Applying the 2022 Force Gurkha's mechanical updates on my 2021 model

I also fitted a spare W124 rear view mirror that I had lying around.

BHPian PhantomLord recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

From what I could gather from Force representative 2022 Gurkha has 3 updates.

  • Updated Steering hose routing and new rack/pinion setup.
  • Dead pedal.
  • Insulation above transfer case or silencer end can.

Steering Hose : For me major concern was steering hose mounting clamp, every day before taking Gurkha out I had check if clamp was fine after re-welding. Weld did not last a week, luckily I saw it before drive and used large hose clamp to tie the fluid cylinder to stabilizer bar.

May 2022 Steering Update Parts

Mounting Clamps

Note that these clamps are present in 2021 Gurkha, since mine is early batch Gurkha, I guess it is present all BS6 Gurkha. If you are planning this update you can skip these clamps, this also indicates unaddressed known issue before delivery.

Old Steering Hose Setup

New Steering Hose Setup

New Steering Hose and Bleeder Cylinder Installed

Bleeding: Workshop manual does not have any information for steering components. I just drained oil after removing hose union/joint near cylinder and installed new hose. Filled new steering oil into reservoir and gravity bled at the cylinder while turning steering wheel, re-filled as reservoir emptied. Later started Gurkha, re-filled steering oil and bled till no air bubble was seen.

Other Updates

Dead Pedal: When I was the local dealer, was told that 2022 dead pedal was available. But for installation tinkerer was on leave and there was no information on how to mount it. Dead pedal has two bolts, I could not find a mounting point for it in driver foot well of 2021 Gurkha. Improvised and mounted it as I wanted it. Initially dead pedal felt too close to clutch, now I am used it. Since pedal is sheet metal you can bend to suite your angle of preference.

Rear View Mirror: Manual dimming of rear view mirror was always pain with Gurkha due to excessive flip spring tension, everytime I tried to dim, mirror lost its alignment. I had spare 124(black) mirror so mounted till I get a auto dimming mirror.

Turbo: Turbo Oil leak via PCV returned, so concluded issue is not oil level related. Cleaned the turbo again and disconnected PCV, will update how this goes.

DPF 1000 RPM issue: I saw this issue again during a stop, so wanted to verify if this goes down after 30 minutes as Force representative mentioned. Waited for 38 minutes and RPM stayed at 1000, looks like this issue may not be DPF auto run.

My Lift Kit(tens)

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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