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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The Altroz diesel should have gotten the Nexon's tune & gearbox
This seems plug-and-play unless there is an issue with space in accommodating the 6-speed gearbox in the Altroz. I had heard the same reason for the JTP twins from a nearby TASS.
Our test car had an absurd flat spot that reared its ugly head at some points. I saw it in 2nd gear @ 31 – 33 km/h where you’d feel like the fuel delivery is interrupted, accompanied by mild jerks.
Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post
I had this issue in the Nexon for some months of ownership. Not at higher speed but certainly around 15-25 kmph if I tried to pick up from 2nd gear suddenly. I also noticed that during that 1-2 second "lull"
I have had the same experience multiples times with the petrols of Zest (2015) and pre-facelift Tigor (2017) owned by friends. It feels as if the car is starved for petrol, especially when in higher RPMs. I did try changing the modes but there was not much difference. I do not recall the exact fuel level but it was well below the halfway mark due to the low usage of both the vehicles, which I suspected to be the reason then. The issue still persists, although I haven't tested with higher amount of fuel in the tank, which maybe confirmed by others here.
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
On the other hand, the Altroz is way more modern (Figo feels terribly old & outdated), has a 5-star safety rating, more solid build, far nicer cabin, sound system and German car-like high speed manners. Of course, if Tata brings the Nexon's higher power & torque to the Altroz, the discussion is over .
I like how the crux of the article came out as an afterthought in another post

For attacking the segments that they are targeting, TATA's piecemeal approach of Engine choices, Features distribution, Transmission options etc is baffling, to say the least. Either they are ignorant (of markets needs/preferences) or way down pessimistic. I will place my bets on them being latter!
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Fantastic crisp review.

No doubt the desirability of the Altroz is way off the roof and the road manners, going by recent Tatas and confirmed by our official reviews are good indeed.

The Altroz D is anyday preferable than the present petrol engine, though it's disheartening to know that the fuel mapping has not been taken care of, and absolute driveability while taking off is not the best. It is sometimes in parking slopes and high gradient roads, where you could get embarassed, unless ofcourse the parking brake is used.

Can't help it, but since 2016 any small capacity diesel gets compared to the Ford's 1.5Tdci. Just wish Tata had given the Nexon tune, or atleast the sixth cog.

Not able to quote any source, but I believe in the Altroz launching thread, a member had insider info regarding the 5spd gearbox. Not done for product differentiation or cost cutting.
Done because the platform was not designed or could accommodate it.
What the heck! For a fresh new platform?

Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post
Thanks for the sweet crisp review of the diesel.[list=1][*]Its a good engine and Tata really should bring another at least 2 cars (a sedan & an MPV on the anvil?) to do justice to the engine's capability and investment that must have gone into the R&D for it.[*]Just 2 cars on a versatile 1.5L engine isn't economically sensible I think.
Ofcourse they should and I believe they will.
The sure shot success of the HBX will set the ball rolling for those put on hold MPV and C2 sedan, and other models on the Alfa platform.

Can't say the same for the Omega platform, which is surely handicapped by engine constraints.

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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Excellent Review, crisp and comprehensive. The attention to detail regarding logo placement being off-centre is next level and some of the manufacturers' QA teams need to take notice.

I remember in early 2000s waiting for the monthly copy of ACI to know which car among Alto, Santro and Indica sold the most. Altroz definitely has the potential to be amongst the top sellers regularly. Hope Tata go all out on this one with higher tunes of engine and automatic boxes. The Market and we consumers can certainly do with a more equitable sales distribution between the manufacturers.
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Thanks for the much awaited report GTO!

I think TATA might have reserved the Nexon tune for Altroz to be launched sometime later once the new i20 hits the road. Maybe the current petrol-diesel Altroz will remain as a normal one, and more powerful turbo petrol and Nexon tune diesel as a sport variant, something similar to JTP or GT.
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Looks great, great on paper and probably feels great too. Great review as well. But, why does Tata hate autoboxes so much?

Tata Headquarters
Location Unknow
Engineering and specifications team:
*Autistic screeching* "MOM SAID NO AUTOMATICS!!!"
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

The current Petrol Altroz is mediocre at best. When I visited a nearby Tata Dealer, the way this car looks in person is mind-blowing.

With the diesel, the enthusiasts can have a way with as GTO stated since the Diesel is much more punchier and astonishingly silent as compared to petrol. May be enthusiasts can try remapping the ECU from Wolf for better performance as I read about a BHPian do that on his Tiago.
There was a major performance improvement.

Otherwise, the Altroz is a great commuter car with excellent looks and features and also not to forget the 5 Star NCAP.

Great Job, Tata but on the other hand, when launching a product make all the variants available and not wait for the future. We need turbo's and automatics in this versatile market.

IMO, if the Altroz comes with an Automatic and Turbo variant, monthly sales of 7-8 k are definitely on the cards.

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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Crisp and to the point review, actually the official reviews have become too comprehensive that we need an abstract! Is there any possibility of Altroz diesel getting an automatic option? Why is it so difficult to have diesel automatic hatchbacks? The more I see and read about Altroz, the more I'm convinced about getting it as my next car. A 6 airbag version would be icing on the cake.
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Great review, Just like all TATA cars, this too looks stunning, actually this is the best hatchback design in recent times. Everyone were disappointed when it came with a lifeless NA 3 cylinder Petrol engine. Now with a better performance Turbo Diesel engine that too in a diesel engine obsessed country, we can expect it to do an other Tiago on sales charts.

