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Rehaan... dude!!!! that video is simply brilliant!!!
awessome editing!!! hats off to u...

~Ed`... we're waiting for the pics from ur cam...
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man awesome meet and xtreme power that is a huge beast u have. Anyways had fun driving guzzlers ikon on the way back to alibaug.
Thanks rehaan for dropping me home and being kind enough to stay behind the ikon all the way back from alibaug although i was confident about my driving but not the way
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Awsome video, Ported was driving willys that was funny, guyz i missed this drive yaar. made a mistake could have left bit late
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Nice video! Brilliantly done, Rehaan.
The Defender..... what can I say?
Ported, is that the first time you're getting behind the wheel of any vehicle since November? You seem pretty happy.
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firstly let me thank rehaan for being with us all the way from alibaug till gr8guzzlers home and kooldude for driving.

Originally Posted by xtreme power
heelntoe sorry if i couldnt go over 100 and got u all bored
it's the opposite actually, i enjoyed talking with you on the way an searching for tire marks on the curves.

manson the lunch was great and so was that mechanic's place with the go-cart.

i couldnt hear anything for a while after the short ride in rocam's beast. awesome car jitu.

and nitroxx i agree with your view on automatics, if programmed correctly, they will leave your hands free to concentrate on the steering and handbreak.

and to everybody else that came, i enjoyed talking with you and am looking forward to meeting you guys again.

post more pictures. awesome video rehaan

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Nice Video..
Background Music is Superb..

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That was a damn funny video Rehaan, and a big round of applause for the star of that video, we bring to you Ported head!!!!

My set of pics coming up asap!!!
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Default My unofficial report [Hey! I'm just the photugraffer man!!]

Stararmour and myself were out dining with folks when Shrivz messaged me, his last attempt i'm guessing, before he hit the sack!
Adya33 backed out last minute and he didn't want to drive alone! I thought about what work i had stacked up for sunday and wondered if a TeamBhp drive would outweigh it, guess what, it did!!!

So there i am getting all excited about the drive, [Although my car was off the road due to a real bad radiator leak] Stararmour on the other hand was still undecided about it!!! Anyway we finish up dinner and drive home, i messaged Shrivz that i was in for sure and Mridul [stararmour] will jump in last minute!!

Shrivz was to come pick us up at 0800 but his cousin delayed him a bit, he was down by my place at 0825 and we [stararmour,shrivz an myself, yup she sneaked out alright!!!!!!] were ready to hit the road!! Buckled up and it was pedal to the metal all the way!!
Sunday snoozers made sure that the roads were minus the crazy pune traffic!!!

We got onto the BOM-BLR highway at Katraj to bypass the city, and bypass we did!!!

The weather was awesome, blue skies, fresh breeze, no traffic!!!!

The roads.............

The speed..........

To kinda cool us down there was a cloudburst that lasted for about 5 minutes [I think Shrivz prayed real hard for a carwash before the Bhpians checked out his ride, god, being the nice guy he is, obliged!!]
Visibility, with the wipers on hi-speed was down to 15% and the CAI [Cold Air Induction] kit was happy too with the growl getting louder!!!

The drizzle before we entered the toll gate

And as we rolled out!!! [The phrase "The heavens poured down" was never more apt!!!]

The light at the end of the tunnel [I know that line is so cliche, but i took the pic just to say that!!!!]

After a few calls made to viper, we figured our way to Dutta Snacks, where the mum-bhais were hogging away!!! We just needed to know which road we were supposed to be on, after that it wouldn't be too tough to spot the gang, the car that we saw first was 'great guzzlers' Ford Ikon that sports the 'GOT BHP' sticker, then FORD ROCAMz beast and then a beast that filled up my peripherial vision, the mighty LandRover 110 awe inspiringly restored and maintained!!!

Jitu an me sipping on some tea, it was so hot it got me wondering if the bloody cup came with a flame under it!!!
[Some aunties wanted to be part of our commotion!!! hahahhahaha!]

Manson, diven and shan2nu discuss the vada pavs!!!

New faces everywhere, that being a good thing as a few minutes down the line introductions were flying around!!!! Unlike normal intros, here we exchanged our handles [mine being no different from a normal intro!!]
The vada pavs were flying around too with rehaan trying to pile every one in my plate, now i know i look like i'm in need for some food but there's only so much that will go down in one sitting!!!! I swear i have never tasted vada pavs so good, i think i'm gonna be driving down from Pune just for them!!!

Even before everyone was done with their tea and vada pavs [everytime i type that im almost drooling all over my keyboard!!!] Nitroxx, manson and diven push off!!!! So we hit the road too, bringing up the rear!!!

