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Fantastic review. Great details. Impressed by space, however PINK Dash colour can be a sale dampener. Wheel arches are nice to see but more prone to scratches. Overall it is a good car for competition if Ford put same focus on aftersale service as they gave on designing this car.
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great looks and robust design.but sad to note the figures and performance of the petrol model is not in par with the maruthi's. back leg space would have been more. overall tempting design. great review.
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Its good to see small improvements/ innovations in the new launchs.

Beat: Rear door design
Figo: Parking lights turning on in event of hard braking is definately a plus.
Starter crank protection - a plus
Dash colour - not so sure.
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simply love this car. looks refreshingly different. size wise - quite close to the Fiesta. pictures suggest interior leg room to be similar - not sure though.

Swift - i think its too common now
Ritz - feel its ugly and rear space looks cramped with that bashed in hatch door and the small windows
Beat - again refreshing - but shape is a bit too bold for everyone's liking. then there is the lack of diesel
i10- i dont think Figo should be compared with this tiny Hyundai.
Polo - here is where the real comparison lies IMO

I liked the red colour on the dash though.
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excellent stuff GTO. loved reading through the thread. For me, the front looks just OKAY. i liked the rear looks a lot. as you have mentioned, there is no major flows to be pinted out in the car. If FORD can provide better A.S.S this surely is going to BEAT the competiotion

which all colors the Figo would be available? Any idea of launch date?
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Nice review GTO. But then there are few shortcomings in Ford like rear power windows and that pink colour is so ugly.
Isnt there 60:40 split in rear seat and then I dont understand the rear windows opening upto 60% only? What was in the engineers mind when he designed them like that?
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Lovely work - me likes. Thorough.

The petrol engine sounds boring though. 68 bhp is what 1.1L engines put out!! What's the kerb weight? It sounds like a Vista (sluggish) safire in the making if its in the region of 1000 kg!

Though GTO - I must humbly disagree on one thing. The red color isn't Gujju but more like Surti. Having spent 2.5 years in Amdavad - the number of Amdavadis who'd want that color for their dash can be counted on one hand!!
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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
Ford, why not rear power windows? Imagine if me and my driver both have paan and I have to spit it out, will I have to roll down manually and at just 60 percent down? While my driver will enjoy all the comforts of power windows?
Spitting Paan through the windows is one of the most annoying things which i have seen on Indian roads..

I've had the misfortune of of an oldie who spit Paan on my car windows sitting in a Bus. His intention was to spit on the road, but the wind and speed of the vehicle helped in landing that holy mess on my car.
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the car looks good may not be a stunner..

thanks GTO. you have covered everything what one want know about the car.

any updates about the launch dates??

ford has got one probable customer in me.
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Great review GTO. So a good all-around car from Ford. Any idea on the launch date ?
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GTO, you compared the 1.2L engine to the i10 Kappa, the K series but why not the Beat?

I found the Beat engine to be a little more torquey compared to the Kappa although the Kappa was more refined.
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Good review GTO, thanks always.

Lack of power windows really puts me off. I drive a Zen VXI and most of my aunts who sit at the back forget to roll up the windows before getting down from the car. Then I would be left with two choices - either remind them upfront, or doing it myself after I park. I dislike both and that is the reason I dont like this from Ford at all.

As you said, it looks like a safe bet from all aspects. How were the NVH levels? Especially for diesel during city driving?
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Default Video from

Excellent review GTO. I was eagerly waiting for yours.

Here's a video from

The 1.4 TDCi is the next big diesel hatch launch after the hugely successfuly Indica and Swift diesels!

The lack of rear power windows is very bad omission though.
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Great Review, GTO. I seriously am a fan of your review for the amount of details that you manage to get in, which even the car mags sometimes give a miss.

My feedback on car goes below:
1. Good job to Ford on giving a preference to safety than to have a good to have feature, (I would personally prefer spending extra bucks for ABS and Airbag than for rear- powered window)
2. Only 60% of rear window going down, oh what was Ford thinking, I can imagine small kids sitting behind fighting with parents asking them to lower the window to feel the nature.
3. Were you allowed to perform FE analysis, I know Ford keeps advertising it has the Limca record for most FE car in Diesel with the Diesel, is this car better than Fiesta?
4. Thank god, the interior plastics are not cheap quality like the one, Ikon and Fiesta are famous for.
5. Somehow I feel it would appeal to the middle aged guys (read people wanting no-nonsense, and not wanting too flashy cars) more compared to the contemporary cars in this segment. Remember, cars like Beat, Ritz and i20 may stop mid-aged buyers just because they look too flashy and might not suit thier actual outlook.

Bottom line: Ford has shown that its keen to give an absolute No-nonsense car by not having any major flaws, and tuned it to suit city driving more than highway driving.
But of course, thankfully those coral red dashboards are optional.

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Fantastic review GTO. I really loved the way you have gone ahead with the minor details with the pictures. And those snaps are very pro. Amazing.

Fordís absence from the Auto Expo (Mid-January 2010) is inexplicable. I mean, what better opportunity to showcase your new small car to the masses in person?
Apparently they were not ready with the Figo according to Ford India officials and they did not have anything much to show as they had already unveiled the Figo last year.

All that aside, I think pricing is the only factor which decides the fate of a small car in India, and the Figo will have no exception.
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