Originally Posted by GTO

I vehemently disagree with Tata giving the Altroz 1.5L Diesel a lower state of tune than the Nexon. The Altroz makes 89 BHP & 200 Nm, while the Nexon has 109 BHP & 260 Nm.
Tata might have given a lower state of tune for better mileage and reliability. I hope this can can be tuned / remapped soon to match or exceed Nexon's horsepower and torque. I really wish this product and variant to succeed and yell in the face of Maruti that people are still looking for performance diesel engines in hatchbacks. Not being too optimistic, but I hope this crosses Baleno on sales charts some day.

I just observed that all the top 3 threads are about TATA vehicles. Looks like more BHP'ians are interested about Tata cars, may be due to it's safety standards, ratings and adding features like Sunroofs in most off the variants, TATA has come a long way from Tata Mobile, Sierra days. I really appreciate TATA for such a commendable job.

Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review-team-bhp.jpg

Home grown automobiles doing great is a proud feeling, recently Mahindra did it with the all New Thar. Americans relate to Ford the way we relate ourselves with Tata, while GM and Chrysler are slowly dying, going Hindustan Motors way.
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

IMO the average customer / a layperson would find 90bhp more than sufficient for a small hatchback. It's the sorted driving dynamics that matter beyond that level of power.

I'm already guessing some people here would be eager to remap the ECU to a slightly higher tune to take advantage of that engine.

EoD, this stock state of tune wouldn't stress this 1.5L engine as it's capable of MUCH better power output. Additionally the 7500km service interval would likely bringing in longevity. Since it's a tried and tested block, if kept stock then Toyota-like reliability isn't far from sight.

Maybe Tata & it's dealers need the earnings from service every 7500kms. Small price I guess.

Exterior design is exceptional. I used to feel the rear looked abit busy, but after having seen it many times while driving around the city, I can say that it grows on you, infact overall the Altroz looks like it's from a segment above.

Uncompromised panel strength would help such that it doesn't dent as Baleno or Swift does.

This 1.5L BSVI diesel engine is what is keeping Tata afloat. I don't think they'll commercially sell this engine to competition, unless they're being fully absorbed for a fat margin.

IMO its likely that they cannot financially afford to cannibalise the Nexon so very easily either. They're probably keeping options open till the new Hyundai i20 comes out. The i20 will have its own pro's and cons, and the premium Altroz pricing will allow Hyundai to show if it's interested in delivering value relative to the Tata product.

Let's see.

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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

I am a bit confused about the positioning of the diesel. The pricing seems to be in the same range as Nexon. The top end is 9.4 lakhs. Who will buy this over Nexon?

I think this is a terribly overpriced car but maybe I am missing something here.
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

This review was much awaited. IMO its too brief, I was hoping it'd be much more detailed with more info on the engine being mounted transversely, whether the turbocharger is the same as Nexon, or a smaller size, or an FGT, engine under-body protection. More purist car-enthu stuff like the monsoon-friendly air-intake positioning!

(OT : Initially the 1.5L Honda iDtec had a poorly placed air intake position - low & downward facing IIRC.)

Analog instrument cluster looks good. Hope manufacturers don't go digital.

Anyway since we are annoyed by the govt regulation intermittent beep over 80kmph and constant beeping over 120kmph, the engine output of 90bhp being too less is being over thought IMO.

Those interested in Remaps, please find out about the turbocharger and other components, they could be different from the ones used in Nexon.

7,500km service interval is nuts, IMHO it's just too short (considering this is a detuned engine).

Other than that, interiors are fantastic, although the car surely seems overpriced for a Tata. I'm sure Hyundai has plenty of room for pricing the i20 & capturing the market.

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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

I was pleasantly surprised to see the August sales numbers of Altroz which were ~ 5000 units. This is quite an achievement, Kudos to Tata.
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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Hmm...Auto + Nexon tune (or higher?) + Sport Mode + Slightly Lowered + Goodies = Altroz GT?


As for Hyundai i20, I sincerely think Altroz is well placed. I still can't think beyond the Europeans for 2 aspects - build quality (you feel secure inside one) and road manners (chuck 'em, cling to the lines on high speed turns - no problems). Can't imagine buying anything but a VW, *in spite of the dreadfully old machines they peddle in India and diesel-gate and ASS and lack of reliability*, just can't see myself buying a Korean/Japanese machine.

Altroz has similar nuances that override the competition. 5 Star safety on our increasingly unsafe roads. Build that feels solid. Highway manners of a European car. And those looks, they're a right bonus. I think Altroz is going to be ok.

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Default Re: Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel : Official Review

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Thread moved from the Assembly Line to Official Reviews!
One stupid question - If one has to choose between Altroz or Nexon, which one is better? As price difference between both is not much, just want your opinion on this. I know its not correct comparison, but still both has many similarities like both are from Tata, both good looking, 5 seater, similar boot space, good for city use (4 m), safe car with safety rating, engine is more or less same, good interiors & few more.
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