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Old 3rd October 2008, 22:18   #1051
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Originally Posted by Klub Class View Post
Hi Guys,

Watch this link. Some one decided the damage Maruti 800
Amith's Blog: Maruti Swift Accident Pictures

Look at the explanation given by the guy about the accident.

Klub Class
800 looks like a chopped job. Swift diesel with airbags?
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Old 4th October 2008, 18:18   #1052
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The 800 seems to have had wings for a short while!
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That seems to be heading towards ditch. Camera angle is such that it showing car as flying
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Old 11th October 2008, 00:31   #1054
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Originally Posted by DocG View Post
PS: Is it still worth helping others? I love doing my job, but being harrassed like this repeatedly takes its toll on a person...In fact just to help those in need, I have an uber well stocked first aid kit in my car. I have almost everything I need to provide the best first aid in there save a splint [getting that soon]...
I think twice before stopping nowadays, can be dangerous.
I've had quite an experience over the years. Its not surprising too see the law breaker be unreasonable.
when an auto was on the wrong side and hit, every other auto passing by stopped for his support ignorant too what actually happened(having witnessed it happen i made a mistake of trying too intervene), another time Army guys ganging up oblivious to what actually took place, my stationary car was hit by their truck at a signal. Ended up hitting an adamant guy because he wouldn't remove his car blocking my house's gate.
Even stopping by to say who's mistake it is has the potential too turn on one.
The most unreasonable incident was when a bike guy breaking a signal crashed into a kinetic, injuring the kinetic guy. But after getting up he went strait for the kinetic guys collar. In his opinion, in India the lights exist for the heck of it, and the kinetic guy was at fault for not seeing him come, sadder part was that he paid the cop and got away.

This is what happened 2 months ago, i was riding a bike down on NH7 a touch before Suchitra. (A 50 meter patch of road(extreme right of the road) on the was blocked off by a barricade because it was heavily damaged)
I was approaching a lorry which was driving in the middle of the road behind another lorry driving on the left side of the road very slowly. I decided too overtake the lorry, as i overtaking it from the right side i heard a couple bikes approach behind me, and as i almost finished the lorry decided too overtake the one in front of it and it cut too the right, a couple of meters before the barricaded patch. approx. 2 seconds later i heard a crash, i stopped on the side and turned around too see that one bike was under the rear wheels of the lorry. I was horrified.
Not knowing how i could help, i called 108 and waited there till the van arrived.
The incident shook me up, it so easily could have been me under the wheels.
As for the bike guy, he suffered several injuries, there was no pillion and the bike was totaled.
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its surprising to see people not taking care of their vehicles. must have been a bad accident.i just hope it wasn't a result of rash driving
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Originally Posted by kpzen View Post
Wrecked Hyundai Santro and Getz!

Attachment 51855
Attachment 51856
That's Hyundai Motor Plaza, Mathura Road. Isnt it ?
haha you can get 100s of Accidental Car's pics there.
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Honda city (old model) parked at my mechanic's junkyard for repair:

Inside pic:

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Wrecked !!!!! Maruti Swift Guys,

Watch this link. Some one decided the Maruti Swift a bath. . .In a river.
Amith's Blog: Maruti Swift Accident Pictures

Look at the explanation given by the guy about the accident.

I wonder if he mistook ABS as some abbreviation for AIRBAGS!!! LOL
A bad one nonetheless, but could have been prevented.
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Old 13th October 2008, 13:51   #1059
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Day-old Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDi Crash!

When: 12th October, 2008 @ 11:30pm

Where: Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai

How: Slammed brakes at 150 kmph to avoid hitting a bike entering the road on a T junction. Car swerved left and went off the shoulder into the bushes. Right side of the car hit a tree and the car spun around, 180 degrees to face the road again.

Damage: Front, back and left side of the car look scratchless. Right-side almost totalled - A & B pillars, driver side door mangled. Rear right wheel broken out of axle. Thankfully, the three occupants walked away from the accident - not even a scratch. None of them appeared drunk, but possibly underage or just about age. The white Skoda had a MH-06 registration number. When I asked the owner about the car, he said "I don't know much about the car, dad gifted it to me yesterday." He also refused any help offered to him.

Pictures: Took a snap with my mobile camera. But being night time, one cannot make out much.


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@DocG: Appreciate your concern and your actions for helping the injured on road. It really is one of the most noblest things to do. My appreciation will never be enough. May your tribe grow.

Coming to your question about helping others. Its a whole new world out there today. Today we live in midst of cannibals not literally but ideologically when it comes to accidents here in India. Have you ever seen crows eating roadkill? The Indian poplulation today is slowly becoming like that, much worser then the crow though. Atleast the crow is a scavenger and he is just feeding on the roadkill.

I have seen people remove wallets, mobile phones, watches, some fallen change(yes believe me even 1 or 2 rupee coins are picked up immediately) from people who have met with an accident. Rememer my friend telling me about an accident on a major highway, how the expensive stereo and speakers along with some baggage was stolen without touching any victim in a car accident. The ambulance came much later.

We have some scum of the earth waiting to harass law abiding citizens when they go to file a complaint at the Police Station(with the help of the lowly cops) to make money. I think a similiar incident has been mentioned by a member here.

I have myself helped so many people when required, one particular incident i remember was back in Goa when we had to transfer a bleeding motorcyclist back home. We(studets then) ensured we stayed up the whole night with the viction at the hospital until we could trace his relatives. We did the tracing on our own because our city is quite small. Till this day we are invited by that family for every occassion in their life - from baptism for a new born kid to christmas and new year parties. I myself used to donate blood frequently or when required. Have lost count of how many times we have helped people with first aid for minor accidents.
The same feeling to help others is very strong in my mind. But lately i avoid helping anyone, more so after i moved to Bangalore. Maybe its true in many other bigger cities in India, but in bangalore i have witnessed oppurtunism of the lowest kind ever.

