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artofzen 7th June 2005 17:33

Which watch do you own?
Hi guys,
Got this idea reading GTO's post.How about we have a thread on watches?.I guess a snap wont hurt

DueLLeR 7th June 2005 17:44

Casio G-Shock for me!

Have played football and cricket (the watch being the ball!), thrown it against a wall, fallen off a bike after my friend crashed into an Optra at 70 kms/hr ... but nothing ever happens to a G-Shock!

satish_appasani 7th June 2005 17:52

I have

Titan Classic (Got it as a fee for the first piece of software i developed for my Dad 8-9 years ago)
Titan Steel
Fossil Blue
Timex Ironman
Swatch (got it free when buying trowsers, but it is a chronograph)

mohit 7th June 2005 18:09

Tissot PR 50 Chronograph

artofzen 7th June 2005 18:29

Why dont you guys post the pic of the watch also.That 'll help the rest of us drool

artofzen 7th June 2005 18:31

Mine is a casio chronograph picked up for 10000 (yen) ;-).

The one i wear to office is an ESPIRIT chrono( a gift).
The one i would own someday is breitling.

revtech 7th June 2005 18:32

hey satish i got a fossil blue also..
and a timex triathlon or something like that and a titan and a G shock.

hrag 7th June 2005 18:57

Titan Exacta (stainless steel, day/date) - a gift from my parents on my 21st birthday. Been wearing it for 12 years now.


muni 7th June 2005 19:02

I'v got a Fossil greyish black arkitekt series watch and a Citizen titanium one.

heavy_foot 7th June 2005 19:32

i stopped wearing my timex ironman after i got my first cell fone,that means some 3 years back...who needs one when u have everything in the cell...wear it sometimes now,if i see it laying around somewhere.

Samurai 7th June 2005 19:40

This watch but with Titanium band.

sandeepmdas 7th June 2005 19:52

I have a Titan Classique, A Citizen and a Westend Swiss gold-plated. The Titan is the only one that I bought.
But the precious possession is a Timex Digi/Analog Chrono with blue backlight, which has stopped working. My mother gave me Rs.1,250 in 1993 to buy it....

kooldude 7th June 2005 19:59

i owned a swatch chrome but lost it so never purchased a watch again
the watch costed Rs 5500. My heart was totally broken as the watch was a precious one plus it was gifted to me by my big bro

Sid Schumacher 7th June 2005 20:19

I have got a Timex Ironman, Titan FastTrack. One is 12 years old and the other is 2 years old..just as heavy foot said I have also stopped wearing my watch ever since I got my cell.

Vack 7th June 2005 20:37

i have the Tag Heuer Links 200 meters... awesome time piece i must say!!

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