2022 Tesla Model Y Performance: Spending a day with the brilliant EV

It was a great feeling in the Polestar 2 and Kia EV 6. But the Tesla's acceleration is at a completely different level.

BHPian mobike008 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Tesla Model Y Performance- 2022 Model

Let's start the thread with some positives and negatives.


  • Eye-popping acceleration (especially in the performance model)
  • Battery technology (Proved to last until 200K miles with 94% battery used)
  • Loaded with technology & gizmos
  • Full self-driving and Auto Pilot capabilities
  • Excellent performance
  • Broad network of superchargers and decent charging timelines
  • Every Tesla vehicle has achieved NHTSA 5-star safety rating


  • Tesla's design is subjective and not liked by all
  • Quality issues like panel gaps, rattles, and paint issues is a common problem. (They are improving but, one odd issue is always found by owners)
  • Interior quality is not equivalent to the price paid
  • Lack of an instrument cluster is quite distracting
  • Lack of ambient lighting inside the cabin at night takes getting used to
  • Expensive-price has been steadily rising every few months since the launch
  • Tesla’s insurance is expensive compared to ICE cars
  • Tesla repairs are exorbitant

I’m not sure if you read my recent post on driving a Tesla Model 3 (Basic Model) that I test drove a couple of weeks ago. Here is the link to that post.

A quick background, I have driven the Tesla several times with the first being a Model X back in 2018, a Model 3 (a few times in past) and once a Model Y in 2020. However, all those times I was in a different state of mind and drove them just to enjoy the experience and never drove it from an enthusiast perspective nor from a perspective of a buyer.

As is human nature, you start showing interest in something only if you are considering acquiring it.

Frankly speaking, we don't have a real need for another car but, I was thinking it's finally time that I add an EV to our garage to complete an ICE & EV Portfolio.

Over the last few months, I have driven the following EVs to get a hang of what's out there in the market.

As you know, both these cars are expensive EVs and buzzing with praises on the internet by several reviewers. In my opinion, they are great choices for EV buyers with a budget of $60,000. However, after driving my BMW, I am rather spoilt with some great driving characteristics and a really powerful engine. Due to this factor, I am not easily impressed with most cars that I have driven over the last 1.5 years because my BMW is now a benchmark for me personally and would like the next car to be as impressive as BMW or better.

If you have followed my ownership reports on the forum (Have plenty of them on both cars and motorcycles), all those purchases have been purely from the heart and I have decided to buy an auto only if it struck a chord with me and usually most of my purchases have been impromptu including my BMW. With this purchase, I decided to change my buying modus operandi and think strategically and more importantly buy from a long-term perspective as I seem to lose interest in my vehicles after 2-4 years at maximum.

Both Polestar 2 and EV 6 GT Line (Top of the specs line) were nice to drive but, it left me wanting for more. I’m looking for an exhilarating experience when I sit behind the wheel and neither of these cars gave me that feeling.

I recently test drove the Tesla Model 3 (RWD Version) and it was an amazing experience and came close to what I was looking for. It was a base version and also despite the fact that TD vehicles of Tesla come locked at 85mph for top speed, it was a very nice experience. As per clarification provided by Tesla sales person, top speed lock at 85mph does not rob us of the acceleration joy that Teslas are famous for which was a big relief.

I was working with Jason who is a sales rep at Tesla Showroom in Seattle (uDUB area) and he was an amazing guy. I did a TD of the 3 just because I had some time to kill and was in that area that particular day of the weekend and he was really amazing and helpful with information and helped me get the car out on the road for an hour.

After the 3 RWD Test Drive which I enjoyed, I told Jason, I need something that shakes me up a bit so requested him to gimme a call when performance versions are available for Test Drive.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from Jason within 2-3 days and he told me they got a couple of brand new Tesla Model Y Performance (Hereafter, will refer to as YP) in stock and he wanted to know if I can keep them overnight to enjoy the full experience. Which BHPian denies such an opportunity? I jumped at it and grabbed it with both hands. LOL!

However, there was a caveat. He said, he can do it only on a Sunday as the rest of the time the vehicles are needed for test drives. So last Sunday, I picked up a lovely YP at around 2:00 pm and spent the whole Sunday (until almost midnight) driving it around various areas like:

Seattle Downtown

This area is like a roller coaster ride. Road goes up and then down. It’s an amazing place to enjoy the city life and also drive the car around.

Snoqualmie Falls and Pass Area

Nice fast freeway (Interstate 90 so the speed limits are higher), plenty of backroads and sweeping mountain roads to get a feeling of how the car performs in terms of acceleration, handling and ride quality.

Area near my home is wooded and has lots of backroads and tight turns

Other aspects of the driving experience which were important are:

  • Parking in my garage (To evaluate if it fits in my smallish garage)
  • Experience charging the car via a Supercharger

With that said, let me share a brief experience of some of the major details of how a Tesla Model Y 2022 drives. There are plenty of reviews and videos on YT so will keep this brief.


Tesla’s are loved, adored and worshipped primarily for their “Instant Acceleration”. Being an EV, there is nothing called turbo lag. There is literally no difference from touching the pedal to the car lurching forward. It happens instantly.

It was a great feeling in Polestar 2 and EV 6. But, Tesla Model Y's performance acceleration is at a completely different level. We are talking of nearly 500 HP with a timed 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds.

When you step on the gas, the car feels like it's launching and takes off with an insane rush and if you are not prepared, it feels like your brain is squished against your skull.

This has to be experienced to know the feeling. It’s one of the key features for which it's bought by everyone.

Steering feel

The steering feels lovely to hold. Coming from a BMW, I would like it to be a little chunkier but, it's still nice. There is tons of feedback from the steering and is extremely direct. Sometimes, I felt the steering was too direct for my liking. Also, the play is fast, accurate and direct.

