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That's the most comprehensive review of the Figo on the net. GTO
The Figo's styling and interior are bland IMO. And no rear power windows!!How much would those have costed? These factors will surely affect sales.
The only USP would be the diesel engine cuz there are very few hatchbacks in the country today which have almost no turbo lag as you mentioned.
At something around 4.5L for the top end variant, i guess Ford will acheive appreciable sales(~2000-2500). Anything above 5L, this car is going to be a flop.
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Simple awesome, I was keeping my eyes open for this car for so many months and its been worth it. A definite purchase !

The quality of the review is top notch - thanks GTO.
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Wow! GTO , you have done it again.

What a comprehensive coverage of all aspects.

The situation is getting trickier for me in terms of choices. I was almost sure of going in for a Punto MJD E+ , but pulled back for Polo launch. Now that, I still have to wait for another couple of months at least if I go for Polo , I was again planning to book Punto MJD E+. But again I am back to the same situation. I am sure that the Figo 1.4 TDci is going be a tad better in terms of FTD factor and if at all they are offering extended warranties and all those stuff , maintenance is also going to be smooth ( if only they price the spares competitively ).

So , few simple questions to GTO * -

How it compares with Punto in terms of ride quality?
Apart from the turbo lag in MJD , is there any other difference with the TDci in terms of performance ? ( as on paper MJD looks way stronger , be it power or torque ).
You have already mentioned about plastic quality and with reference to the pictures I can actually guess that the finishing is better in Figo, but what about the comfort ? ( I know people complain about leg space in Punto , but I feel it's really comfortable otherwise )

*I may be comparing apples and oranges here as I really have no idea about the pricing .
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Grt review GTO. As u have said - it will please everyone but excite none, I too am pleased with this car from Ford but not excited.

Ford seems to have cut down on the frills to keep the pricing right so we expect it to be very competitive. Lets look forward to when the Figo gets rolling. Red dash is a put off IMHO. apart from that I seriously see no other drawback. perhaps a lil more powerful engine.
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Originally Posted by jacksons
My running is hardly 500 km per month, so suggest me petrol or diesel ?

I'd still go for the diesel. Good FE, better torque and you never know when your running may increase.
GTO> I take your word and waiting for the test drive as soon as possible. I really want to go as soon as it is been launched.
Do you have any other suggestions for me ?

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Was this on Thursday, the 14th? If so, the cars were probably being driven to the transportation spot. There were about that number of cars in Goa.
This happened last week Thursday, 21st Jan. I was going to Ponamaravathi (which is about 440 kms down south). All the cars looked dirty (not washed) and i forgot to mention that i also saw few Figos coming in the opposite direction (returning). If Ford had done this in the city, it would have been quite an advertisement

OT: I have been thinking for a long time to put in a review on the Ford Fusion, which has clocked 75K kms in 27 months and has served me well. Would do it sometime soon.

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Thank you for the review, I was waiting fro this one for quite a while.

Contrary to what most people think, I like the Figo's design more than the Beat's. It's simple, clean edged with lines at the right places. It's quite understated and I think that this kind of design philosophy makes a car age well (I am sure someone will say that it's already aged ).

I like their strategy thus far, the 1.2 Petrol and 1.4 diesel now with the 1.6 litre later on seems good.

Ford is putting in serious effort in improving it's dealership reach and quality. My parents own a Ford Fusion and the owner of the dealership was saying that Ford is laying great emphasis on a good customer experience and trying to tie up the loose ends by organizing numerous training programs for service staff as well as the sales teams.

The Figo has a lot of potential, I am excited about the car hitting the roads. I would prefer this over the Swift/Ritz in it's diesel avatar: This car has better dynamics, is roomier (hence more practical) and a bullet proof diesel engine.
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As always, we are taken for granted, depriving us of something as small as rear PW is not acceptable - Dont you think someone paying 4.5 - 5 lacs deserves it but no we still go ahead and book 500 of these and encourage other auto dudes to give us cars with stripped features
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As expected, a review GTO style. Companies inviting TBHP for test drives is surely a positive sign. They are realizing the impact of TBHP on the consumers. Way to go.
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Nice Review their GTO;Comprehensive and to the point which any prospective buyer would like to hear.

Even i feel that, Figo will do well; Why? Since the looks and design are cool and lined, though it may not be for a youngster, but a mid-aged person with two kids will prefer it.Its design is more practical ;( not in the likes of beat(aggressive front end) and ritz (rear end) and i10(smallerin size).

Even though it may not compete K12M, from ritz i think, it may just stand out in the crowd.But then 2010 has more to come..

Also i would have liked the rear windows go down atleast more than it is now.And a power window would be great.The manual boot lid at the passenger side is absolutely disgusting to place. Imagine a small kid at the passenger end, trying to fiddle with it when the car is moving.Risky situation

Any news on the colours available? Maybe i missed.!
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Originally Posted by vid6639 View Post

For the rear power windows, you need the window winder motor, the 2 switches at the rear, 2 in front and full wiring.
In all probability, the dealers will offer this as an addon normally and as a freebie during promotion periods!

Originally Posted by Rudra Sen View Post
That pink dashboard top is kinda funky but may look dashing on a black car
Totally agree, the red/pink dash colour will go very well with some colours - Black and white cars definitely. I feel one of the reasons for such a strong negative feedback from most members is that the test car in the images is a lime green one and with this the dash colour is a total mismatch!
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
• Request to Ford : Dump the 1.6L Fiesta 100 BHP into the Figo's engine bay for the enthusiasts. They intentionally won’t at the moment as 1.6 L powerful petrols can give the hatch a reputation of a fuel guzzler (just ask Mr.Palio). It will come eventually. Even the speedometer is 1.6S ready (marked optimistically to 220 kph).
Everything about this makes me want one, except for its puny 1.2 liter mill,
any info about the 1.6? off the record which can be said(waiting for a PM in that case)

and please continue with more reports like this, its awesome,tons of thanks and yes it does put a smile on our face

^^waiting for the 1.2K Swift test by you
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Originally Posted by Fraz33r View Post
Any news on the colours available? Maybe i missed.!
6 colours on offer. The green you see here, a red, silver, white, dark grey and black. (As per GTO, Post # 11)
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As expected a nice and neat review GTO!!.
I feel rear PW is big let out in an High end Figo.They must provide it at least when they launch 1.6 petrol.
If they can price similar to BEAT it will be big success like i10.

GTO:I could see many Figo in the pics.was one Figo given for every repoter or brand,say one for ACI and one for Team-BHP at the same time.

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Super review, GTO. I've quit buying AutoMags altogether now. Did the rear seats seem comfortable if the vehicle is considered for parents (chauffeur driven)?
I don't think the lack of power windows at the rear is a deal-breaker, as I presume these can be retrofitted after purchase for not much. The availability of ABS at a price which one would assume to be pretty competitive when traded for a few comforts like Steering height adjustment and rear power windows is not a bad idea, though.
Ford seems to have taken a leaf out of GMs marketing strategy with the maintenance contract. Not a bad idea, overall.
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