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Old 9th January 2016, 18:54   #16
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Thanks for the wonderful and detailed review. It read like a poetry. Indeed Tata has come a long way and they are in the upward swing with this product. I am bowled over by the feature list and attention to detail. The OEM ICE is something to drool for. The three elephants is something we Indians can emotionally connect to. Never seen this kind of emotion being etched in any other cars. I hope they bring in four pots during the upgrade cycle. Zica could be a winner if priced correctly and I hope they will.
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Great review as usual. Rated 5 star. Tata has finally come out of Indica platform. Kite would have been a better name.

Bolt had a better rear room and a great under thigh support which could be a serious miss in Zica. No doubts on Harman system, it is the best HU and luckily it is available for Tata as factory shipped.

During my TD of Bolt, the SA spent most of the time explaining the HU, which showed how important it is for Tata.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Excellent review. Thank you. Rating it 5 stars.

A great effort by Tata. As I was reading the review, had to keep reminding myself that this is a car that is expected to start well below 5L. The quality levels, build and features all seem to belong to higher segments. Seems fantastic value for money. That audio system and its features made me go wow .I assume it will be present only in the top variants.

Having said that, I don't expect this to set the sales charts on fire. As mentioned in the review, looks like it just falls short of being a complete package. And considering the competition and the fact that Tata struggles to sell, their cars must be a complete package and more for the mass market to think of buying it. I don't see that with the Zica.

The other miss is an AT. It is well known that the majority of sales of one of its potential chief competitors-The Celerio, is of the AT variant. An AT variant would have made a lot of people buying the Celerio to have a look at the Zica also. In general Zica has a better chance among those looking for a 2nd car in my opinion.

In any case, hope they succeed. With the effort Tata is putting in, they deserve more success.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Superb review. So much attention to detail has gone to this car and review. I hope this car changes the fortunes for TATA. I feel people will go to showrooms at least to have a look at the car.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Thanks for the awesome review S2. As many fellow bhpians have opined, I think the days have come where you can own a Tata car and be proud of it. Always admired Tatas for their contribution to our country. But buying a Tata car always seemed a risky decision considering poor fit and finish of their cars and their dubious ASS. But of late, Tata has done wonderful job with their new offerings: Zest and Bolt. The trend seems to have continued in Zica. Lets hope that their ASS also improves.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

I have to say, this is the BEST review of the Zica I have read. The wait was well worth it.

As for as the car is concerned, Tata desperately needs this to be a winner. From the review it is evident that they realize that; ergo, I am sure, the pricing would be nice.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Great review of a competent car, thanks. The only chink in the armor is of course the unrefined 3 pot petrol engine; everything else is so desirable in this car. The diesel has the potential to sell well, but market is quite bullish on petrol these days. Tata should have discontinued bolt and sell Zica with 4 pot engines.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Awesome review points out even the most minute details - 5 stars for the effort !

Looks like an all in effort from TATA to turn the small car tide in their favor.

Any news of an AMT version down the line?

P.S - haven't TATA announced the variants yet? I did not see a variant to variant comparison with the cars of the same class in the review.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Brilliant review. What is clearly evident from this review is that Tata is working super hard to improve its brand image. Cost cutting measures are minimal.

The interiors looks premium for its category. Kudos to Tata for the level of detailing it has shown in the design of this car. I loved the design of elephants in glovebox, just the kind of surprises owners will love to discover over a period of time.

Lack of rear seat space is not something we associate with Tata cars so that is bummer for me. This is one USP that all Tata cars have held for so many years so compromising on rear space is a bit disappointing. I hope they announce AMT option at launch.

Zica will go head-on with Celerio and Grand i10. With no visual resemblance to Indica and fresh looking car as it is, I hope Zica does well for Tata.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Nice review. I feel the only logic of going for 3 cylinder engines would be to TOP the ARAI FE ratings. But why hasn't these been announced yet? Or are they redoing it again?
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Default Tata Zica : Official Review

