Advice needed: Which 125cc scooter to buy under 1.25L

I didn't try the Aprilia and Vespa as they are pricey and high-performance models which don't suit my purpose.

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I am looking to buy a scooter with a medium budget (around 1-1.2L); 125cc.

Usage: Casual usage at home or for office to home in a metro city. I'm an average user and won't cross 60kmph almost ever. So, looking for comfort over extreme performance.


  • Decent suspension and fewer vibrations
  • Good front space (I have a big build), also for keeping stuff
  • Good enough performance, not looking for the best in the class engine but must do the job
  • Longevity and good service (or at least fewer repair issues)
  • Mileage must be great, I'm an economy user.

Went for a test ride for the following:

Yamaha Ray-Z - less leg space, felt the drive a bit sluggish (maybe I'm confused) like the acceleration and pickup.

TVS Jupiter 125 - Plus points: Good boot space, front filling for petrol. Other than that felt nothing new.

TVS Ntorq - Not feeling it because of the lack of a front storage spot and the bike seems to be loud than it needed to be. Didn't feel comfortable choosing it. I don't need that tad bit of extra performance to convince myself for ntorq.

Suzuki Avenis - Felt decent overall. Had good front space, a slot for mobile and extra box, petrol fill on the outside, good enough ride experience I believe. No complaints in specific.

Suzuki Access 125 - Okayish but it feels small for my shoulders so didn't prefer it over Avenis.

Couldn't get to try Burgman, fascino cause the vehicle went out for a ride then but I'm assuming they would feel most probably like their relative models of the brand. Didn't try Aprilia, Vespa as they are pricey and high-performance models which are too much for my purpose.

What are your thoughts on this? Currently, I'm inclined towards the Suzuki models. But I'm open to suggestions from experienced users over a single test drive!

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

You’re right to be gravitating towards the Suzukis. Overall they’ll provide the nicest quality I feel. Certainly better than the likes of N Torq.

I think the Burgman is the nicest of that lot with your set of priorities. Its 125 cc, is probably the most comfortable and has a nice suspension. Give it a test ride and pick it if it appeals. The Access is a fantastic scooter too and within those three options (counting the Avenis) hard to go wrong with any.

Here's what BHPian rkv_2401 had to say on the matter:

I'm not too well-versed with the 2-wheeler scene, but I have noticed that my friends' TVS scooters (Scooty Zest and Jupiter (110)) have slightly more comfortable suspension than my Suzuki Swish. Suzuki scooters are overall very well-rounded, though, and their 125cc engines are smooth and powerful, you definitely won't ever feel down on power with them.

I can fit a full-size helmet in my scooter's storage compartment, and the newer models are more commuter-oriented so that shouldn't be a problem. I've had my Swish for 9 years now with no major problems or service costs other than the usual punctures and battery replacements.

Here's what BHPian GreasyCarb55 had to say on the matter:

Well you've got your answer right there, the Suzuki 125's. All three Suzuki 125cc scooters are essentially based on the same basic platform but have 3 different styles. The Burgman is the Maxi style scooter, the Access is your everyday scooter and the Avenis is supposed to be the youth oriented model so pick what you like the most.

I would also suggest you test ride the TVS NTorq 125, it's a sporty scooter and excluding the electric Ather 450x and Ludicrous Yamaha Aerox 155 it's the best "sport" scooter in the country. The major downside with the NTorq is the Fuel efficiency, the Suzuki 125's get around 48-50kmpl in the city while the NTorq gets about 40-42 (for context even the fire breathing Aerox 155 manages to get 45-46kmpl in the city)

The top variants of all the scooters here (Burgman 125 Street Bluetooth, Access 125 Disc Alloy + Bluetooth, Avenis Race Edition and NTorq Race XP) all are under 1.2 Lakh (On-road Hyderabad).

Here's what BHPian carthick1000 had to say on the matter:

Why don’t you consider the updated TVS iqube electric ? Pls. do take a test drive. Also in this day and age, it is surprising to see that your shortlist doesn’t have any electric scooter at all. Kindly search for TVS iqube electric thread here in team-bhp. From TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) perspective, in the budget you are looking for, electric scooters are the best.

Here's what BHPian sri_tesla had to say on the matter:

TVS iQube (electric) will excel at almost all of your priorities. I would suggest you test ride it once to see if it fits your needs. The base variant will cost Rs 1.25 lakhs and the iQube S variant will cost about Rs 1.31 lakhs. If you find the design boring, check the light blue, copper brown, or red colors.

Suspension is similar to Jupiter and the riding posture is more comfortable than Ntorq. Decent space, almost zero noise, and vibrations. It will be the cheapest to operate (operating costs will be as low as 1/8th or 1/10th compared to petrol scooters).

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