a big car? Is it a stretched hatchback or is it a truncated sedan? Is this engine running or not?

But, one of my favorites is the point - 'Ah - you took it to ease your driving on the highway, right?'

Ouch! Why does everyone think that automatic does not help in city but is for highway driving only??

Every time I land up telling them that the automatic helps my left leg and left hand IN TRAFFIC - they go like

Maybe the car makers are not giving proper publicity to this. In fact, I have noticed that most of he automatic ads are highly confusing.

Another feedback/issue expressed by all is 'so you have accepted a lower mileage?' Again .. what do I say!

Anyway, I think I will stop this for the time being and submit it.
In the next stage I am going to add the photos and explanation - where required.

Take care and thanks for reading so far!
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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

To continue....

On 16 Nov 2015, I left Pune at 5:45 am to reach Mira Road at about 9:00 am. I had a friend with me for most of the journey. Got stuck in two traffic jams - total time lost about 30 minutes. Total distance covered about 160.7 km with a 10 min nature halt. Average 20.8 kmpl! Note: it had peaked at 22.2 kmpl.

Minor traveling within Mira Road, Mumbai - FE 6~7 kmpl. If I traveled a few km more per trip, it would shoot up to 12~14 kmpl.

Did a Mira Road -> Gorai Road, Borivali -> Mira Road trip on Sunday, 22 Nov 2015. Approx travel time 2 hours for about 58 km! Average speed about 30 kmph and FE approx 15 kmpl. Half the journey with heavy weight relatives. Full time AC ON.

On 27 Nov 2015, left Mira Road at 3:45 pm - to reach Pune at 7:45 pm - many thanks to heavy traffic through out the 164.5 km. Average 16.9 kmpl! I am thrilled! The car climbed the ghats with two of us - each 80+ kg - comfortably. Throughout the journey, the car crossed 2000 rpm only twice - that too in the ghats - that too for quickly overtaking trucks!

Please see the Trip A ending display. Trip A is Mumbai to Pune part.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151128_092236.jpg

For a car which has not yet got its first free service, the car was doing 80 kmph at 1500 rpm only. The instantaneous FE was steady at 24 kmpl at this time.

I had to face bumper to bumper traffic in Mira Road, on Ghodbunder Road, in Navi Mumbai Area, at both the Toll Booths, at Hingewadi flyover crossing and finally on Baner Road, Pune too! Every time, my left leg, left hand and back thanked the CVT!

For the two week round trip of Pune-Mumbai-Pune, the car traveled 433.6 km giving FE 15.1 kmpl! Note: this is what my City would give in similar circumstances! I am expecting it to go up with servicing and running! Let us see.

I had reset the Trip B before my trip to Mumbai. I always reset on filling the tank. I will reset it after I fill it - after it comes back from the first servicing today.

You can see the status as of now:

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151128_092239.jpg

Today (28 Nov 2015) the Jazz has gone for its first servicing at 1229 km. Not bad - even if I am only saying it!

This is just before it went to its first service:

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151128_092225.jpg

Just look at the balance range after traveling 433.6 km from full tank - 148 km. So, as of now the real range seems to be around 434+148 = 582 km or so.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-20151128_092232.jpg

The friend, who came with me from Mumbai to Pune, commented on the silence of the car. He actually took the trouble to touch various parts of the panel and door to search for vibration. He was impressed - totally impressed!

The only way to prove that the engine is ON is to make the car move! LOL!!
Oh yes - there is one more way - put OFF the engine. No comment!

In fact, when we got into the car, the outside temperature was 37 C and I had set the ACC at 24 C. So, for a few minutes, the blower ran at almost full speed. That was the loudest sound in the car!!!! After that our conversation was like we were sitting in a air conditioned cabin in the office. Wait... we were actually sitting in a very quite air conditioned cabin!

Since I operate the radio at 5~7 volume, we did not have to raise our voices to talk to each other. And still, we could hear the songs very clearly. Credit to the quality of speakers - in my opinion.

