Audio system upgrade on my Mahindra Thar

The new audio system components were not a direct fit, had to trim the plastic panels a bit to accommodate the same.

BHPian MithunSathianat recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After months of research and trial and error methods, I have successfully completed the basic audio upgrade in my Thar.

Initial Set up:

Below is the set-up I initially installed

  • JL Audio C1 650 components with tweeters for the front
  • JL Audio C1 650x co-axials for the roof
  • Sony XM-N1004 4 channel Amplifier
  • Sony XS-AW8 8 Inch 160W Under-Seat Active Subwoofer
  • Blaupunkt Wiring Kit
  • Stock tweeters on the roof

The reason for choosing the under-seat sub is that I wanted to save the available space.

The sub-woofer is not that compact considering the available space in Thar. It's a snug fit. Maybe Infinity Bass Link might be more compact.

I did not want any wire slicing or cutting on the stock wires as I am concerned about the electrical warranty. Hence did not use a line-out converter and DSP. As Sony AMP and Subwoofer supports high-level speaker inputs, I chose the same instead of line-out converter.

Also, high-level input will also provide the switch-on signal by which the Amp and Sub will turn on without the need of tapping power from the head-unit power line/ Fuse.

JL Audio components and co-axials are a direct fit and only minor tweaks are required.

Tweeters were initially stick on top of the dashboard with 3M tape.

Damping was not done as there were no vibrations. Not sure how much difference will it make as speakers are not on the door. Floor damping is a strict no for me as it would seal all the water egress holes.

I had driven with this set-up for about a week and was not very much satisfied especially with the JL C1 650x co-axials.

Hence I decided to slightly change the set-up to the below one:

  1. Audison Prima APK 165 Components on front
  2. JL C1 650 Components on the roof

Rest all remains the same.

Audison components were not a direct fit, had to trim the plastic panels a bit to accommodate the same. Took away the JL co-axials and stock tweeters from the roof and plugged in JL C1 650 components and tweeters on the roof.

Audison tweeters are nicely integrated into the A-Pillar.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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