I mean when you turn the steering even an inch, you know what the front wheels are doing. Well, I think that’s a bit extreme. I would like to turn the steering more before the feedback starts coming in.

Nevertheless, awesome steering feel in Sports mode.

Braking is one of the best feelings in EVs. I drove the car for a little over 250 miles and I may have touched the brake 5-6 times at the most. But, I can tell you they are not that great. Regen braking is more than enough to control your car and bring it down from any insane speeds to a standstill depending on the regen mode used. It may take a little while for new drivers but, once you are used to regenerating braking, it is impossible to go back to normal braking style, it's that good.


When I took the car and was driving it on the freeway and was in ‘Chill Mode”, I felt a little bit of bobbing (like the car is going up and down) but, when I moved to sports mode, the car felt way more planted and stuck to corners pretty good.

I realized later there is no change to suspension from Chill to Sports so it might have been a placebo effect or due to road conditions.

But, handling is extremely good considering the low center of gravity as all battery packs are bang in the middle of the car to give a nice distribution of weight.

Ride quality

It rides on 20” Ubertine Wheels (Love these wheels) with red brake calipers. It feels a little hard if the road conditions are bad which is pretty rare out here.

To put it plainly, it's neither plush nor too harsh. It feels somewhere right in dead-center. I was pleased with this setup.

Build quality

I was keen to know if quality has improved as there is so much talk about panel gaps, sound insulation etc. There were no complaints at all in my TD car on panel gaps which might be for obvious reasons.

Cabin was deathly silent except for that light hissing sound from the battery. My mom who rode with us for a long time enjoyed it so much that she started complaining about my BMW and said it was so noisy and felt dangerous, etc. This car is so quiet and nice. She asked me to buy it ASAP. I told her if she is paying for it, I will for sure. Haha!

Music system

This is one of the best stock music systems I heard in any car to date. My BMW’s H&K feels pedestrian in front of it.

Not sure if it's due to the silent cabin but, I am an amateur audiophile and I know a little bit about music quality (Spent a lot of time and money on ICE during my initial car days). The sound quality and volume level are seriously amazing.

There is a couple of videos with music on so you get a feel of the sound quality. Listen with headphones on. Hope YT does not stop the music or downgrade the bitrate.

Interior space

There is tons of space in YP, both in front and rear. There is no bump in the rear which is dreaded by all of us from ICE cars. I was super impressed with the space in front, and rear and even the boot is humongous.

Panoramic roof

Another biggest USP of Teslas is the amazing single glass pane they use for roofs. It looks surreal and feels like sitting in an aquarium. There is a small portion in one of the videos covering the panoramic roof shot by my wife.


It literally feels like driving a computer. It’s an amazing feeling with so much technology with cameras all around the vehicle warning on various things like Blind Spot, cars in the next lane, cars in front and back. It even shows the traffic lights, traffic cones on the road etc.

Feels like you are smothered with a layer of security. Lol!

Night driving

I was a bit shocked at first as the cabin was pitch dark and I had a tough time adjusting my eyes as there are literally no lights inside the cabin except the 15” IPAD. Haha!

I’m used to a lovely cabin of my BMW with ambient lighting and different color modes. This is absolutely stark in contrast. Light throw and spread is phenomenal lighting up the entire road ahead. No complaints there. I reckon this will take some getting used to.


I have an EV charger at home but, I could not experience it as the wire/adapter was not available in the showroom. Ours is a smaller garage and Y should fit in albeit a little tightly.

Supercharger experience

Next day (Monday), I had to return the car to the showroom so, en route, I stopped at a supercharger and spent 20-25 mins charging the car. I was shocked to know that superchargers can charge the car at 265 miles per hour. Some superchargers do it at an even higher speed (I think up to 500 Miles/hour).

While charging, I spent that time playing a car game to kill the time. It was super fun.


I was shocked to know that a Tesla Model Y Performance in Seattle will come at a landing price of $85,000. One of the primary contributors is the high sales tax in Washington state which is 11% and Tesla removing the $7,500 EV rebate.

Gosh, what is the world coming to? They don’t want us, enthusiasts, to buy these amazing products. This is some real big money for a Tesla and my enthusiasm has taken a serious dip after building the car.

To summarize, it was a brilliant experience and after driving a Tesla, it’s hard to go back to other EVs in the same segment as the pros are simply too many to ignore. No wonder the Teslas are selling like hot cakes and always on back-order with demand being multiple folds than supply.

Driving towards Snoqualmie Falls.

Side Profile of Tesla Model Y Performance @ Snoqualmie Falls, WA.

Side by Side with a Mustang. Mustang looks like a Miata.

Y is a big guy. Will be a tight fit in our garage.

Spacious front seats. I am extremely impressed with the space in the front as passengers can stretch their legs quite far ahead.

You walk into a Y as opposed to falling into a Model 3.

Equally spacious interiors for back seats.

Y getting supercharged at 265 miles/hour.

My first experience charing an Electric Vehicle. It was a simple and lovely feeling.

Charging and listening to my favorite music.

Took the family out for a lovely "Indo-Chinese" meal in the Y. The food here is exactly like how we get in India. Masaledar (Spicy) Indian style Chinese.

Heading out in the morning to return the car with a hot cuppa of coffee to give me company.

Playing a car game while waiting for the car to get supercharged. You can use the steering wheel to play the game and use the brake/accelerator pedal to stop or accelerate.

Technology is amazing. Camera picks out every object on road including those traffic cones.

Comfortable driving position with great visibility.

Live camera comes on each time you switch on the indicator.

Continue reading about mobike008's experience for BHPian comments, insights and more information.

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