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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Some additional observations:

1. For some reason, the right foot slips to the left of the accelerator - once in a while. I am wondering if I need to add anti-slip pads on it!

2. The wiper blades are funny. Let me explain - if the wiper is moved to clean the glass, then they have to go back in the right sequence! If you try to put them back in the wrong sequence, then they collide in the air..... please see the picture:

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00354.jpg

This is nothing major, but I am surprised that a company like Honda missed it!

Now only thing left - photos of interior - to be taken after my car comes back from service and this will also give time for my DSLR battery to charge up!

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The car came back from service center - after 8 pm on 28 Nov 2015. The work time was not all that much - it seems that the drivers were overloaded!

Anyway, the first service was free - principally!

I had asked them to put the reverse parking sensor and mud guards.

The outflow was as under:
Kit Mud guard set with fender cover 1737.0 + 12.5% = 1998.15
Reverse Parking Sensor (LED dash board) 3035 + 12.5% = 3499.73
Pick and Drop Charges 250 + 14.5% = 286.25

Total outflow = 5784

Comment on the little used reverse sensor - good overall - gives voice type audio warning and shows distance with blinking lights and number.

I will try to add photos.

Just a stupid observation - when the car went it showed 148 km range. It traveled about 15 km to and from the service center. Then I visited a cousin - about 15 km round trip. So the range should have been about 100 km. It is less than 50 km! I doubt if the service center took 3~4 liters of petrol!

Some additional comments:

- Engine performance & drive-ability in the city
After having driven OmniE, City and WagonR as owned vehicles, after having driven others' cars like Ambassador, Padmini, Indica, Fiesta, etc (a lot), I always felt that the car which gave me the best city feel was the City. However, after a lot of test drives, I was impressed with the new Vento, new Scorpio and the new XUV too. However, all these are big vehicles and pose their own problems in traffic. With the All New Jazz, I found that the 0.4 meter length reduction wrt the City made a whale of a difference to the in-city driving. The engine is good enough at 1.2 lt level. After having test drive of the new City CVT, I can say that I would have paid more to get the 1.5 lt engine in the Jazz! Anyway, the other side of the story is that - we have to accept the Indian roads and the biotic and abiotic objects which maintain their state of inertia (static and dynamic). These do not allow you to really 'use' a powerful engine. With all the cars I have driven, given our conditions, I had to drive them all at the same condition - same speed - same twists - same braking - the only thing I found fantastic with the Jazz was the unwavering ease of CVT!

- Engine performance & drive-ability on the highway
On the highways, even when I drove the City, I found that I never had to get out of the top gear. This meant that effectively I was driving automatic! However, I need to mention a very interesting thing - I noticed that the Jazz was moving behind a truck at under 20 kmph (maybe 10 kmph) and the engine was turning at 1500 rpm. Later when I got a free road, the Jazz was moving at 85 kmph and the engine was still at 1500 rpm only! Up to about 30~40 kmph the Instantaneous FE was around 10~15 kmpl. After that it stayed at 24 till 80 kmph. At 85~90 kmph it stayed steady at 26~27 kmpl! I do not use higher speeds. I was totally impressed with the CVT working like 1:9 ratio between its extremes! WOW!! Mind you the ECO light stays at green most of the time when I drive. And still I have never had to hesitate to overtake!

- Additional comments on the engine (outright power, refinement, rev-happiness, turbo-lag etc.)
I have done around 1400 km as of now. I do not know how to 'measure' power. I had heard about the 'rubber-band effect' and experienced it too. But, I found a very funny thing, if I press the accelerator slowly, then I get a higher pick up! Unlike my older City, a change in load (read number of passengers) did make a difference - to pickup and FE.

Refinement wise - I have to say that this is one of the finest engines I have driven. The new City felt better. Maybe - just maybe - the Corolla engine is finer (I have driven it last in 2006 and still carry a pleasant memory of it) - however, I would have to drive it again to verify. And anyway Corolla is about 18 lakh as compared to 10 lakh of this!

