12 points about the 2023 Hyundai Verna as shared by a Maruti SX4 owner

Since my current car is an SX4, one of my concerns about the new Verna was its ground clearance.

BHPian vivprasad recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Visited the dealer in the morning today. They had the Turbo SX(O) in MT and DCT, the former in white, and the latter in black.

  1. I liked the look of the car, definitely smart, especially the sharp contours and the rear profile. Also felt that the contours are way more obvious in the white car, as opposed to the black. The positioning of the front number plate could have been a little lower, but the sensor just below must have come in the way.
  2. The white car, naturally, looked bigger than the black, which was a good feeling.
  3. One of my concerns has been the GC, since I drive the SX4 Zxi with a 180 mm GC. Apart from the road issues, getting in and out of the car is so much more convenient. The new Verna seems to have the old 165 mm GC, though nobody in the Dealership was ready to say so, arguably because the official brochure doesn't mention it. Getting in seemed a bit of an effort, but once seated, it was comfortable. Since the steering wheel can go up and down, in addition to being telescopic, it was possible to adjust the seat to a decent height, making the movement in and out easier, but not as in the SX4.
  4. The motorized recliner seat function is a delight, though, for the height adjustment, one has to pump a manual lever.
  5. The rear seat has ample space now. Also, the slightly scooped-out shape of the top made me feel that there was adequate head space. The legroom was fine.
  6. The sunroof could have been bigger, if not panoramic.
  7. The trunk shape is good, not quite, but almost a clean rectangle, since the rear wheel humps don't encroach too much into the boot space. The fully exposed speaker hanging from the trunk lid may be a problem when handling large pieces of luggage.
  8. The sound of the engine was discernible, but not intrusive, with the windows closed. I revved it upto 3K rpm, but after a few seconds, the engine started revving down automatically since the car was stationary.
  9. Selecting the ambient light colour was fun.
  10. The red rear LEDs looked smart. The curved DRLs in the front did not go fully with the otherwise sharply contoured edges.
  11. The white car, interestingly, had a black shark-fin antenna. The all-black interiors were smart. I had my reservations about it but after seeing it in flesh, it's smart.
  12. And yes, it took just about 10 secs to start to feel the seat cooling!

Still to test-drive.

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