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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

The review is providing a real insight to the car. Few questions about the old push pull type door looks -

1.Can we get a central looking installed in the car or will there be an issue? I was not able to clearly understand this aspect in the review.

2. Also, does it mean that no speed sensing auto-lock is possible in the car? and last

3. Is there child lock in the rear doors.

All three questions pertaining to locking mechanism. Can you please provide answers to these questions?


Good work Tata.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Thank you for the excellent review of Zica. Excellent attention to details. Deserves 5 stars.

Tata has an excellent product at their hand. Very well designed exterior and close to segment best interiors. They could have done better on the engines and space on the rear. AMT at the earliest could help further.

I wish they price it aggressively and follow up with A.S.S. Then they have a winner on hand. I would be very happy to see made in India Zica do good numbers and turn things around for their sincere effort starting with Zest.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

The attention to detail in the Zica is fantastic. Things like the bag hook for the back row is so thoughtful.

I hope Tata hits the jackpot with this one. If the Kwid can garner such bookings, why not Zica with such premium features. The engine will not bother the common man.

I have already decided to buy this car - 3 years later, from the used car market.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

It's a superb review. Lovely car. Kudos to the attention to details.
I am feeling a kind of emotional bond with zica and tata. The best part was representing a species near to extinction. How many companies do this. Giving a part of the car to that noble cause. Proud of you Tata. Your intentions are right. You are showing that you want to remain in the market with such wonderful products. Kudos!!!
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

What is the use of a manufacturer designing the car with providing utmost attention to detail, if the reviewer doesn`t notices it. In that way S2 and Vid I don`t have words to say, the way you have come up with this review is highly commendable and clearly you have set the benchmark for the best review.

Coming to the car, I am mighty impressed with the car and quite frankly TATA has packaged it very well. Be it attention to detail, quality of products, overall design, TATA has covered a lot of ground to come up with this niche car and I see no reason to say it has put some of its to competitors to shame for going overboard with cost cutting.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Superb Review. Rated 5 stars. I followed all the reviews on Zica that are online till now for the last month and I still could identify lot of new things coming out of this review

For me, this car sells or not depending on the following points when customer does his finalizing of options.

Originally Posted by S2!!! View Post
What you'll like:

Tata has put in a lot of effort on quality and it shows. No signs of cost cutting at all
Solid build & construction, unlike most of its flimsy competitors
High quality, well-designed interiors. Lots of storage and a useful 242 liter boot too.

What you won't:
Concerns over long-term reliability, more so of the freshly developed engines
Tata's sub-par after-sales service is far from that of Maruti & Hyundai

Posting below some of near competitor car price ranges.
WagonR Petrol: 4.06 (Lxi) - 4.64 (VXi O)
Celerio Peteol: 3.96 (Lxi) - 5.02 (VXi O)
i10 Petrol: 4.23 (Era M) - 4.76 (Sportz M)
Grand i10 Petrol: 4.72 (Era M) - 5.90 (Asta O M)
Bolt Petrol: 4.45 (XE) - 5.99 (XT)

Celerio Diesel: 4.71 (Ldi) - 5.77 (Zdi O)
Grand i10 Diesel: 5.58 (Era M) - 6.77 (Asta O M)
Bolt Diesel: 5.50 (XE) - 7.00 (XT)

All prices are ex-showroom Delhi. Only manual variants are considered. For Hyundai cars, M means Metallic.

If Zica can undercut Bolt by 50k at least initially, then there will be lot of takers. Even if prices are bang in between Celerio and Bolt too, it feels reasonable.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Excellent review S2!!! !

Tata has done everything good except the engines and that's very disappointing. They put in all the effort to make it so good and they let down in one of the major areas. At the position they are currently in, that is too big a miss.

I had written this in the older thread after reading some of the initial reviews and still feel the same (mainly about the petrol).

Originally Posted by theredliner View Post
Looks like Tata has got everything right except the engines. From what I read in the review, the engines seem like they could have gone through another year of development and have been rushed to be pushed out with this car. That will be a turn off for most enthusiasts. A 75 BHP Quadrajet option in the top variant would have been good, especially since the car is said to handle good and has good high speed stability. That would have made it a complete, VFM package. Nevertheless, for the fuel efficiency crowd, this will be a great option among the cheap looking and cheap feeling competition as long as the pricing is good.
Originally Posted by S2!!! View Post
Why didn't Tata give it 4-cylinder motors? Not like it's going to cannibalise the Bolt that's not selling anyway.
Exactly what I wanted to say.
1. Internal cannibalization is the last thing Tata should worry about now.
2. Still, it was foolish of Tata to give 75HP Quadrajet in Bolt instead of 90HP, unlike Zest. That would have left some space for Zica. With a 75HP Quadrajet, this would be a complete package. Also, I don't see why they tried to develop a new petrol engine now for the Zica. The Revotron 1.2T would have felt better in the lighter Zica too. They could have improved the 3 banger much more and released it in a future model.