The engine is really rev-happy! Saying that - and still - I have to add that I have crossed 2000 rpm less than 5 times! And - I have not yet crossed 3000 rpm even once! I do not plan to cross 3000 rpm at least until the next servicing. I am saying that it is rev-happy on the basis of the speed with which it revs up when I climb suddenly. I am going to try and get my friend to do a video of me entering the office parking. It is a very sharp turn and steep too.

Turbo-lag - I think there is no turbo in Jazz. Please correct me if I am wrong. However, if it is there, then I have not sensed it.

- Overall opinion on the engine
I love the iVTEC engine! I have always loved the VTEC engine - but this is leagues ahead. I have heard a lot of (negative) comments about the IDTEC engine - but I have no first hand experience. I wish the government would wake up and make the 1.5 version iVTEC easy to put in here.

One interesting observation -
I made two Pune to Mumbai trips. Once I faced two snarls and the second time it was mainly smooth sailing. Both the times, I did the journey in almost same time (+/- 5 minutes over 160~165 km) and the FE came around 21 kmpl. Impressive!!

- Gearshift & clutch (smoothness, effort required, short or long throw etc.)
I had read somewhere that the automatic shift mechanisms which are not in line are better - because the gearshift actually stops at each change. Personally, I found the one line setup quite easy to use. My wife and I have been driving and (at least as yet) we have never overshot - for example, while shifting from N to D, neither of us has gone into S!

The effort required is negligible - there seems to be just the right amount of resistance to help you know that you have 'slotted' it correctly!

- Automatic: smoothness, quick or slow shifting, kickdown reaction time, lag, manual mode etc.
Most of the time, I let the automatic do what it feels like doing! I had read that flooring the accelerator is useless. Just for the heck of it, I tried it once - everybody is right - it is a totally useless action!

On the other hand, a slightly more press or lift of the accelerator and if I am alert - I am able to feel the shift. Even when coming down a steep slope, the engine braking was inspiring.

I tried the S mode (manual mode) only once - on the way down from Saptashringi Temple (near Nashik). The gear shifting (if you can call it that) was totally superb. I had to drive in S3 S4 mainly. For some time I used S5 too. But I never felt that the car was 'running away' from me. Unlike the D mode, here the shifting (both UP and DOWN) was perceptible.

- Overall NVH levels (including engine, wind & road noise)
What noise level? I am not able to hear the engine at all. I will give more information when I cross 3000 rpm. Let us see then! I am not able to hear the wind too. I hear slight road noise. I am able to 'hear' every time the car crosses those lines which exist at the junction of the concrete blocks. To me it is not disturbing - it is just 'feedback'!

- Suspension & ride quality (at low as well as high speeds)
I was a bit worried when the car came with Goodyear tyres. However, Honda seems to have done some refinement here. The suspension and ride quality is miles ahead of my old City. I have driven the new City and I have to admit that it is better than this Jazz!

Since I work for a manufacturing industry (I am a B.Tech. Metallurgical Engg from IIT Bombay), I land up driving on - (what I like to call) - Industrial Roads! I have to slow down a lot. I have sat as a passenger in our MD's Superb. That suspension is better that the Jazz. I hope you got an idea.

- Handling, on-road behavior, grip levels, stability, body roll & turning radius
When it comes to Handling/Behavior/Grip/Stability I am the wrong person to ask. Why? - you may ask. I am mainly sedate in my driving style. If I had wanted to do spirited driving, I might have chosen the Polo! OR maybe, I would have used the Jazz in the S mode only.

However, these points did get tested in the ghats during my trip to Saptashringi Temple and back AND during couple of Pune-Mumbai trips. While taking a turn in the ghats at 50~60 kmph, I never heard any scream of protest from my passengers or tyres!

The car has a low profile and there is absolutely no body roll.

The turning radius is less than my old City. I just love it. My wife has suggested that I should still keep the same distance that I kept. She is after me to take a new City shortly!