Superb review of a superb car. While the car like other small cars is meant for city runabouts and youth appeal so lets hope it does both things reasonably well but saying that haven't Tata missed a trick by not launching sport mode as Messi would represent sporty and quick and target customer want something peppy.
Except for the Tata logo everything would appeal to the masses which IMO doesn't bother much about the number of cylinders.
I feel as after Bollywood stars and Cricketers we do have Business Leaders as role models so it would be nice if Tata uses Ratan Tata as their brand ambassador while rebuilding their brand image as an important passenger car brand.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Tata, please, please, price this aggressively, undercut the competition by a fair margin to grab some much needed market share and regain credibility. This review of the Zica is no doubt the best by a huge margin among all reviews, but then that is expected of a Team -Bhp review. For once the positives outweighed the negatives for a Tata car.The quality seems much improved and at this price point the Zica comes across as the segment best. While the engines may not appeal to the enthusiasts, I think they will serve the purpose, provided they are fuel efficient.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Awesome review. Tata has been upping the ante after the launch of Zest with stellar products. As has been the case with previous models, I hope they bring the Multijet powered Zica. It would be however, intersting to see the sales charts especially when Bolt is not doing well and Zest and Nano numbers also seem to be in decline.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Thank you for a wonderfully comprehensive and unbiased review.

Out of curiosity I tried to find the Zica website and was surprised to see that the first page of search results had no direct mention of the actual product webpage. Then I went to the TML homepage and found a link. On the link, instead of introducing the product first, they ask you to fill a form for a test drive. Below this is the product introduction content which reads like an instruction manual. The Mahindra KUV website appears first on doing a google search and though the car looks like it was designed for a village fair by kids inspired by DC, they make it look capable by just showing the front end. Mahindra may not know how to make the best products but they know how to sell them, at least to Indians.

How would a casual visitor come to know about the Zica?

How would he/she know that this is unique?

How come there is no branding strategy that makes the product look as worthy as it is? Messi is fine, but even Sachin could not sell the Palio (mileage with the 1.6 was an issue though). Instead, the santro ZipDrive campaign in the early 2000's made customers aware that the EPS was an useful city feature. That SRK was the Ambassador was a plus point, not the USP.

I have stated this on another thread and restate this here again- TML has lost touch with the customers. The marketing managers have no clue about the importance of search engine optimization which is something even a high school student understands the well these days. They have stopped attaching an aspirational value to their product- remember the Safari Dicor advertisements? Or even the Indigo ones featuring Japanese engineers evaluating the car? I remember the ads clearly even after so many years because they were striking in their message. They didn't just talk about features but weaved a story around them.

I think that now their products are actually best in class but their marketing team is somnolent- earlier the QC was sleeping and the advertisements were great. There has to be a complete brand revamp- and it has to be through an emotional attachment with the customer, not a random display of features that are becoming commoditised. If Maruti launches this car, it can afford to boast of features, but TML needs to buy back the trust of the car buyer in a big way-and Messi won't be enough. The product can speak for itself, but how many customers will wait for 2 years before they realize that the Zest or the Bolt is more VFM than a Swift? Most don't (won't) even know that the Zica is a new car! I hope they get their act together.

And I hope that the TASS comes of age too. TML products are the best for heavy usage and it is hightime customers are motivated to appreciate the benefits of using them.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Awesome review S2!!! ! Absolutely loved the attention to detail and a certain flair of writing that the review had. This review is totally top-notch Team-BHP stuff. Thanks a lot!

Way to go Tata! I have always supported Tata, right from the Nano, they being an Indian company. I really, really wish that the Zica lets them have their share of the market, which they rightfully deserve. And please, have a look at your dealerships. You should teach them a thing or two about how to behave with potential customers.

The car, well, I am very impressed! This one just ticks all the right boxes. Best thing is that it doesn't feel tinny. I really hate the light build that most entry level cars these days posses. Though only crash tests can answer this, I think that this car will be safer than its counterparts too, at least, we can hope so! And it just feels so premium. Interiors are very much to my liking: nothing over the top but looks contemporary and elegant. The Zest has an awesome ICE, and it's good to know that the Zica, which is supposed to be priced lesser, carries the legacy too!
And attention to detail is just unseen of in a Tata car before. The 'Impact' design philosophy is quite likeable. The Zica certainly doesn't look like any other earlier offerings by Tata. Just wish that it had better engines. They would have done more justice to the product as a whole.

Overall, I think that Tata motors has a superb product in their hands and with proper marketing, this could turn tables for Tata. And there will be no looking back then. I have found the car to recommend to my Uncle who will be buying his very first car.

Serious contender for T-BHP Car Of The Year 2016? What say?

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