But there has been a silver lining too. I have pushed a Bullet for 8 kms at 2 am for a guy who now has become a good friend. Riding back on the IRR caught a guy kicking his bullet to glory, stopped and enquired whether he needed help, he said yes. He had a fall off the bullet because some cab bumped him and sped off. After the usual gathering of onlookers trying to get some cheap thrills and after making off with his cell phone, everyone dispersed and he was left with a non working bike and a bleeding leg and muscle pain everywhere else. No auto would take him and he didnt want to leave the bike unattended for the night. He was thinking he would spend the night there and try and get help the next morning. But the cold could have affected his injuries and the pain. His friend whose bike he was riding was out of town and he had no one to call, the guy was in bangalore only for 48 hours. We then went about accessing his injuries and after an all OK looked at his bike. Couldnt find anything wrong but i guess the accident had broken something internally. I said to him that he can come over to my place (closer then his ) and spend a night over, but then we had to push the bike. I called up my other room mates and they took him to our room. and rode my bike home too. Me and another roommate then pushed the bike to our room. The guy had a good sleep and the next day a shot of tetanus and a xray of the leg we parted ways but have been friends since then.

Now for another incident - on the same road. Elderly person with a small 8 month child being held by his grandmother. No idea how the accident happened but when one of my colleagues reached the spot the man was unconscious and the lady with the child was crying. He quickly with the help of others put them in his car and drove to Manipal Hospital and spend the whole evening there to see that they were fine. The son of the elderly couple came along with his wife, they were the parents of the baby and thanked us profusely. We left after we handed them our cards just incase they needed help.

Couple of days later, he gets a call from Airport Road police station for an accident. He was surprised and quickly asked me to come along as i was in hospital with him. The police there told us that the couple had lodged a complaint against him - that he had dashed against them and took them to the hospital. We were shocked to hear that, we told the cop there that we actually helped them. The cop sarcastically remarked you guys dont have anyother work. We asked to speak to the family as to why they had done this. They promptly turned up at the Police station and started accusing my friend. We could just look at each other and wonder what to do next. When all the tamasha was over - we are non Kannadigas so imagine, we were asked to pay for the medical bills equating to 18k for a compromise. The cops told us why take all the trouble pay up and forget; after all you are rich software engineers working in big company and they are poor people. We said fine, lodge a case we will get our lawyer. Then the cops became defensive and asked the family whether they want to continue. They started conversing in Kannada and we were not told anything. The cops let us go as we started dropping some names over our cell phones - i absolutely hate it but we had no other way. Cops told us we will contact you again. We said fine and walked out. We thought that was the end of it. But that night the same people called my friends cell phone and started abusing him. We again ignored it as we thought they were doing it out of frustration and will let it go. But this continued for a couple of more days.

Once my friends mother heard it and then we thought it was time to act, we contacted a higher up in the Bangalore POlice, he advised us to go to the police station and speak to the cops there. Once we reached there, the cops took us to the families house and asked what we would like to do. We said just give a warning and let go. The family was now the hunted. They kept quite and never called back.

What affected me was, the total lack of remorse the family had towards us when they were balantly bad mouthing us. Even the grandfather with a plastered head and leg who probably owed his life to my friend was equally foul mouthed.

There are numerous incidents that happen on our roads today, some other i have outlined somewhere else.

I have totally stopped helping anyone on the road; if it is human. I still care for the stray dogs and other wildlife.

I just drive away these days with a silent prayer that the victim manages to help himself/herself. Sometimes it pains me to think that i might be driving away from a victim who would be a good friend or relative. But i am ready to take the risk because of the cannibals on our roads today.

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Dear SpitFire, You have done great things in your life. Please continue to do that. I feel ashamed as i live in Bangalore for a decade. Please continue to do your great help to the Accident victims.
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I had an accident on Aug 15th 2005 while driving from Chennai to Bangalore. This one is totally on me - result of rash driving and carelessness. Lucky to escape with minor injuries and learn abou t the usefulness of seatbelt. I look at this one and several other sbnaps of the same accident to warn myself.

The car was only 3 months old and run only about 5k kms. All four of us inside the car were putting on seat belts and other 3 didn't even have a scratch.
Attached Thumbnails
Pics: Accidents in India-rimg0816mod.jpg  

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Here is Mine !!
Name:  DSCN0567 Medium.JPG
Views: 7580
Size:  74.8 KB

Couldnt take the pictures at the accident spot and also the Pulsar bike I hit. My friend who came there told me that the bike was damaged completely. The biker and the pillion are injured . F.I.R was filed and i got bailed out. I was charged for rash driving.
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Ohh man thats pretty bad hot,hope you and the bike fellows are ok unscratched,could you elobrate what exactly happened,and why were only you charged for rash driving?
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Originally Posted by rejeen View Post
I had an accident on Aug 15th 2005 while driving from Chennai to Bangalore. This one is totally on me - result of rash driving and carelessness. Lucky to escape with minor injuries and learn abou t the usefulness of seatbelt. I look at this one and several other sbnaps of the same accident to warn myself.

The car was only 3 months old and run only about 5k kms. All four of us inside the car were putting on seat belts and other 3 didn't even have a scratch.
Ohh man this car looks too bad but still this is a long time back story so that's ok.
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