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Now,its time to plan up a chennai TeamBHP drive.
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Default My unofficial report................Part II

Ok so the maximum number of pictures per post is 20 hence part II

The roads again were beautiful, as the pictures clearly potray!!!

The gold Esteem is Turbo_c and his garderners!!!! [As xtreme power said!!]

That's xtreme power in his Land Rover Defender 110

Diven's Corolla and Shrivz' Baleno

The mighty B16 - Ford Rocam

Trigger cool in his Willys

The viper getz a break

Nitroxx and his obsession with blue!

We stopped en route fo the gang to regroup.................... only to race away again!!!! Phew!!! Besides that the friggin shop guy was yelling at us to take our bandwagon somewhere else!!! These ignorant arses won't know when a good thing hits them in the bloody face!!! He should be honoured that TeamBHP decided to park opposite his useless shop!!!!

That's all of us parked infront of the shop!!! Heelntoe checks out the defender for any cattle stuck in the mudflaps while nitroxx summons ported head to clean his windshield [He warned me not to take the pic, these paparazzi i tell ya!!!]

Then ported head, fed up of his career as a windshield wiper decices to opt for the job of the crash test dummy for evaluating the pedestrian safety levels of the jitu's Honda!!! [Bollywood ishtyle!!!]

Following Rehaan in his Fiesta

Lineup at the toll gates :FR,Trubo_C and viper

Jiggy smiles for the camera **The smile however can't be seen!!!!** and then shows us his rear!!!!
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Default My unofficial report................Part III

Viper was the 'directions' guy and made sure that we [Pune guys!] did not get lost!!! He would stop at intersections till the last car passed!!!
However, triggercool and his other masked buddy in the Willys were absconding!!!!

The ISPAT industries loading area, im guessing!!!

Nitroxx doing what he loves.............overtaking!!!!

Viper sneaking up on the Baleno!!

No, that aint a grid lock, not in the middle of tranquility, we stopped [Yet again!!] however this time it was to visit Mr.Manjrekar Manson' bud, and check out his stash!!!

His stash........ A rover, i think!!!

A BMW 520............

An AMC Javelin, we were all lusty eyed!!! Those are beautiful curves!!

An ATV still in the making

A Suzuki/Honda vee????

A Kinetic Pride powered go-kart
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Default My unofficial report................Part IV [Lunch!]

We finally stop for lunch, or something like it!!! The place is recommended by Manson who has eaten here before, we meet Pdev who is on his way out!!! Manson takes diven's corolla for a spin, yep, he spun alright [Second video!]

Corolla downshifts for the video :

Corolla fly-by an handbrake stop :

We settle down but the food takes forever to come!!!

Ported head capturing the essence of the area!!

Great guzzler saving some bandwith on the forum, asks each one of us what our next car was goin' to be!!! Answers ranged from Skyline GTR 34 to TATA 207!!!!

Ported was hell bent on creating an infinite loop by him taking a pic of me taking a pic of him taking a pic of me taking a pic of him....... you get it dont'cha???

Manson and viper in heated debate about someone else' money!!! I don't give a damn if the guy's making 1crore a day or 1 crore a month, i'm not even gonna get to smell the mahatma gandhi's am i?????

Great guzzled, oops i'm sorry...........great guzzler!!! [worked very hard to live up to his handle!!]

The most power i've ever had under my right foot, or as a matter of fact, ANYWHERE!!!!! The drive in Jitu's B16!!!

At the jetty!!! The car line up shot in three frames, somebody please merge all three pics if possible!!!
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Default HOW TO..... convert a Land Rover Defender into a lowrider in 5 easy steps!!!

HOW TO..... convert a Land Rover Defender into a lowrider in 5 easy steps!!!

1> Take subject, summon great guzzler!

2>Add great guzzler to front left corner, lose 1"

3> Add Alan, Turbo_C and nitroxx lose 2" , [Manson,Jitu, Shrivz and calculus line up for the final step!!!]

4> Add heavyweights who were standing by, lose 3"

5> Add heelntoe to balance out the few kilos and Diven, Ported head and gardener as new bumper and grille to go with the low rider look!!!!

And wallah, the Land Rover Defender loses 6 whole inches!!!!

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awesome pics, it seems like edmund was up the whole night posting these pics. good job dude
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Default The beach pictures!!

Shrivz and kooldude stand by the cars!!!

Nitroxx went sideways on some gravel and hit a young tree!!!

He assesses the damage!!

The Defender and Willys soak up the sea breeze!!!

The line up on the beach!!

Another angle!!

Yet another angle!!!
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