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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review


Excellent review I love the attention that you have paid to every aspect of the vehicle.

I have been avidly following the Jeep Compass since FCA talked about its launch in India.

Frankly, I would prefer to wait for a few months till the Auto Diesel is launched. I also believe that the Compass will get additional features based on feedback with the initial lot of cars. However, FCA will have to price it right as with additional features like the auto diesel, sunroof, and other features may put it in direct competition with the Tiguan/Tucson.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Excellent review, amazing attention to detail, Thanks for sharing - Omkar, Jaggu, GTO and team

This looks like a killer product from FCA, hoping that the dealership and service experiences also up the ante to make this a successful offering. That will help sustain the numbers beyond the initial bookings.

The very fact that Mahindra and Tata have come out with new ad campaigns with the mention of compass (in a veiled tone) is a sureshot giveaway of them being shaken at least a bit. God bless competition!

I've been wanting to go see the compass for a long time, but somehow haven't been able to just yet. But very soon definitely.

*Rated very well deserved 5 stars

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Excellent review as usual. Rated 5 stars. I just hope that the success of Jeep Compass doesn't develop an attitude with the dealerships - especially the newer ones. While people like me have understood the pros and cons of servicing with Fiats, theres still a long way to go. I'm writing this as I just got my car back from the 30k km service.

While I've been very lucky to have good experiences, not all Fiat owners share my sentiment. This car has a potential to out sell all of the Fiats ever made in India in just a year. Introducing the car in stages might as well pay off - first the diesels (and 4x4), then the petrols (and ATs) and then the diesel AT. Can we expect them to throw in the TrailHawk version sometime as well ?
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

I was waiting for this report, excellent work, 5 star rating. Having seen the other reports on this vehicle, no one can match the Team BHP report. Thanks.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
At best, I would have thought that the dead pedal has good grip! To think that there would be some logic behind it, that too in Morse code,
This has been mentioned in several reviews of the Compass. Must be part of the press release.

Another review that mentions this:
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Wow! what a detailed review. Can't have asked anything better to close the long weekend.
  • The Morse code on the dead pedal
  • The lochless monster on the rear windshield
  • The easter eggs
  • Solid and ventilated discs
  • Exposed metal in the OBD and bonnet opening lever
  • Bee hive and other design areas
Nowhere else other than TBHP can I find non-video reviews to such a detail.

Coming to the car, A wonderful offering from Jeep. This is the first product from FCA stable that has got all things going right. From the marketing, to the pricing, to the response it has received from people and to the reactions from its competitors. Now it's upto the company to not lose it from here. It is wonderful that the company has not shown any evidences of cutting corners.

All said and done, There definitely are some essential things that are missed out like Cruise control, Blank buttons, Steel spare wheel, Sun roof etc.

All in all, a wonderful choice for a person buying a car in this price bracket.

Not to forget, I voted 5 stars for this DETAILED review
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
Hence the Compass has to wait a couple of years. Hopefully, I get to choose between two brilliant vehicles by then - Compass on one end and the upcoming TATA flagship SUV on the other end.
What about the upcoming Renegade? Might help you shorten the wait too with expected (actually, rumoured) price in Creta territory.
It might not have the sleek looks of Compass, but should be almost equally competent off-roader nonetheless? And the top end comes with sunroof in all limited variant in all international markets.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Amazing review. The attention to detail is mind blowing. I took a test drive a couple of weeks back and came away thoroughly impressed. Waiting for the Diesel automatic to launch next year

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Excellent detailed review. Looks a very competent product from FCA. All the pros have been discussed in detail in the other thread, so not going there. Few misses which shouldn't be there in a 2 million rupee car:
1) Dummy buttons as CD already pointed out.
2) Rust on the steering joint.
3) That scrap metal frame for the bonnet lever.
4) Misaligned wheel arch for the rear wheel.
I agree, as long as the basic mechanicals are strong there is no need to worry, but when you pay 20 big ones you expect that to be reflected in the product with such a great heritage. This, when people expect the moon and beyond in certain other brands in a similar/lower price bracket.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Fantastic review guys!!
We keep raising the bar every time. What attention to detail!! Simply superb.

My views on the car itself have already been shared on the forum. I am seriously impressed with the build quality and the road presence of this SUV. Easily looks half a segment above at least despite the size.

The only grouse for me is the hatchback esque space in the rear (width only: Leg room for me seemed par for the segment with driver's seat adjusted to my position) and the glaring omission of 6 airbags on all but the 4WD model. With all the focus on safety, FCA should have offered 6 airbags as an option on at least some 4X2 versions if not all. There is no way you can buy a petrol Compass if you are safety consious and want 6 airbags. I believe people spending upwards of 16lakhs deserve to get 6 airbags as an option at least.

Other than that a competitive package, hope Fiat does not mess up the fortunes of this car with it's lackadaisical approach to after sales.

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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Absolutely brilliant! The effort is clearly visible. And I mean both the machine and review over here. Thanks for sharing with us!

Hopefully we will get the 1.4 MultiAir for the review soon. A friend is really interested to pick one and waiting for a credible review. There is no TD available for the petrol variant yet.

I really like the Compass, yet to drive it though. Waiting for the mad rush to mellow down for a longer drive. Maybe its best not to drive one from a financial point of view.

A little trivia. It is an Alfa Romeo MultiAir engine on my T-BHP profile.

Wish the Sport variant had an option with 6 airbags and 4x4. I can live with steel wheels and those black interiors look good too. The touchscreen is a joke though. Even the humble Kwid gets a 7 system.

Had a question. Is the Auto mode on the 4x4 always on? I prefer it like that if it's so. On the Duster AWD, it can be set to 2WD for instance.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Fantastic review, as expected! The fact (that the reviewer had shot a whopping 2700 pics) reveals two facts: a.the dedication and an eye for detail from the reviewer's side, and b. the Compass is overflowing with character that there's simply so much to shoot.

Voted 5 stars.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Me (giving up): Fiat's Jeep

He (victoriously): Ah, pehle kyon nahin bola (why didn't you say so before)?!
A certain funny aspect is, it seems that very few people (in Kerala) are actually aware about the FIAT connection of Jeep. It's American origin makes the picture more difficult too.

I sincerely hope Fiat fans would not be miffed by this, I am also a long term Fiat owner.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

It is a good thing FCA is getting rid of the "Fiat" moniker; just too much baggage. Imagine the exact same car being launched under the Fiat brand and there would not be 1/10th the buzz.

Probably the finest review yet on Team-Bhp. So, a hat-doff to the reviewer and his team.

I notice the car has road presence and a distinctly American brash flavor to it. It is not understated like the Europeans nor has the trying hard to be classy veneer of the Asians. Having said that, while not disappointed, I am a tad underwhelmed with the interiors. I can't quite point my finger and say what it is - perhaps I just expected more.
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Lovely review guys.
I've been waiting for the launch of this car for a while now.
The biggest gripe I have with this car in the 17 degree departure angle , it feels like an issue on regular Bangalore roads as well.
Seeing it In person scared me even more, honestly feels like a dumb move on their end.
On the other hand it looks like it's bolted on rather than being molded with the bumper so I guess worse cum worse it'll break away ?
Also do you guys think that Jeep will have any issues if we just choose to remove it? ( if even possible )
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Re: Jeep Compass : Official Review

Excellent review for an excellent product. Rated 5 stars. Loved the inclusion of off-roading report. Owners, do share your own "Jeep from which company?" as experienced by GTO, LOL. Will not be surprised if we see a dedicated thread on the same.

Jeep, however, should come with AWD with AT. Only XUV has AT with AWD in this price bracket.
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