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Originally Posted by vikram_d View Post
Don't like the way it looks from behind.
Absolutely agree to that. The rear could have been a little better.
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Originally Posted by vikram_d
Don't like the way it looks from behind. Looks like somebody has rear ended it. I think this is the first Arush job that I am not impressed by.
+1 to that. Somehow this autopsyche creation does not impress me.
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looks great!! can we get some pics of the interior??
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Am not very happy with the alloys, have a look at the photoshoped version... i feel these kind of alloys would go well on this car.

Dint like the rear......

but must say its a nice job!
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Just one word - involuntarily came from inside- WOW!
Congrats and thanks for sharing the pics and all info. Yeah please, share performance data and some pics of the interior.
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Looks Stunner...congrats..BTW wont there be any RTO probs...
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Liked the front and didnt liked the rear look at all. Seems someone has smashed it. Also length is reduced. Interior pics ?
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Sorry did not like the car, you have ruined it. IMHO, no offence.
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Although well tried, something doesn't work for me. It's highly similar to the VW Corrado, but something doesn't quite click. Also, I'm not a fan of the LP640 rear.

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Hey congrats ...
The vision was nice but the end result fails to impress.
I have been an ardent fan of Autopsyche's work but this somehow doesnt cut it....
Though im sure its going to turn a lot of heads!!
congrats again..cheers!
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The rims could have been FAR better ! Also the flares seem a tad too much IMHO
Unique car nonetheless

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love the coupe like profile.
dont like the rest though. looks like arush bowed down to the customer's requests this time round.
the bonnet looks boy racerish, and the rear looks too fussy. like the rear skirts all round the boot.
the bumpers are ok, and the exhaust tip is kind of garish too. the huge wheels look more at home on a sports car having 3-4 times the power of the octy and the rims are so-so. will be difficult to drive on such a low profile and the ride will be incredibly bumpy, even after taking into account, the decent ride quality of the octavia.
the engine mods sound great and the fit and finish is very good.
lemon racer anyone?

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avoid the critiscitation. its an awesome ride. although it looks a little out of proportion, but well nothings perfect. pics of the interiors please!

and if you dont mind me asking how much did the total package cost you?
( and the matte silver paint? i absolutely love it. )
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amazing work there autopsyche and a fantastic ride mehul..congrats
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I somehow like the alloys and the roof quite a bit. The paint job is also wicked!

But instead of being subtle, this design is too loud. It screams 'Look at me!'

Overall I am impressed by the execution but dissapointed with the design. The rear, the front, the arches, the smaller length somehow don't gel together. The Coupe should have been made with the original Skoda lines flowing.

In the end if the owner loves it, then great, hopefully he enjoys all the attention.

*This is my personal opinion not intended to offend anyone*

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