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Default Official Sign / Code when you spot another T-Bhpian on Road

Hello All Bhpians !

I was driving yesterday evening and spotted an Safari with Liv to Drive Sticker on it.. I was trailing the safari for quite some time.

So i thought why not we have some official sigh / code in our cars when we spot an fellow Bhpian !

Your inputs and mods help craft out this code / sigh. We can even bring on some smiles when offline and on roads.
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Peek out of the car window and shout at him "Got BHP ?"
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Two flashes followed by a honk could be a nice code. However if the BHPian does not notice it may be good to yell on the top of the voice
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Just press the flasher / blinker ( hazard lights ) while overtaking / passing by or to attract attention.
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How about continuous honk while trailing?
It will definitely work.

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Flasher and yelling may be useless.
Reason - Flasher ignored unless persistent harasser. Also, no way to distinguish from genuine overtaker.
Yelling not effective as windows rolled up and the ICED vehicle would have already filled up every bit of air inside

Possible solutions
1. Honk two hoots 3 time in succession. i.e pom-pom 1 second pom-pom 1 second pom-pom like in the movie "Coyote Ugly"
2. Have a A4 size type card paper handy with the wordings " Howdy, TBHP-ian mate?" and flash it when you get close to him.

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Flashing, honking, yelling, and everyone on the road is already a BHPian then. We need something else. Something which not distract either driver's attention from the road. I'm thinking.
By the way! Great Thread!!
EDIT: How about making a 'T' sign with both your hands to let the other member know once he has your attention.

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This sign is badly needed. Two times I had a chance to see TeamBHP member on Kolhapur Pune Route. I tried to grab attention of them while overtaking and following them but they might have thought that I am challenging them and raced ahead. I stopped following in both cases.
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Hold out a placard while driving ! lol
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Interesting thread

I will keep a track- lets put up a poll, and maybe the official sign will come up in the T-BHP home page too!
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@Otomobil: You stole the words from my mouth. I was intending to start a thread for the same purpose. I had same situation couple of times and was really pondering on a nice sign.

@prince_pervez: Taking both the hands out of the wheel and doing a T might be risky.

The signal should be easily identifiable, should be done with one hand. It can be as simple as rolling down the windows and showing a thumbs up.

OT: God knows what will happen if you happen to show the wrong finger
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Scenario 1

2 cars, 1 behind the other. The driver in the car behind thinks that the car in the front is being driven by a BHPian.

In this scenario since both cannot see each other, something like this can be done...
The car behind flashes twice which is asking if you are a bhpian?.
The car driver in the front, sticks the hand out and gives a thumbs up.
The car behind flashes again twice saying understood.

Scenario 2

2 cars are moving parallel to each other.
Both or any one of them thinks that the other car is being driven by a bhpian.
First car - honk twice
Second car - honk twice
First car - honk 3 times
Second car - honk 3 times

Some of us can try these signs on the road to see the practicality of these signs and later come back here to this thread and let the others know which sign worked better in what conditions.

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Originally Posted by grules View Post
@prince_pervez: Taking both the hands out of the wheel and doing a T might be risky.
Yeah get wheel balancing done before that!!
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It would be much simpler if every one of us had stickers on our cars.
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Interesting thread!! Since any car essentially has only a horn and headlights that can be used to attract attention, these are the only two means to communicate. How, is the question. A sequence of honks/flashes a suggested by Coolfyre is an option!!
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