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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Originally Posted by tanwaramit View Post
Fantastic review, thanks.

What is the car length ?
The Car length was the surprise for me. It is 4300 mm. It infact is longer than the Creta by 30 mm.
Even the wheel base of S Cross is 10 mm more than Creta
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Excellent Review of an excellent car.
Maruti truly wants to go premium. Obviously, considering how margins are much higher, any manufacturer would like to venture in the high-profit territory.

It is good to see a high-quality Suzuki product in India. No evident cost cutting is apparent in the review. Apart from the poor tires and the shared switchgear, the S-Cross seems truly premium.

Had the rear seat been better designed and the NVH levels better controlled, S-Cross could've been an even more appealing product.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Originally Posted by tanwaramit View Post

Also, I am not able to see the review and features for the AVN. How is it for touch etc.
Taken from the review:

A 7" Smartplay touchscreen audio system eliminates the need for multiple buttons on the centre console. The touch sensitivity is good and the system is responsive. Maruti seems to have ironed out the bugs that plagued early versions of this head-unit in the Ciaz. What'll take getting used to are the few buttons with icons that are difficult to decipher. We particularly liked the touch-sensitive volume slider.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Originally Posted by roby.thomas View Post
That's wonderful. I didn't know they cared to add synchro rings to reverse. Which are the other cars that do have it ?
If I remember correctly, some Hyundai's(with the pull type) and VW's (with the push down).

edit:I think the one on the hyundai and the VW are safety devices and not syncromesh.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

A very brilliant write-up. Thumbs up.
Now it will be interesting to see the acceptance level of S Cross from general public once the prices are announced. It will also be interesting to see which one of the two ie DDIS 200 and 320 sell more.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Brilliant review as always. Great job team !

When the world is moving to petrol and automatics, its a shock why Maruti has not introduced a petrol version. the 1.2 would be pretty much useless for a car of this size and weight and yeah they could probably bring the 1.4 used in the Ertiga.

I would love to see the 1.6 plonked on to the swift ! Pretty please Maruti ?
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Awesome review S2 & Rehaan For the life of me, I just can't imagine how the front design and the alloys are going to get any premium customer (other than enthusiasts) put down his money on the S-Cross. However good the vehicle is, "image" is the prime factor in any high end purchase which the S-Cross totally lacks, Nexa or not. We will have to wait and see if the Maruti/Suzuki name has sufficient pull to gloss over these negatives.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Great review as always. Seems like the perfect car for Indian road condition. Very European rather than Japanese, thumps up for that.
Would like to know more about the Cruise Control???
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I know where my money is going to be put now after I complete 1 lakh kms on my Swift ZDi.

Brilliant review S2!!! and Rehaan! Thanks a lot. I have read it 3 times already. Thanks again. A long wait for the take that we all members were waiting for, paid off well! Excellent pictures.

XUV 5OO goes out of my list as well. I am fixed on the SCross totally only for its 1.6L DDiS engine.

I am used to dealing with Turbo Lag on both the Ritz and Swift so getting used to the SCross for me won't be an issue.

Now I'm waiting for TD to begin.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Excellent review!. Maruti is finally waking up to the customer demands. Kudos to Maruti fro giving safety feature across all variants. Hope others follow this trend. Rating the thread a deserved 5 stars.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Finally! A Maruti with a Soul!

Excellent coverage as always. In fact, I went through it twice back to back and still want to go over it again. That, inspite of the fact that I cannot afford it currently. Otherwise, the S-Cross suits all my needs perfectly.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Great review, thanks a lot!

How'd you compare the ride and handling of the S-cross to the Jetta? Or the Yeti?
Is it as much fun to drive as them? What about the best of the C-segment sedans? (Vento/Rapid?)

I'm a huge fan of turbo kicks. I love the way the rapid's turbo kicks in.
The Jetta and the (new) Cruze feel too muted in comparison and don't 'feel' as fast.
How'd you compare the turbo kick of the 1.6 DDIS to the Rapid?

Do you have any in gear acceleration timings (20-80, 40-100)?
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Excellent review that we expect from TBhp!

I re-read the parts which described interiors - premium and Maruti didn't seem go hand-in-hand but this own has broken the myth,I believe.

With Creta's 'premium' pricing, now it remains to be seen whether S-Cross 'double crosses' our expectations.

Thanks again for sharing
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Thanks for the review!

The S-Cross is certainly an interesting offering from Maruti. I'm tempted to ask my father to exchange his 3-year old Ritz for this. If there was an AT variant on offer, the temptation would've been stronger. However, I will wait for the pricing announcement before making any moves.

I will also certainly watch for the market response to the S-Cross. I hope at least the 1.3L variants would be sensibly priced. The mid-level 1.3L variant would be a suitable choice for my father since I expect it to be the cheapest variant with ABS+Dual Airbags.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

For the first time a Maruti Suzuki is featuring in my list of probables for my next car. It should have been a Honda but they messed up deeply with the pricing. Was briefly considering the Creta but was pretty sure Hyundai will price it out of my budget and they did. S-Cross is now a serious contender but only in the DDiS 200 avatar. I am very sure the DDiS 320 will again be priced well above my budget.

As I mentioned in the other S-Cross thread DDiS 200 will be priced above the i20 Active and will directly fight the Crosses and Ecosport. Maruti is usually very sensible in the pricing (barring the Celerio DDiS IMO) and I hope to see the DDiS 200 prices a shade below Ciaz's. If that is the case, I will look at the S-Cross as a premium hatchback and will any day pay more than what I would for a Hyundai - Thanks to Suzuki's dynamics and steering. I am sure majority of the sales will be from the DDiS 200 itself.

DDiS 320 will fight the Duster, Terrano and Creta and the 67% localization implies that it will be priced at a good premium over the DDiS 200 variants and the Ciaz. Even though most of the BHPians are enthusiastic about the DDiS 320, I am pretty sure at least half of them will back out once the prices are out. I expect the prices to be ~1-1.5 lakh less than the Creta variant - that itself will take the top variant close to 15 lakhs on-road. I am not sure how many of us will spend 15 lakhs on a Maruti especially when Creta is the chief competitor.

Interesting days ahead and interesting launches coming forward. Eagerly waiting for the prices and then will make a decision if it is a Go or a No-Go.
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