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sreerajunnithan 8th June 2006 12:39

The Royal Enfield Mechanics Thread: All mechanics requirements and queries here
Hi all,

I am new to this community. I had been using a Royal Enfield before 6 years. After coming to Bangalore I used CBZ, Pulsar, RX 100 and now again ended up purchasing with a brand new Machismo last March. As all bulleteers know, New Mach is having an AVL engine. Its a bit noisy comparing to conventional cast iron engines, But Gives Good Pick up (0 60 in 8 secs) and Mileage. I heard that we can reduce this noise for an extent with the help of a good Bullet Mech. Is there is any one who can suggest me a good Mech in Bangalore? (Should be Good with Thunder Bird also, Mach and Thunder is having the same engine)


chetan 10th June 2006 18:33

hi sree congrats on ur new machine sir well you can take ur bike to BMW near mavalli the mechs name is yusuf he is good if you have time just goto to the garage because if you ignore it he will take long time he has a little kobuu!! his number is more guy call joe and the best ronchinoy he is expensive but the work he does is no one can touch ur bullet..hey why dont you join there you can get all your answers!!!

killjoy 10th June 2006 22:42

for bullets, there is a guy on nandi durga road, supposed to be the best in bangalore.

srikantans04 14th June 2006 16:54

Hey dude.

There is an enfield showroom on CMH road. Near that showroom there is an enfield garage run by Anand. The showroom folk refered me to him. Phenomenal fellow, very friendly and knows each customer by name and knows the vehicle in and out. I met him to purchase a second hand which he got me for a phenomenal rate. I had an accident on the bike and the insurance papers werent in order; he actually helped me find a loophole and i got the insurance claim.

He is very reputed in the Enfield owners circle. If yuo want his exact location you'll have to ask the showroom fellas on CMH road. Its right next to them but inside a lane so not easily spottable.

My personal recommendation to deal with this guy.

deepakhon 14th June 2006 17:14

Congrats on your Machismo. I love bullets, but the only thing that scares me is the problems that accompany them :). I have a bullet in my mind for my next purchase, but will have to convince my wife about my idea.

Well, as the saying goes, "If it aint broken, why fix it?". This is true in bullet's case because if you try to fix something, something else gives up. My advice is, unless you really need to fix something in a bullet, dont do it.

All said and done, it is a wonderful bike to have.

I will check with some of my colleagues who own bullets and will let you know the best bullet mechanic at Bangalore. Stay tuned....

four_tire 14th June 2006 17:25

There is a bullet service station near to 1st block HRBR layout, Kalyana nagar banaswadi. I have seen lots of bullets being serviced.. Try that also

satyamenon 14th June 2006 19:10


Originally Posted by chetan
one more guy call joe and the best ronchinoy he is expensive but the work he does is no one can touch ur bullet..

:OT I don't think Joe services bullets (assuming you're talking about joe near cantonment station). And ronchinoy certainly doesn't "service" any bikes. Period. And I don't think he's worked on bullets to date. :)

Ajay 15th June 2006 11:59

[SIZE=2]You must try Anand as someone else earlier said. He is one of the best there is for servicing enfields. He used to own an enfield dealer ship earlier( dont think he does now). Take the 2nd left after the shantisagar hotel(when coming from Chinmaya mission towards ulsoor) and you can find his workshop.[/SIZE]

c10 15th June 2006 14:08

Hi, Anand on CMH Road is the best...My ThunderBird is being maintained by him since past 3 1/2 years...Cost wise, he is moderate...but all that matters is the Work..and he is best on Enfields...

ac 427 28th October 2006 18:13

Help!!! Need A Good Bullet Mechanic In Mumbai
Hello All,

Need some serious help from you guys, i have a 1984 bullet and i need some major repairs done on the same, my earlier mechanic (who i thought was a really good mechanic and a better person actually was fooling me all the time, infact i think all the new parts that i got for him he has kept with himself and not put the new parts, the guys name is SHAFIK and his auto garage is in Andheri (W) 4 bunglows.)

Need help form u guys as in can u suggest a decent mechanic who WONT FOOL ME and do the work in and around ANDHERI. . .

Worried. . .:(
ac 427

imshobhit 29th October 2006 12:58

best would be to take it to the authorized service center, I recently bought a 1984 bullet and my mechanic also did the same to me, instead of risking it again, i went the safer route and took it to the authorized service center, now it works pretty well !

raja_ys 20th January 2007 14:52

Need a Bullet Mechanic in Hyderabad
I have shifted to Hyderabad and need a good Mechanic to repair my !976 Bullet 350 (Cam gear/Rotors) probably from the sound and not fiddle with anything else. I need someone trustworthy and experienced, pls reply

jkdas 20th January 2007 19:28

check with xbhp guys

raja_ys 20th January 2007 23:47

sorry, i dont get u, wht do u mean by xbh guys, whr do i find them?

Ketan 25th May 2007 09:25

Somewhere I have read about Nandn in Hebbal and Munner bhai in Shivaji Nagar.
has anyone had any service experiance with them! how are they! their contact numbers!!

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