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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Thanks a lot GTO for the excellent review . I have already booked a ZDi and waiting for the same.
1. As pointed out by you the, infamous turbo lag is reduced as compared to the outgoing gen Swift. Do you feel that there is a significant improvement drivability in B2B traffic.
2. Pics showing maximum & minimum rear legroom
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Great review GTo.Simply highly detailed.But could have tested the ZDi variant.The new Swift is a great car but need healthier bank balance to get one.As bluevolt said,ZDi is ovepriced .Maruti have improved in the weak areas the most .Good package but could have priced like a Ford figo.It gets almost the same equipments at almost one lakh less.
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Very Comprehensive!

Thanks GTO and team! The kind of details that go in Team-BHP reviews, not one magazine even comes close! 5 Star material again.

That said, a propah comparative with ZXi/ZDi pics would have made it even better. Also, with a car like Swift - comparisons with i20 and Jazz (in the comparison spreadsheet) would have made it even sweeter!
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Excellent review as usual GTO. The new swift is certainly much better looking than the older one.

It appears as if the glass area is lesser than the outgoing model especially in the rear. If that's the case then its not good news for the rear passengers.
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

One of the most awaited reviews! Thanks. Good review and great pictures to complement with. White Swift never looked so elegant.

Booked ZDI after four test drives and your conclusions second my decision. By the way did you notice a faint hum (not engine's) all along your drive and clutch judder (a low frequency vibration)?

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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Thanks for the review GTO. I prefer the all black interiors over the beige. Nowadays all cars have 15k service intervals. Whats wrong with hyundai & maruti?

Can you post a small comparo of the new swift with the i20 CRDi, polo diesel & Punto 90hp?
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Phew ! at last!!
The "shin" part is absolutely true. i have mentioned it in the scoop thread !!. The delay waiting periiod had increased now and is close to 9-12 months in chennai.

Another thing is that most of the dealers in chennai dont even have a registed car for TD. So no one except khivraj ( thanks to mutantx) gives one.


One more thing. did you notice the turbolag in the car? People say the turbo kick in is not as same and pleasurable as the outgoing swift and people say it is more linear now. Whats your take on that?

Oh you already answered it thanks. but is it as same pleasure to drive even after knocking of the turbo blast?

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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Except the interiors which I like to some extent ,the new Swift is a big NO for me .

For enthusiasts like us ,we would want the car to give that confidence when cornering .And this Swift with skinny 165 tires just doesnt do that ! and add to that the poor brakes.
Dunno what was the logic behind having 165 tires in a car that can easily do 100+ speeds. Fatter rubber would have meant slightly lesser FE which the average Jow wouldnt have been okay with .
About the boot ,its as if Suzuki has done a favour by giving one .
Why the heck would anyone spend 7.7L ( Bangalore) on a Suzuki small car that has a boot just larger than a I10,has pathetic brakes ,scary rubber ( which means I would have to spend another 15 K on a new set of rubber ).....

All of a sudden ,its the Jazz and I20 ( in the same order) that I would look at ,if i have to buy a small car .

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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Excellent review GTO and Team ! The new swift definetly shows a lot of improvements over the earlier avatar. Waiting times are justified
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

The New Swift's interiors are a refreshing change from the old. Overall a great job. Possibly they could have raised the roof at the rear and thereby got better headroom.
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Wow, finally after a long long wait the Swift review arrives, most have been eagerly waiting for this one Superb review, a well deserving 5*

Did go to Pratham motors to take a look and really the rear boot opens small. One would surely hit the boot door while putting in or taking out stuff from the boot.
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Good Review GTO! Better late than never!!

One more thing which I observed in my ZDI is that you cannot set the clock manually and needs to be taken to the service station for setting the time. Don't know why MSIL could not give a small knob or setting in the MID.
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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The 1.2L Petrol:

Maruti's 1.2L K-series has always been considered a jewel. With variable valve tech on the intake (Maruti says this was necessary to improve fuel efficiency), the power output has been bumped up to 86 BHP (@ 6,000 rpm) and 114 Nm of torque (@ 4,000 rpm). That's 2 BHP more than in the older Swift, and about the same torque made at 500 rpm less. Should make the motor even better, right? Wrong. ......The engine feels weaker at lower rpms, where the older car felt distinctly sprightlier.
Uhh ohh. So when we were expecting a step up from the earlier Swift 1.2, this seems to be a step down.
Here are the observations I had made when I compared my 1.2Swift with the older model that I drove.

Originally Posted by FromMyReview
Honestly, having driven both, the G13 was built with the purpose of sitting in your car going "POWEERRRRRRRR..." , a la Jeremy Clarkson.
The K12 is however, built for refinement , and mainly, aggressively tuned for fuel efficiency. You get that feeling everytime you put your foot down.
It has the potential buttt....
So, if someone is expecting a rush like the older Swift, they are going to come out a bit disappointed. However, the engine transplant has overall made it a better car, given its incremental gains in other areas except outright power.
Maruti, I still hate you for not giving us the 1.6 VVT.

There seem to be less cubbyholes too.

Example , in the new Swift :

Where there were two in the outgoing model :

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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review


Once again, another Wonderful review by you. Liked the section where the new Swift is being compared with its current rivals.

The waiting periods of Diesel Swifts are really killing its sales.

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re: Maruti Swift : Test Drive & Review

Good review. Rated 5 stars.

What made MUL stop the old swift to start the new one? it is so unlike them.

doubt: the review says - " - Good news : MRF ZVTS tyres are now standard on the Swift. The lousy JK Vectras are a thing of the past."

Did the test car come with a different set of tires? The spare tire shows a bridge-stone turanza. Was the spare tire also upgraded?

A big thanks to the bhpian who helped the mod team with the review.
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