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Old 15th June 2020, 12:35   #121
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

Batterybhai delivered the wrong UPS battery (deliberately very late in the night), my dad had no option but to get it fitted. I checked in the morning and realised it, but then that very day there was lock-down (day1) and I did not pursue it
Originally Posted by HKP View Post
Does anyone have experience in ordering battery online during or after Lock down?
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Old 17th June 2020, 14:08   #122
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

Originally Posted by sdp1975 View Post
How old was the battery you got ? bookyourbattery is 250/- cheaper than batterywale for my Punto battery.

The last time I bought from batterybhai , they delivered a battery less than a month old and their service was quite good. I have no experience with bookyourbattery but I understand these are all aggregators having tie-ups with local shops.
Battery manufacturing date was May 2019, Bought it on 11th June 2019.

It's completed one year last week, working absolutely fine, even did a extended J&K trip covering Srinagar, Ladakh, Manali & back from my home town Bangalore, Battery working fine.

Attaching the battery purchase images also
Attached Thumbnails
Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors-battery1.jpg  

Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors-battery2.jpg  

Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors-battery3.jpg  

Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors-battery4.jpg  

Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors-battery5.jpg  

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Old 3rd July 2020, 16:44   #123
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

My 3 year old Exide battery in CBR250r gave up yesterday although I religiously warmed up the bike every week during the lockdown period. Decided to try the Amaron AGM battery through after going through this thread. Placed the order today at 2:30 pm and the battery is already installed in under 2 hours from the order time despite of the lockdown conditions in my area. The battery was manufactured in June 2020 so again kudos. Price was INR 1420 with exchange against the MRP of INR 1777. Overall, a very satisfied first experience.

On a side note, I was thinking about buying a jumper cable to jump start the bike with my other bike or car battery. But happy I got the new battery instead for the CBR250 which should be good for another 2-3 years and serve me well untill I part with it
Attached Thumbnails
Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors-img_20200703_162551.jpg  

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Old 30th July 2020, 15:06   #124
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

My Honda city 2017 diesel OEM SF sonic battery died yesterday after over 3.3 years. I had got the battery checked couple of months earlier when I was at my hometown in Gujarat just after lockdown and the battery technician did warn me that the battery life is almost at end. But as it was lockdown period I almost forgot his advice. After coming back to Bangalore last month we were quarantined for 14 days and then due to a covid positive case in our apartment again we were quarantined for another 14 days. Maybe this unused period caused the battery to go dead. After reading good reviews of Amaron I ordered Amaron Pro 45AH battery from The price was INR 5530 with old battery buyback and the price was cheapest as compared to other sites as well as a local vendor who quoted 6k with buyback. The delivery and replacement was prompt by the technician. He provided me with the warranty card and I paid him via UPI. I am happy with the online purchase from

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Old 31st July 2020, 00:56   #125
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Wonderful experience with BatteryWale

Have used BatteryWale (Amaron) on two occasions here in Chennai.

Overall fantastic experience on both purchases. Installation was super quick (about 2 hours from time of order), Prices were the cheapest compared to multiple local stores, buy back rate of old battery was the highest offered, recent stock, clean paper work (bill and warranty card).

Car battery : May 2018
Tubular Battery for home inverter : Apr 2019
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Old 2nd November 2020, 17:23   #126
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

I wanted to replace the battery for my 2004 model Honda Activa. was showing ‘out of stock’, was showing Rs150 as delivery charges. So, I went ahead with Did the booking yesterday at around 5.45pm, got the SMS confirmation immediately after the booking. The person called me in the morning today at around 9.30am asking for the directions. Got the confirmation of the battery to be of Oct-20 manufactured. The person was there at around 10.30, did the installation in 15mins. Paid the amount through PhonePe.
Overall, quite satisfied with the experience, right from booking till I did the payment.
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Old 31st January 2021, 21:53   #127
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

Scam Alert

Need to replace the battery for an i20 auto which is rarely used. ordered an Amaron 45AH battery. Get a call saying please take Exide as Amaron has a shortage. Exide is superior and costs Rs 500 more.

I said no, will wait for Amaron.

"Sir - this will take 2 weeks"

"Does not matter, we have 2-3 other cars, so cancel or wait for the Amaron"

"I will call back"

Calls after 5 min

"Sir, we had one piece, reserved for another customer, we convinced him to buy Exide (poor sucker!)"

Battery was replaced.

Please beware with the "shortage" issue, just a scam to cross sell and extract a little more money.

