BF Goodrich India's website goes live!

BF Goodrich offers the all-terrain T/A KO2 tyre in India.

BF Goodrich India's official website is now live.

The website has a list of authorised dealers but the range of tyres currently offered in India is fairly limited.

At present, BF Goodrich has just one product on sale in India - T/A KO2. It's an all-terrain tyre that has been designed for muddy and snowy conditions.

The tyre has thicker sidewalls and extended shoulder to prevent sidewall failures. The company claims that the tread lasts twice as long on gravel and 15% longer on asphalt compared to the previous KO 4WD tyre.

The company also has a helpline number (1800 103 6424) where customers can submit their questions, suggestions or comments.

Thanks to BHPian Vikram Arya for sharing this information with other enthusiasts!

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