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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Wonderful review team, top notch images with top levels of detail. I had also checked out a S Cross at a nearby Nexa and the build quality is indeed far superior to regular Maruti cars like Swift which feel very tinny, barring some cheap panels and switchgear, the interior quality is also very good.

Amazed to read on how explosive this 1.6 MJD is with very good ride/handling on offer. This is a good effort by Maruti but i wonder if sales will be affected by seriously low number of Nexa outlets. The S Cross is too big for my city needs, i pray that some hatch like Punto comes with this 1.6 MJD

The problem for Maruti could be convincing people to pay Ciaz kind of money for S Cross 1.3, Indians co relate expensive cars with size and S Cross being compared with i20 Active etc could pose problems. Ciaz does look more premium and expensive from outside with a nice design,long wheelbase, oddles of space with huge boot. Rear seat space between Ciaz/S Cross is too much + Ciaz looks million times better than this car.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Note to the hyundai chaps reading this:

Instead of concentrating on spending a fortune in flashing the Creta all over the mainstream media, you should have gotten here in this section first.

And thus lives S-cross to it's expected road mannerisms. A perfect* upgrade from those owning premium hatchbacks and the sedans.

*sans any pricing fiasco
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Exteriors

Great review.

I dont agree to this however.
Originally Posted by S2!!! View Post
The S-Cross AWD is perhaps meant only for countries with snowy weather conditions. Here's a webpage with some information on the AWD.
S-cross AWD (All-Grip) is not meant only for snowy conditions.
Check this url , for different modes available in all-grip system.
Infact, all-grip AWD system has a sport mode which improves handling and cornering of the vehicle on tarmac.

This would have been a big differentiator, and should have been offered at least in the top variant. After all s-cross is not just another model, but also a image building exercise for premium suzuki (without maruti badging) vehicles
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Interiors & build looks truly premium !
At least in photographs, feels more premium than creta even

If only Maruti prices it well,it has the potential to be a hit
Such a powerful car (especially 1.6) must have been provided with ESP as standard

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

As always, fantastic review! Rated a well deserved 5-star.

I'm sold on the car except for just the one flaw - not so good NVH. This is an irritant on long highway jaunts with the family. Has an adverse effect on the comfort IMO. Hope MSIL improves on this before the launch.

The features packaged in is brilliant. Price this in the ecosport range and there are quite a few crossovers running for cover!
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Rated 5*.
Wow, I think this will probably be my next car. I actually like the looks(when compared with the i20). Everything ticks(power, space, equipment, the drive).
This will be a big blow to other cars in the competition. Way to go Maruti.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Great review S2!, with minute details.

Bye the way, do you have any update on the drive-ability of DDIS 200 in S-Cross even though it is the most commonly used engine.
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So Creta isn't left unanswered. But the looks are not inspiring, so is the NVH. But hope the car would create ripples for the brilliant handling and the punchy 1.6er. Makes a honest package compared to the wannabe SUVs IMHO.

Originally Posted by vinjosep View Post
As always, fantastic review! Rated a well deserved 5-star.

I'm sold on the car except for just the one flaw - not so good NVH. This is an irritant on long highway jaunts with the family. Has an adverse effect on the comfort IMO. Hope MSIL improves on this before the launch.

The features packaged in is brilliant. Price this in the ecosport range and there are quite a few crossovers running for cover!
With the current market trend, the pricing are going to be 'exciting' in Hyundai parlance.

Sadly, the cars are getting brilliant and prices are really getting astronomical. Ecosport territory pricing for S Cross can only be a wishful thinking my friend. Let's wait and see.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

What a fantastic review. While everyone was eagerly awaiting the Creta the S-cross interest was not that much thanks to the looks and non SUV styling.

Now, after reading the review, it looks like except for the looks, Maruti has got it bang on. It's a very honest effort.

The specs and review are more like a euro spec car. Most of the points match a euro car than a japanese, let alone a Maruti.

In terms of looks, I think Maruti can do a few quick fixes. One is that terrible plain jane alloy wheel design. The pic with the Ecosport shows this glaringly. The tyre and wheel size is the same as Ecosport but it kills the S-cross looks. Some diamond cut alloys with a more aggressive design will do wonders. Secondly, the body coloured strip in the front grill where the number plate is located. That should be black plastic. Third is the roof rails. They should use the ones like i20 Active that have a gap, rather than the rail which sits flush. The one with the gap accentuates the height.

