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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

WOW! Brilliant Review. I am really sold on this car, waiting on the prices now. A really loaded car. If it fits !2 Lakhs, then this is my next car. Creta is not an option anymore.

One of the things I wished was included is to put a average size cell phone in the place next to the charger to get an assessment of the size. But that's ok.

If not for AWD, Maruti should have given the Automatic option for a premium car. This is a missed opportunity. Why do this in India with the national vehicle and give this option internationally? Sometimes I just cannot understand Maruti Suzuki India!

Rear looks handsome, infact as good as a Creta, but I like creta styling more. Front looks awkward though. but it won't be a deal breaker for me. Side profile looks very good as well.

Also, no ESP/Hill hold in any variant?
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Originally Posted by S2!!! View Post

Maruti will be relying on the NEXA showrooms to sell its premium range of vehicles, starting with the S-Cross. The Ciaz will continue to be sold through Maruti dealerships though. Period.

There will be approximately 35 - 40 NEXA dealerships initially. Maruti targets to open 100+ NEXA outlets across 30 cities by April 2016. Whatever way you look at it, this small number of sales outlets will greatly limit the S-Cross' availability & volumes. Maruti's regular network has over 1,000 sales points!
Excellent detailed Review. Rating 5 Stars.

So S-Cross official review came first, still waiting for official Creta review.

I believe it is a missed oppurtunity, they could have given AWD as an option, also ESP could have been provided in higher trim. At least they have not cut back on brakes by providing four disc brakes.

Also sales only thru Nexa showrooms limits it availability when compared to Hyundai Creta.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Awesome review.
Though the engine and interiors look good.
I think the exteriors somehow feel too old, to be selling in 2015.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Brilliant review. I really like the car - highly practical for city and highway.

1.6 L engine (hope Maruti will price it competitively)
European ride/ handling in a Maruti
High seat height with a dead pedal
Good rear space
Features - Cruise control, automatic climate control, projector headlamps etc
Premium interiors in black, class styling. Rear looks awesome

350 litre boot, even my Getz gives 280 litre boot. Jazz gives 400 litre boot. The deal breaker for me.
No rear AC vent. Another deal breaker - on long drives, passengers have different AC needs.
No automatic option
Alloy wheel design is bad

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Great review and I think a great practical, powerful and handsome car with features unseen on a Maruti. With dependability and service reach (with 1.6 power!), the car could be something that you can hold for a loooong time.

The term crossover is being distorted way too much. A crossover was something that shared a car's underpinnings and was a soft off-roader (CRV, RAV4, MB GL, Lexus RX initially). I think S-Cross is a crossover and Creta is one too. Manufacturers are just designing them with different form factors. Add high ground clearance station wagons to the mix and it gets even more confusing.

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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Excellent review! I think Maruti has yet another blockbuster on its hands. Given their impeccable feel on the pulse of the indian market, I won't be surprised if this is priced really competitively. Waiting for the sales numbers in the coming months.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

With all due respect, I find the review a bit incomplete with glaring omissions like usage of cruise control, performance on inclines/ramps, vehicle dimensions, engine power chart with competing vehicles and the like. If the turbo lag is bad, how does it perform on a ramp or incline, especially while shifting from 1st to 2nd gear? Seriously, was expecting more but good job nevertheless.

Also, with regard to "Maruti Suzuki" branding on NEXA dealerships, I reckon it makes perfect sense. People driving past this showroom shouldn't mistake it for some "fly-by-night" operator, here today, gone tomorrow. But a customer who's bought an S-Cross, spending a fortune, wouldn't want his steed associated with a budget brand name slapped on its back and hence the decision to just stick to S-Cross moniker at the back.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Good review. But Why do i feel that there is facelift on it way very soon ? The front body looks as if it desperately is in need of a facelift. Well it is just a thought. The LED's look very simple too. They should have been some curves added to it but again I wont be surprised if the curved LED is on its way for a facelift version.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Ride compared to the Duster and Terrano?
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Any hints on the pricing? Is this going to be a 10L+ OTR car starting with the base 1.3L variants? Or a Jazz competitor?

I might be the odd one out here, but I really seem to like the exterior design.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Fantastic review, tells me everything that I need to know about the car. Was waiting for this one from a long time. Seems like a good enough car to me barring the bland styling. In the days of the active and creta this looks very old school, tough the normally conservative maruti customwr may love it. I do love the interiors of the car, it has a German simpleness to my eyes. Now all that remains is the pricing for me to decide between the s cross and the polo TDI, hope they don't screw it up like Hyundai did with the creta.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Nice review, Well written. The front reminds me of forester. The one thing the Maruti cars loose out is sharing of buttons from Swift which is not a premium hatch anymore. I have seen these buttons doing duty in Kizhashi as well.
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Brilliant review S2!

Well I already booked one at a NEXA dealer in dwarka , new delhi. Scoop news is that the top end 1.6 litre diesel will be positioned at around 12~12.5 lpa ex-showroom delhi.

I checked the car on display, it doesn't look like a maruti at all. The interiors and exterior exudes a uber feeling!

Well done suzuki or shall I say maruti
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Excellent review. When can we expect a review of the 1.3 version?
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Re: Maruti S-Cross : Official Review

Whilst I kept refreshing my Team-bhp page expecting that Creta Official review will go live, here comes the S-Cross official review. Nonetheless an excellent review and description.

Although Maruti is making an Honest attempt to make a mark in the premium products category, certain elements in this car makes that effort look half-hearted . Namely borrowing components from its lower siblings like the steering wheel, power window switchgear, buttons alongside the start stop button. Additionally absence of buttons on steering wheel or control stalks to toggle through various MID features makes an rather up-market interior feel primitive.

All said it is an overall great package. Eagerly waiting for the launch date to know the pricing. Hope Maruti doesn't become too ambitious and aggressive with the recent Hyundai Creta launch. My mind says Hyundai can afford to price it's premium products at a very premium Price. Maruti has a long way to do so. Praying Maruti doesn't kill an otherwise excellent product with same insane pricing
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