7 Observations after taking my Innova Crysta on its 1st highway drive

The fuel efficiency difference between Eco and Normal mode was around 2 km/l.

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Took the Z AT out for its first highway / long drive. Some observations:

  1. The ride quality is just insane - and the captain seats are a delight
  2. The FE was way lower on Eco mode vs normal mode - a difference of 2 km/l
  3. The USB port to be used for Music / CarPlay is the one on the arm-rest, not the one next to the 12V charger below the centre console. Why?! Isn't that easier for the driver?!
  4. There is some nervousness on the highway on the 17" tyres given that the monsoon has brought out random huge craters on the roads
  5. If my wipers are active, and I engage R, the rear wiper doesn't come on. Come on, Toyota! Cars 1/10th Crysta's price have this
  6. Very unhappy with the HU UI/UX: the On/Off button turns on/off the audio, but there is a three-click process to turn off the display. Should have been more intuitive.
  7. The AT is smooth, responsive and isn't boring for a car this size and shape

Have been on two highway drives over the past week or so.

On the first highway drive (250 km each way), the DPF regen message came up almost exactly mid-way on the highway where the car was being driven at 80 km/hr consistently. During the regen, the counter showed two sticks.

On the second one (~ 120 km each with half of it on mountain roads), the regen message came on the last few km during the return leg while I was driving through peak city traffic. It had four sticks then.

Is there a logic on when the regen is triggered? Say 100-150 km and highway speeds/revs?

Here's what BHPian PrideRed had to say on the matter:

In general, regen happens at intervals of 150-200 km. However, it will vary a lot depending on how you drive, altitude, quality of diesel etc. In the city, regens are more frequent.

Here's what BHPian audioholic had to say on the matter:

It triggers every 190-200kms like clockwork in my car if driven only inside the city. If there is a highway drive in between then regen gets extended to 250kms. If pure highway runs, I have not monitored it since it is difficult to notice as my car doesn't display this in the MID.

In general, once soot accumulation crosses 25-30% regen will be requested to the ECU. But the engine should be warm for this to happen. Up to a max of 40%, soot accumulation is permitted for auto regen which takes place for 10-15mins. During this phase if the engine never warms up fully or in the case of MT car is driven only at low speeds, then auto regen fails and manual regen is requested which will take longer due to higher soot accumulation. In the AT, it is easier since higher idle speeds during regen is not a safety issue, unlike manual.

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