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Old 21st May 2021, 12:55   #128
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

Originally Posted by procrj View Post
Ordered a replacement 65Ah battery from bookyourbattery and I must say I was impressed. Spoke to Pavan a few times yesterday and he assured me that delivery will be done in the evening. At 7 pm he turned up at my place and replaced my dead battery. Spent 15-20 min talking cars and trying to get a sense of his business.

Would definitely recommend bookyourbattery for your battery needs if you are in Bangalore. They also have a referral discount program kicking off. PM me if you are interested in using the same.
Looks like bookyourbattery doesnít work! Or are they shut? Otp system doesnít seem to want to send an otp, and you canít seem to progress without one!
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Old 5th June 2021, 19:16   #129
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

I ordered Amaron battery from though yet to recieve a call from them since my old battery is 44ah and the new one is 50ah. Let's see how it goes.

Hope the batteries from these online portals are genuine though?
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Old 28th June 2021, 12:11   #130
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

My petrol Xcent's OEM battery was on its last legs now after serving for 6 years. Had to get it replaced & decided to try these online services. Batterybhai listed Amaron Flo at Rs 3500 & batterywale had the same battery at 3300 (both prices inclusive of buyback of old battery). Decided to go with Batterywale as the reviews on this thread were mostly positive. I placed the order on Saturday night. I selected sunday noon as preferred installation time, though there was possibility of Sunday off. So I was mentally prepared for installation on Monday.

Sunday morning I got a call from Batterywale team first to confirm the order, then in a while the local dealer called me to confirm the installation time of noon. At the decided time the technician was at my place with a fresh off the factory battery (manufactured in June 2021). The installation was done in 10-15 minutes. Then stamped the warranty card & gave it to me alongwith invoice. Payment was done to the dealer's UPI ID. In the evening batterywale team also did a follow-up call to check if the installation was completed. Overall it was a very smooth & hasslefree process. Highly recommended.
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

I booked a battery on for my i10 auto on Saturday night. I don't see any timeline mentioned on the website for order completion. Is this the case when you'll have booked, as well? The don't have phone support as well - only email.
Wondering how to go about this...
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Old 24th October 2021, 10:59   #132
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

Since many a call for battery replacements are when the battery has died, and one is not able to start the car, local shops offer on-site replacement. I have used local shops of late - either through reference or direct calling.

My last replacement of the Storme's battery was in a situation when I urgently needed a battery for travel the next morning. The shop sent a person at 8.30 pm, and it was raining. The person didn't wait for the rain to stop since he had to for another replacement.
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Old 31st December 2021, 16:31   #133
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

My Jetta's Exide battery died last evening. It was a 74 AH battery installed in Dec 2018 as a replacement under warranty of previous Exide battery which lasted all of two years. So a total of two Exide batteries in 5 years.

I thought of going the online route for battery replacement, never having done that before. Decided to go for Amaron FLO DIN 60AH after seeing many positive reviews here on this forum for Amaron. Batterybhai was quoting Rs 5300 and batterywale was quoting 5500 both against a MRP of 6300 approx after exchange of old battery.

Since there is an Amron reseller nearby, I decide to check with him in the morning. He had the FLO 65AH batteies(not 60 AH as required) and quoted Rs 4900 after exchange. It was a good deal so I called him and in 15 mts the battery was changed. Additionally he commented on the solid build quality of Jetta whic was worth an extra smile.

All in all a good deal. I have realised that many times offline deals are better bargains than online, unless it is a hard to procure stuff or it menas a lot of running around for purchase.

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Old 11th May 2022, 07:31   #134
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

Last week I got a new battery for my Bullet Classic 500 from bookyourbattery dot com. I placed the request on a Sunday morning and got a call in 15 mins from a guy who offered to come over right then.
Service was fast and rates were competitive. This was the most expensive bike battery I've ever bought. Final price for the Exide Explore 14 AH ( Dry ) Battery after deducting the exchange price for the old battery was Rs. 3075.
This is my third purchase from bookyourbattery and I'm quite impressed.
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Old 30th June 2022, 17:57   #135
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Re: Car Batteries, Home delivery & installation - & other online vendors

I used to order a 44 Ah Tata Green battery for my Volkswagen Vento TSI. It cost Rs. 4899/- (with old battery exchange) and I paid online. Once payment was complete the website said I will receive an email with further details.

After 5 hours I received no email from them. When I went to their facebook page the last post on their page was from January of this year. Just when I started to panic I received a call from a local battery vendor who fixed up an appointment to come change the battery the next evening.

He arrived promptly at the fixed time and installed the battery which I ordered. He requested a 100 Rupee tip which I was glad to give him.

Overall good experience but the lack of email communication was worrying.
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