Automatic cars under 15 lakh to replace Polo TSI; safety is paramount

It will be used by my spouse for her office commute & city chores. For highway driving, we have a Tata Harrier.

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Hi All,

I am looking to Replace/Upgrade our Polo TSI and am looking forward to your suggestions. This car will be primarily driven by my spouse.

The car will be used for her office commute and to take care of chores within the city. It will also be used to take our overly pampered dog for his park and vet visits.

Our budget is 15 lacs on-road (Pune) and we will be going for BH registration.

I currently own Harrier which will continue to be our Primary car and will take care of Highway duties.

We are in a bit of a fix because we are unable to find a suitable replacement for Polo which frankly isn't hard to believe. Polo isn't feature-loaded or doesn't have all the bling in this world but it gets the basics right. Its fit & finish levels, quality of materials used seem to be better than many other cars in the price category, not to forget the way it drives is nothing sort of amazing in under 20 lacs price segment and to top it off it's built solid.


  • Safety :- This is our top priority & is non-negotiable. Even if the car will be driven in the city we do not want to compromise on the build quality or safety. The car needs to have basic safety tech like ESP and ABS.
  • Ride Quality :- Spouse is a sedate driver and is perfectly fine even if the car won't set the tarmac on fire. The ride quality should be good and is paramount.
  • Basic Tech :- We aren't a big fan of sunroofs but Apple CarPlay and Steering Mounted controls are a must and are the only tech that's needed.
  • Automatic :- Torque Converter or CVT preferred.

Fuel Type preference is Petrol & Body type preference is Hatchback or a Compact Crossover.

Here's what BHPian bijims had to say about the matter:

Considering your budget and requirements, here are the best options which I feel are suited to your needs:

Maruti Brezza ZXI AT

The earlier generation is 4-star rated by GNCAP, offers good ride quality, covers all the basics, and comes with a 6-speed TC AT, Excellent sales and service network, and one of the best-selling options in the segment.

Renault Kiger RXT(O) CVT/ Nissan Magnite XV Premium (O) CVT

The Alliance twins are both rated 4-stars by GNCAP and offer all the necessities and come with a good 1.0 Litre Turbo Petrol engine mated to a CVT. They are definitely VFM.

Other options worth considering (with reasons for not recommending them) are the Tata Altroz DCA (not CVT or TC, but one of the safest cars you can buy), Tata Nexon (has an AMT ), Hyundai Venue/Kia Sonet (probably not the safest, yet to be tested by GNCAP), Hyundai i20 (only 3-star GNCAP), Maruti Suzuki Fronx AT (not safe as based on Baleno).

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For your budget, the best ones out in the market are Kushaq and Taigun. However, they lack road presence and do not give that big SUV feeling. But they are significantly bigger than Polo. If you can compromise a bit on NCAP ratings, Creta and Seltos are the cars to go with.

Here's what BHPian Turbohead had to say about the matter:

I'm a little curious - what exactly is the reason you want to upgrade the car? Is your TSI a manual?

If you can elaborate on why you want to move on, you'll probably get more relevant answers.

Here's what BHPian BleueNinja replied:

There are many actually.

I am on the taller side (6'1) and I have started to experience backache when driving/travelling with Polo, this was the first reason to get Harrier but didn't want to sell Polo so kept it. Eventually, my wife learned to drive and she started using it.

Second, We have a comfortline - TSI (Torque Converter) the car is bare bones and doesn't have an infotainment system or steering-mounted controls. I can get Infotainment retrofitted but I don't want to void the car's warranty and then deal with VW if in case something was to go wrong. Also, I tried checking if I can get Highline/GT's steering retrofitted in my comfort line but didn't get any support from VW. The AC in the 1.0 TSI is a bit wonky too, to be honest. Sometimes, it chills the car and sometimes it refuses to work in summer in a stop-and-go traffic condition.

Third, Our Polo is Hyderabad registered and this out-of-state registered car often becomes a favourite target for Pune traffic Cops and Local Public alike. Even if I were to get the car registered in Maharashtra from Telangana there is no guarantee that I won't have to shift states by year-end or next year again. So we want to go for a BH Registered vehicle.

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