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Old 10th July 2005, 15:29   #61
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Omega Seamaster LE
Tissot T-Touch

i collect watches so have a long list but these are some of them
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Started out wearing a Casio in school... one of those stupid ones that used to play 7 different alarm tunes for different days of the week.. then went on to a Seiko 5... also in school... then to a 1963 Brietling Cosmonaut 24 hour dial ... also have a hexagonal Omega Seamaster.. but my all time favorite and everyday watch is my Omega Seamaster Automatic... have a small collection of pocket watches too.. but in all fairness those I swiped from my dad...... pops
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Old 20th May 2006, 09:24   #63
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with my limited resources one watch at a time.

in school it was a casio databank
- 52 names with phone numbers
- 1/100 stop watch
- world time
- daily alarm

now a casio Protrek 80T all titanium

- all titanium boby
- digital compass
- barometer
- thermometer
- altimeter
- world time
- 1/100 stop watch
- countdown timer
- 5 alarms
- autobacklight
- solar charging

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Hi Guys,

Dont know how I missed this thread. Am not too fond of bulky watches and prefer the sleek elegant ones.

1> Piaget - Protocol in leather belt
2> Piaget - Old model gifted by my dad(leather)
3> Audemers Piguet - All gold(given by wife)
4> Audemers Piguet - Royal Oak all gold
5> S J Dupont - Classic
6> Rolex - Oyster(metallic given by grandad)
7> Omega - Sea Master
8> Buccherer
9> Patek Phillipe
10> Guess Chrono
11> Titan Edge - Leather
12> Couple of good looking imitations for dialy use

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Tag Heuer Autavia
Omega Seamaster
Tital Steel
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I wear a Swatch Irony which I purchased 2 yrs back. still looks new even after regular use.
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citien eco drive with rotating bezel, titanimum body.
timex ironman.
titan dress watch.
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Old 20th May 2006, 13:23   #68
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I have :
1. Espirit - regular
2.TAG - Golf pro
3.Tommy Hilfiger - Regular

Would want to own a Breitling and raymond weil.
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Default Polar A5

Well, I guess I am the first Team-BHPian to report a Polar Watch.
I wear a Polar A5.

This is a watch made in Finland (the country of Nokia) by a company called
Polar Electro Oy.

Besides showing the time and date and alarm, it is a multifunctional cardiac monitor for general exercise and walking. When you first use it, you tell it your weight, height, gender and date of birth. Its built-in computer then calculates your Body-Mass-Index and Cardiac zone limits.

It comes with a black colored, rubber belt and adjustable elastic band that you wear under your T-shirt around your ribs, while exercising.

The rubber belt contains heart-rate measuring electrodes, embedded computer, radio transmitter and battery sealed in a waterproof enclosure.
The transmitter picks up your electrocardiogram (ECG - the electric signal originating from your heart), encodes it and radio-transmits it.

A radio receiver in the watch (as also in any Polar compatible cardio-exercise treadmill) picks up this signal and displays information, like:
your heart rate, where in the zone you are, duration within the zone, kilocalories burned, etc.

If you slow down, out of your cardio-zone or overdo your exercise, the watch beeps and flashes to warn you to speed up or slow down.

The Polar A5 watch is made of a greenish-grey flexible radio-transparent synthetic material with a metal bezel that doubles as a receiving antenna.

The technology
A heart rate monitor is like a tachometer, giving a precise measurement of exercise intensity.
It helps you to train at your own ideal pace.
Direct measurement of heart rate during exercise is the most accurate way to objectively gauge stamina, performance and improvement.
When you monitor and measure your progress, you feel more motivated.

The peak heart-rate, that you can survive is 220 minus your age (in years).
Your cardio-aerobic zone is the range of heart-rates from 65% to 85% of this peak heart-rate. For example, if you’re 25 years old, your peak is 220-25 = 195. And your cardio-aerobic zone is the range: 117 to 165 beats per min.

Your heart is a fluid-pump. It pumps oxygen-rich blood from your lungs to your muscles, which consume the oxygen as fuel, and back to the lungs again. The harder you workout, the more fuel your muscles need and the faster your heart has to pump.

As you get fitter, your heart gets more powerful. It pumps more blood per beat, and your beats per minute come down.
In a serious blood-loss incident like a road accident, the human system shuts down some less necessary circulation paths and increases the blood pressure. Again here, having a regularly exercised heart and circulatory system improves your chances of survival and hastens recovery time.

Ubiquitous Compatibility
Many treadmills, elliptical cross-trainers, stairclimbers and exercise bicycles from the world’s top names in gym equipment (TechnoGym, Life-Fitness, Nautilus, Star-Trac, Precor,…), claim to be Polar compatible, and display the Polar logo.
You may have seen it on the cardio equipment in your gym.
It looks like this.

Like Thermos invented the vacuum flask, Xerox invented the photocopier and Jeep invented 4x4, Polar are the people that wrote the book on Sports Cardiac Monitoring.

Some Motherhood
If you have learned something from this narrative, please start on a workout program and get healthy. God bless!

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Just one watch for me, till i don't lose it or break it... Running since last 2 years...

Fossil Speedway
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Old 21st May 2006, 01:36   #71
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i have 2 Rolex, 2 Rado, 1 Raymond Weil, 1 mont Blanc, 4 Citizen (oldies), and couple of Titans....
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Old 21st May 2006, 02:07   #72
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I have Rotary, Swatch, Casio, Seiko, Timex and few Titans
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i just love casio...well atleast thats all i can sfford
so my prized possessions are:
casio protrek prt-40:it can measure temperature,altitude,has a barometer,compass,auto light
casip aq-160:world time,dual display(analog and digital),auto light,stainless steel casing.
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Default tag!

i jus got a tag heuer f1 series!! (non chrono) !! im in love with it!!
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Old 22nd May 2006, 10:32   #75
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My watch is a Casio Classic Tough Solar.

The best thing about the watch is that it'll never run out of batteries as it has a rechargeable solar powered battery. I like the styling though.
I also have a couple of Titans and Sonatas and a Fast Track (which I won in a quiz contest).

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