12 highlights of my Mahindra XUV700 AX7L AWD after a 1500 km road trip

Got a fuel efficiency of around 14 km/l+ by maintaining between 80 - 100 km/h.

BHPian rambharat recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Just finished a trip to Goa. It was around 1,500 km to and fro. Some points to highlight:

  1. Car rides like a breeze. I took the Pune-Bangalore highway to Dharwad and easily reached highway speeds. No vibration, no rattling sounds at all. Put the music on and even the wind noise is not felt. The stability of the vehicle is awesome. Kudos to Mahindra.
  2. Tested the AWD on the Ghat section and it was a piece of cake. Could clearly see the torque going to all the wheels and the car glided through the potholes and no-roads.
  3. Haven't faced the suspension issue which others in the forum have mentioned. Mine is AX7L AWD White.
  4. The only issue I faced is with Android Auto. Wireless AA doesn't work with my phone (Realme XT), with wired it is random, works sometimes, doesn't work sometimes and so. Not sure how to resolve this. Any pointers ??
  5. I got an FE of 14+ if the speed is maintained around 80-100. You go beyond 120 and FE drops to 12. Keeping it in CC at around 80-90 gives the best FE. I got till around 17-18 this way.
  6. It's very difficult to keep the car at 80 speeds mainly on open highways. The car begs to be driven fast.
  7. ACC works awesome. The only problem is that you will feel drowsy as you have nothing else to do. But a good option if you want some rest for your feet plus you want some good FE.
  8. Got an issue with the brackets for the side steps. I got after-market ones and the brackets are U-Shaped. On uneven speed breakers or deep potholes, the brackets scrape against the road causing jitters. Have to change them to L-Shaped ones ( if possible).
  9. Lights of the vehicle work perfectly but I felt visibility is impaired during heavy rains mainly at night time.
  10. Have an issue with the audio system. Wifey always complains that the sound doesn't reach the second row unless you push the volume above 14. It sounds good in the first row, but somehow it's subdued in the second and third rows. Have tried multiple combinations but none works. Any pointers ??
  11. Got some tar splashes on the side doors and some minor scratches from chips flying off the road. Any pointers on how to remove them? Will rubbing compounds work? I have a ceramic coating on the vehicle, so not sure what can be done here.
  12. No issues with any other features ( electrical, electronic, mechanical) with the vehicle. Very happy overall

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