Other than that I feel this car is right up there with the Creta. After checking out the Creta closely at the dealership and then reading this review, the S-cross looks better equipped with more attention to detail and nice to have features. Major differences with S-cross and Creta as per my observation.

- S-cross gets xenon lights. Creta has the bending lights.
- S-cross gets all round disc brakes. Creta makes do with drums at the back.
- S-cross gets tilt/telescopic steering, Creta is only tilt adjust steering.
- S-cross has damped glove box vs the regular falling down one in Creta.
- S-cross gets auto headlamps and wipers. Not on Creta.
- S-cross gets sliding front arm rest. Not there on Creta. I couldn't get it to slide.
- S-cross has door padding where you rest your arm. Creta has it on top trim but not on any trim lower. Need to check whether lower variants of S-cross will get it.
- S-cross gets cruise control. Not on Creta.
- S-cross has soft touch plastic on dash. All hard plastics on the Creta.

- Creta gets rear AC vents. Missed on S-cross.
- Creta has optional 6 airbags with ESP on top end trim.
- Creta gets the AT option. Missing on S-cross.

If they price the 1.6L right, we really have an interesting battle on our hands.

It looks like the S-cross is better suited for enthusiasts vs the Creta.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Great Review, Thanks S2 and Rehaan. Rated 5 stars.

Coming to S-Cross, it definitely seems to be a product which will be a hit in India. For me, the interiors feel far more premium and mature than the exteriors. Color options aren't satisfactory and it looks like an over grown hatchback sporting the worst alloys possible. The choice of engines and Auto transmission may be rectified by Maruti in the form of 'limited edition' in the coming years.
Wonder if Maruti should have initially gone ahead with selling S-Cross via standard dealers while it waited for Nexa dealerships to open. Would have increased availability (though decreased exclusivity).
The 1.6L DDis seems to be the next big thing in India, cant wait to test drive one to feel the surge of 320NM. Hoping to see more cars (Ciaz) getting this motor soon.
Interesting to see a car carrying only the Suzuki badge, sans Maruti. Seems the company is confident about its appeal even without the Maruti tag.

Eagerly awaiting the pricing.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Great review. Now waiting for a S-Cross vs Creta shootout. Two things I'd like to say:
1. Maruti is steadily improving the fit and finish. Starting with the current Wagon R when it was launched they started moving away from the really cheap plastics and using better materials.
2. Full marks to Maruti for the Black interiors. Hope other manufacturers follow.
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Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Nice review though 4 stars in my view. The reasons: I couldn't get details on the cruise control which is a first for a Maruti in India. I would have loved to get to know more about it. Details of vehicle dimensions, kerb weight, wheel base, power to weight etc could have been provided in a tabular form in comparison to some of its immediate rivals.

Nevertheless I am impressed with the vehicle. I had a look at it last week and was convinced about interior quality and space. But wanted more details on the engine, ride and handling and boy am I impressed with those! Seems like one heck of a car to drive in the 1.6 avatar. Surprised though the way you mentioned about it pulling like a loco, the 0-100 kmph time is just 11.3 s. Should be closer to 10s and if I remember right some other international review actually mentioned the same as closer to 10s.

Some questions: how does the horn sound? Is it too audible inside? How is the vehicle when fully laden with passengers and luggage? Does it buckle down much? Also how is it to start the vehicle on inclines with full load?

I am now seriously considering this as a replacement for my 8 year old SX4. If only Maruti could provide better alloys and tyres, I would have saved some money. Hope the alpha 1.6 does not exceed 14.5l OTR in Bangalore.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Also had to add. The paint on the vehicle seems to have a lot of "orange-peel" effect to it. Is that how it is in reality as well? Could it be poor paint quality, or is it limited to this pre-production vehicle only?
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Good to see a detailed review rather than a 'preview',and more important the timing of the release of the official review.
I had cancelled both bookings of the recent launches and pinned hopes on the S Cross.
Had booked the S Cross and am now reassured of the 'Crossover' capabilities, looks are not a big priority and some things can be fixed ( alloy wheels ,etc)

But the most important thing apart from doing a TD is the Pricing of this car and my belief is Maruti will price it sensibly ( at least as 'introductory')knowing the limitations it has in perception.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Thank you for very detailed review.

Few questions though:
  1. How does it behave on rough roads? How would you compare it wit Duster?
  2. Does the top model have Bose speakers (unlikely but Sales guy mentioned that)
  3. Does it come with front windscreen auto dimming function in case of high beam on oncoming vehicle?
  4. Sales guy also said the var will come with heads-up display as well as a car-fridge in boot. Any information on them?
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