Why I installed a Tata Nexon EV charger for my MG ZS EV

The box you see in the photo is manufactured by Legrand India for the Tata Nexon EV.

BHPian Rada recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

For my MG ZS EV, I decided not to install the 7.4 kw ac fast charger that comes with the vehicle. The reason for this being the fact that I live in an apartment complex where the sanctioned load for each apartment is only 5 kw. So, I would have to approach the EB for additional load sanction if I were to install the fast charger. So, I decided against it.

The box you see in the photo is manufactured by Legrand India for Tata Nexon EVs. It contains an MCB and a 16A plug socket nicely encased in a metal box with a lid which can be locked. You cannot see this item listed on the Legrand website because it is specifically put together for Tata Nexon. However, when I approached Legrand through their Twitter handle, they were happy to offer me a readymade unit.

This is what I have installed now to slow charge my vehicle. All I had to do was draw a 15A line from my home DB and connect it to the Legrand connection box. Since the box can be completely closed and locked (even while charging), it protects the connection from dust, rain etc and also from tampering and pilferage.

Hope prospective ZS EV owners find this information, useful.

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