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Old 10th November 2009, 17:20   #91
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Fantastic! Very well executed restoration! if i may ask and you are ok, how much did everything add upto in INR?
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Oh my god! Looks fabulous! Worth the time and money I suppose.

One small question. From were did you get your chrome work done?
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Old 11th November 2009, 00:51   #93
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Simply superb!! thats what I can say.
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Old 12th November 2009, 13:16   #94
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well Uncle ) as stanher said its all relative opinion.. i liked the colour and so did everyone else...).
@Rudra sen
chroming was done in bangalore- Vijayalakshmi electroplating
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Originally Posted by calrock View Post
chroming was done in bangalore- Vijayalakshmi electroplating
For those who want to know the location of Vijayalakshmi electroplating: Its located just after the railway under bridge near Coles park.
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Old 2nd December 2009, 18:19   #96
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Had just visited Anil day before yesterday and he mentioned about the restoration!! looks brilliant.a lot of pain and energy it really took but a wonderful job!!great!!
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Old 7th December 2010, 12:17   #97
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Hi Carlock,

Congratulations on a superb restoration. Love the detailing and the paint job. Please let me know what paints and primers you used and what processes, how many coats etc. Great choice of interior upholstery as well. Excellent work. Now share with us your other restorations including the Morris 8 and Fin tail 190.

Best Regards
Prithvi Tagore
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Old 16th January 2011, 23:29   #98
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Default Re: Standard 10 restoration

calrock - wonderful resto

and BTW How is the quality of work at Vijayalakshmi electroplating ?
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Old 6th April 2011, 02:21   #99
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Default Re: Standard 10 restoration

Hello Shyam & other Standard experts ,

Require information about ignition timing for Standard Super 10 .
How many degrees before the TDC does the spark occur ?
Details about static , dynamic ( centrifugal ) & vaccum advance ?

The Standard Super 10 purcahsed last year is averaging 9 km/litre - is this satisfactory ?

Request please revert .

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Old 16th December 2012, 11:24   #100
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Default Re: Standard 10 restoration

Originally Posted by calrock View Post
some more pics of the car
Nice work! I'm restoring one right now, can you please tell me where to procure rubber beading for the windshields and other quarter glass? Thanks
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