- Steering (size, feedback, weight, EPS / Hydraulic etc.)
I had given the car for its first servicing. The pick and drop driver was very short and changed the steering position. When I drove it, I was irritated because I could not see the display on the dashboard! Immediately, I stopped by the side and adjusted it. Realization - the car has more than adequate adjust-ability! I would have liked it more if the steering could have been pulled or pushed too! But then God and Honda do not always fulfill all your wishes! Well, maybe, God might hear me .....

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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Finally, I got around to taking some photos.

I am not a great photographer and my Sony DSLR Alfa A58 is brand new.

So, together both of us learners have taken some effort. Please excuse the amateurish photos..

Looking sweet after a visit to the parlour:

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00367.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00368.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00369.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00370.jpg

The folder mirror is a great feature. As you can see, the only issue is - how to clean?

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00371.jpg

The new mud guards. Look good and practical. The dealer had offered to give body color at INR 400. However, for some reason I liked the black contrasting look more.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00372.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00373.jpg

The superb Honda original armrest - in various positions with different points of view:

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00374.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00375.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00376.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00377.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00378.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00379.jpg

The view from the back seat.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00380.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00381.jpg

My Ganapati - selected lovingly by my wife and daughters! Good choice na!!

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00382.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00390.jpg

The mats - original from Honda. Good - but nothing to write home about!

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00383.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00384.jpg

This is how my foot slips from the Accelerator! Am I doing something wrong? Or does Honda need to increase the width? Or should I add anti-slip feature to the A?

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00386.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00387.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00388.jpg

For my mobile.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00389.jpg

The huge space.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00391.jpg

Yeah - confirmation - it is Jazzy! It looks more Jazzy at night.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00392.jpg

The Driver's view of the action behind the car..

(Sorry the flash went off.... but still I am including this one)
My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00393.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00394.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00395.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00396.jpg

The new Reverse sensor display. It shows more at the time that there is some object at the back. I have taken this photo only for reference.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00397.jpg
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re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Continuing with the photos:

The car is ready to go for petrol!

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00398.jpg

See the huge gap between my knee and the dashboard. Remember, I am 5' 10" and reasonably well built ~84 kg.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00400.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00401.jpg

The driver seat unmoved, me moved to the rear ... still huge space.
But then Suhaas's review had already confirmed it!!
Still, my 2 cents...

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00402.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00403.jpg

Huge gap between the rear seat and the boot lid.
This image - you need to look carefully.
If not clear, then look at the next photo.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00404.jpg

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00405.jpg

Huge boot by hatch standards.
Note the beading on the right hand side. It is coming out.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00406.jpg

Beading refitted by me. No charges.

My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)-dsc00407.jpg

Ok. Now I am tired.
Also, I have to go attend a function with family.

If you have reached here - Big Thanks for the patience.

Take Care!

More later..
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Re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Initial Ownership Section. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Congrats on the new Jazz. Wishing you lots of wonderful kilometers of happy ownership.

It's a wonderful car and should be as easy to maintain as your old city.

How the response of the automatic transmission on highway?

And does the car demand a bigger engine at times? (when loaded)

Stupid Indian tax laws have prevented Honda from using a bigger 1.3 liter engine in the Jazz.
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Re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Many congratulations on the Jazz. Wishing you and your family many more happy and safe miles!

The Jazz is an amazing car and I can assure you sir, it's going to be one fun ride from now on.If the Jazz was a little more small and had some more missing features, totally would've gone for it instead of my Grand i10.

Congratulations one more!
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Re: My 2015 Honda Jazz V CVT (Automatic)

Dear GK Mahajan, congratulations on selecting one of the best (if not the best) mid-sized car in the Indian market. You have written a delightful thread with all your innocent joy flowing through. Your complete list of headings I am going to copy next time I write an owners review! I am a deeply satisfied Jazz owner for almost 6 years now. Happy motoring.
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