2022 Hyundai Tucson 1 month ownership: ADAS, driving experience & more

It's a very useful feature. For example - while reversing, the car auto-braked when there was a cyclist who came too close from a different direction.

BHPian The Blue Panda recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

1-month driving experience in my Hyundai Tucson


  1. Little lag when shifting from 1st gear to 2nd.
  2. Picks up speed and is smooth post-2nd gear.
  3. The "Eco" mode is a little lazy, and will not be interested in enthusiastic driving. The average, in this mode, is good. I usually use this for city driving.
  4. The "Sport" mode is much more fun as compared to the other modes.
  5. The cluster lights and the ambient lighting on doors change based on the driving mode, unless configured in separate colours specifically.
  6. Drove in heavy rain. The lights are bright enough.
  7. Auto-wipers are smart. The speed was adjusted based on the rain and was apt.
  8. The "auto-hold" feature is helpful in traffic. Once turned on, it activates automatically when full brakes are applied. No light though on the button to know the status. However, the sign is visible near the speedometer, whether turned on or off.


  1. Car auto-braked twice to prevent a forward collision. I think my habit of driving too close will change now.
  2. While reversing as well, it auto-braked when there was a cyclist who came too close from a different direction.
  3. While reversing, the car coming from another direction was also detected. Very useful feature.
  4. The 360-degree camera resolution is simply amazing. It's clear and accurate. I used it in heavy traffic and while crossing narrow roads.
  5. When stepping out, all 4 doors give a warning of traffic coming from behind. It beeps continuously if we try to open the door in traffic.
  6. The location, if turned on in the system, keeps on reminding with a message as "Children crossing ahead". The notification comes from the left-hand side speaker in the back. Rest speakers are muted.
  7. The turn-cameras which are integrated with the indicators show a "red" warning on side mirrors and a continuous beep sound if there is someone in the blind spot.


  1. The quiet mode is a unique one. If turned on, the sub-woofer and the rear speakers are muted. Only the front speakers work. Helpful if someone is sleeping in the back.
  2. There is a "Star button" on the touch console. This button acts as a shortcut for a few settings. I have reserved for opening the calling list as the other options didn't look like being used frequently.
  3. The car tailgate can be opened from the inside by just pressing the button once. However, if we need to close it, the button needs to be pressed continuously. Not sure if this is the expected behavior, still need to confirm. The person who came for the demo also didn't know about it.
  4. The sunroof/moonroof is huge, however, the glass doesn't open to the full. Ideally, the expectation was that 50% of the glass should open, but it opens ~40%.
  5. The memory seats are simply awesome. Moreover, when we park the car and open the driver's door, the seats move a little behind to provide more space to move out.
  6. The front door handles have a small white light when we go near the car with the key in our pocket. Also, the side mirrors open up to welcome you, similar to i20 and other Hyundai cars.
  7. As soon we get into the seat, a nice welcome tune play on the music screen, and the cluster.


  1. All the details related to car location, driving, trips, car status, etc. are accurately displayed in the app.
  2. The car lock/unlock, engine start, horn activation to find where the car is parked, etc. are fun to use from the app. A couple of times I didn't carry my key and used the app to get some stuff from the car by unlocking and locking it.

Few clicks

My father-in-law also bought a Tucson 1-week after me. He got a diesel one though. The first 2 pics show the comparison. No visible difference in the models. I remember AWD has an HTRAC badge on the bottom right.

The 3rd pic shows the red dashboard when driving in sport mode.

The 4th pic shows a notification when the car in the front moves and we don't.

The last pic shows a short trip to Wai.

Looking forward to more drives.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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