This car is an almost complete package. Hope they don't go overboard in pricing like Bolt. Getting customers into Tata showrooms is the biggest task. They should try their best to do it, mainly because this car deserves to sell well!

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Opened and saw this new thread, told my wife not to talk to me for the next one hour !
Excellent review, I've been reading and watching a lot about the Zica but none of them impressed. The level of details is just amazing !

Coming to the car, well it does give me a complex. As a owner of Honda's Brio, the Zica has everything better than the Brio save for the engine ! I am one of those who appreciates how the manufacturer has built a car keeping in mind it's feel good factor and Tata has left no stone un-turned in this aspect.

I think this is the first level of engines which will be plonked in entry level cars, hence the three cylinders. For a manufacturer who is still trying to gain lost ground, I think they will keep the bigger engines for a segment higher than the Zica as Tata is planning more new models in future.

I expect Tata to price the car sensibly (i.e. Comparable to Wagon R/Celerio) and sincerely hope they improve the after sales service if they want to succeed with this one. If they price the car very close to Grand i10 or Swift, they are looking at a still-born product.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Brilliant 5 star review for a 5 star effort by Tata. I have an emotional connect with Tata owning their cars for more than a decade. So, it's amazing to see them transforming so much. The attention to detail in this review is complimentary to the attention Tata has given in designing the car. Mighty impressed with the exteriors and interiors look like a segment above for sure. Now, pricing is the key. Start it at 3.50 ex showroom Delhi and Tata will see a Kwid like booking mania.

I think the 3 cylinder engine is primarily to boost the FE. Historically, Tata cars aren't that good with the FE in comparison to their competitors. Now a days when every other car is claiming a 25kmpl figure, Tata had to show something similar. I expect the Diesel ARAI figure at least 26kmpl and Petrol as 21kmpl. They should release this information quickly to garner interest from the fuel economy conscious Indian public.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Fantastic Review. Kudos to S2 and Viddy for identifying all the nuances.

I really hope Zica takes off and the fortunes of Tata changes for the better.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Beautifully written piece. As the never-ending amount of images kept getting loaded, I was left wondering what was better, the car or the review.

Kudos to the team to detail out everything possible, and not, for the readers.

On to the car, it seems that Tata and their HorizoNext strategies are starting to pay off in terms of product maturity. I'm expecting sales to spike! Let's see.. interesting times ahead.
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

I'm overwhelmingly impressed by this comprehensive review. It can't get any better than this. Rating this thread a well-deserved 5 stars.

Finally, TATA is making some contemporary designs. The car looks trendy in and out. The color scheme of the interiors and dashboard layout is crisp.

But why TATA? why 3 pots? why would you do that? Not interested to cater enthusiastic folks?

Still, I'd TD the car, not for experiencing it's engine/performance/dynamics but for the 8-speaker ICE by Harman.

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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Wow! Value for money redefined. What a car! I would buy this only for the Harmon Audio system! Respects, Tata! Heartening.

Now fixing the marketing and service portion. Way to go!
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

Grear review, S2!!!! I was waiting for it - reviews by others have been published a couple of weeks ago. Of course, there are no full-time reviewers at Team-BHP so I guess we need more time.

Great car as well, from the looks of it.
Surprised to read NVH are better controlled for diesel than Petrol. Would be interesting to know the reason behind using the balancing shaft only for diesel engine.
The decision for 3-Cylinders is obviously for cost cutting. Even wth 4-Cylinder engine, they might be tempted to go for a naturally aspirated engine, which anyway will be some development effort. I am pleased atleast they went for all aluminium blocks, unlike Revotron 1.2.

My concerns were : seating comfort (under thigh support) and NVH levels, which were addressed very precisely. Thank you!

I was a happy TATA owner and would be eager for a TD. Hope they will launch it soon (just read launch may be pushed to February).
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Default re: Tata Tiago : Official Review

An excellent review which definitely passes the benchmark being set by previous reviews by T-BHP itself.

Most important part of the review is it just doesn't talk about the car and rather transcripts the efforts of the manufacturer to come with a true quality product !

A market response is what for Tata's have their fingers crossed currently and they know for sure that it's not the numbers but breaking their own legacy image is important. This car is definitely going to be a big step towards that.

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