7 years & 54K km with my Terrano: Memories, issues & overall experience

Cruising on highways in this Nissan is just a pleasure. The SUV has got enough power & offers a smooth ride with hardly any body roll.

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Hi Everyone!

I got my Nissan Terrano 110 PS XVD variant in 2015. After 7 years of ownership (2 years under covid) it has got 54000 km on its odometer, mostly on long-distance drives.

The journey has been full of ups and down. We have had the most memorable trips with it. And a few problems as well.

Having driven only Maruti WagonR that my folks owned back then, the jump to Terrano was a massive and exhilarating one. This was a pre-Creta time and in this range, only a few options were available viz. Duster, EcoSport which we considered. Everyone in the family was of the opinion that Nissan offered better looks and presence. We finally got it in Aug 2015.

Loved the ride quality and comfort it gave, and love it even today, especially while driving on bad roads. Hated the fact that it didn't have steering-mounted controls, still miss them.

In 2018 we made a trip to Laddakh from Delhi. It was a round-robin trip Del - Chandigarh - Manali - Leh - Srinagar- Amritsar - Del. One of the best experiences I have had in my life till now. The whole trip was full of interesting encounters and events. Thankfully we were prepared for all of them and managed to complete the trip without any hiccups. Loved the way Terrano handled on those high mountain passes and rugged terrain.

Here are a few pics

Highway cruising on Terrano is just a pleasure - got enough power, smooth ride, hardly any body roll.

Switched to Continental AT tyres for our Ladakh trip. There was a little more tyre noise in the cabin but over time we have gotten used to it now. Another thing that I changed was the engine oil which I switched from mineral to fully synthetic while staying within the manufacturer's recommendations. Have been using only fully synthetic since 2018 and I noticed a major difference in the noise of the engine. It's way more smooth and revving it is more fun.

Problems that I have faced in these 7 years

  • Had to change the passenger seat belt as it was getting stuck every time you pull it to put on the seat belts.
  • Got the front left axle changed as it was making noise on the tight turns. This was the most expensive repair that I had to get on Terrano. Apparently, the rubber cup that covers the axle joint with the wheel came off and the grease inside it was half gone and the remaining was full of dust. Got it replaced, but I was warned that it won't last long and eventually I will get the dreaded axle noise and will have to get the axle replaced. After the axle replacement, I have been constantly checking it on every service, and everything holds tight and in place. Looks like I just got unlucky with the last one.

Apart from these two major ones, a proper yearly service has helped to keep it running without any issues till now, keeping my fingers crossed.

Over the years I kept adding a few accessories to it as well

  • Got new seat covers, custom-made with PU leather. It has been three years and still looks good as new.
  • The floor of the car was also recarpeted. This helped a lot in keeping the floor clean and dustfree. Topped with Noodle Floor mats (that's what I think they are called).
  • Recently got the window visors for it.

We still have three more years on it within Delhi NCR as it's a diesel vehicle. Fortunately, the registration is from Punjab, and it can still be driven out of Delhi NCR.

It has been a fun and beautiful experience driving it all these years, but every now and then I am tempted to upgrade it to a more superior SUV in the market. Thanks to the 10 years limit set by the government for diesel vehicles, I have been on a constant lookout for a new car. Somehow I have managed to keep my feelings under the leash by saying to myself that a better car is coming in a few months and I should wait for it. Right now awaiting Hyundai Tucson, and future Honda SUV in India. Let's see what the future holds.

Till then, I am gonna enjoy driving my Terrano. Might add a new infotainment system in it, a touchscreen one. I am willing to spend 20k for it, could you guys suggest something that would fit and is of good quality and would run for a good period of 3 or more years?


Happy driving everyone!

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