Bigger & faster car than a Taigun GT for 5 people & a dog under 55 lakh

I have test-driven SUVs like the Hyundai Tucson, Mahindra XUV700, Toyota Innova Hycross and BMW X1 but I am unable to decide.

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Hello, BHPians!

Please help me solve this conundrum.

TLDR: I'm looking to replace my slightly used VW Taigun GT with a larger and faster car for daily commutes in Bangalore traffic (75 kms to and fro). My wife shall continue to ride her Jeep Compass, so we need a bigger vehicle for family road trips (4 people, a golden retriever, a live-in nanny). Ideally, it wouldn't be a 7-seater (city traffic pain!). It should be fun to drive and offer some "speed thrills" when I want them.


I've test driven a bunch of cars but can't decide.

Tiguan: Very spacious 5-seater, fast, but the interior felt boring (same steering wheel in a 45-lakh car as a 23-lakh car?). It also lacks technology beyond the IQ headlights.

Tucson: Modern looks, loaded with creature comforts and tech, but only the diesel is enjoyable to drive. Worried about another diesel with the Jeep already in the garage, in case of NGT restrictions! The 2.0L petrol is underwhelming.

XUV 700 (petrol): A hoot to drive! The economy on that engine is terrible though. Also, I don't trust the ADAS and other offered tech's long-term reliability. I found the blind spot monitoring camera on the AX7L terrible. Can't justify spending nearly 35 lakhs on it mentally.

BMW 330 Li: My favorite. Magnificent engineering, luxurious, tech-filled, spacious, and a superb petrol engine. However, financially it's a stretch, even with BMW's finance plans. It's a "you-only-live-once" decision that might cause stress and isn't ideal for Bangalore's bad roads and flooding.

BMW X1 (petrol/diesel): Good city commuter in both engines, but not much bigger than the Jeep. Feels premium inside, but the on-road price (~60+ lakhs) is unjustified. Petrol makes more sense financially honestly!

Audi Q3: Powerful engine (same as Tiguan), but the interior doesn't justify the Bangalore on-road price. Limited tech compared to competitors and not very spacious either!

Innova Hycross: Disappointed with the build quality. The test drive vehicle (barely 1,500 km old) rattled everywhere. Cheap plastic abounds. Even the salesperson admitted it's not as sturdy as the Crysta. Worried about manoeuvrability in Bangalore traffic. A definite reject.

Not an EV guinea pig: I'm not ready to adopt an EV yet. I believe the technology will change significantly in the next decade, and I want to keep this car for at least 150,000 km.


Ideally 25-55 lakhs but can stretch if needed. However, the middle-class Indian in me will always be conflicted!

Help a fellow out! Open to suggestions in the used market as well.

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Which you are going to drive and park in Bangalore, right?

Bigger vehicle - won't it be a bigger pain with the bigger vehicle in the famous traffic of Bangalore?

Faster vehicle - won't it pinch you when you realize there is no space available to drive it faster, even if you find some space, there will be a speed limit of 60 km/hr max in the city area?

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Why not keep the Taigun and replace the Jeep with a 7 seater? It is small and suited for city use. And new.

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As per the mentioned budget - A less-driven X3/Volvo XC60 (Petrol/Diesel) could also be a good option for an upgrade (YOLO).

Why not the Toyota Innova Crysta 7-seater (Diesel) over Hycross (Petrol/Hybrid)?

If you would like to add another Jeep, I would suggest the Meridian only Diesel (it is an extended 5-seater with more luggage space, by folding the 3rd row).

Pocket friendly - Maruti XL6 (Petrol), as we get 2nd-row captain seats with some fancy features.

IMHO above mentioned is what I can suggest. I hope not to offend anybody here.

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Go to Honda Autoterrace and get yourself a deal on a lightly used CRV diesel. You would end up saving a lot of money and also score a warranty too.

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75 km daily, needs diesel, family of 5 + dog, needs 7 seater. I would go with XUV 700 Diesel. You will get used to its minor imperfections. In case, you use the car for 10 years, NGT restrictions are not a deal breaker.

In the case of petrol, it should be Kodaiq if you are okay with FE and monthly petrol cost.

Crysta is the third option, but it is not available in AT now, so you have to find less used one in the market. But in that case, usage will be restricted by no. of years, if NGT is applied.

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