Ather partners with CredR to launch 2W exchange program

Ather Energy has partnered with CredR to launch a 2-wheeler exchange program where customers can exchange any petrol 2-wheeler for an Ather electric scooter.

Customers will be required to bring in their old petrol 2-wheeler for a physical inspection to their nearest Ather Space dealership. After the inspection, an instant price quote will be generated. CredR will then verify the documents and the health of the petrol 2-wheeler. The exchange price will be adjusted against the final cost of the new Ather electric scooter.

At present, Ather's 2-wheeler exchange program is only available in Bangalore and Chennai. However, the company plans to launch it in other parts of India in the coming months.

Ather Energy offers a private lease program for the 450 e-scooter with a payment plan of Rs. 2,589 per month. The Ather One ownership program covers day-to-day expenses, doorstep service and spare parts.

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