Brought home a Royal Blue Tata Harrier: Impressions after 3 days

Average fuel efficiency stands at 10 km/L after driving 160 Km in stop/start traffic.

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My buying experience and ownership review of 3 days

I liked the Tata Harrier since it's launch and test drove it last year. However, we decided to wait. With the launch of Kaziranga edition, there were some updates that I wanted, but the colour of choice was not available. Recently, they launched 2 new colours and we liked the Royal Blue.

Asked the SA (Arshad) of the delivery time and he informed 1 month. We calculated that with registration, we should be able to get the vehicle by Ganesh Chaturthi. The vehicle (XZA+) was booked on 18th July (company PO). Next day I was informed that the vehicle will be allotted by 31st July' 22. My excitement increased and now the target was to get it by 11th August (Raksha Bandhan).

The vehicle was alloted on 29th July and it was available for PDI on 3rd August. Checked the VIN, and it was July'22. So asked them to go ahead.

The paperwork was completed by 5th, and then started the holidays (Weekend, Moharram and Raksha Bandhan). The SA's boss (Padam) informed that the number plate will be allotted on Wednesday, but we will be able to get the number plate on Friday, 12th. I insisted that I need the vehicle on 11th itself.

On 11th morning got the confirmation that I can picked the vehicle in the afternoon.

During this period, I was excited as a boy waiting for his toy. I called the SA and his supervisor many times and they answered my queries politely.

The only accessories asked for were 3D mats, anti rust coating and mud flaps. Padam advised against a mat for the boot.

Decked up for delivery

Initial impression of the family:


  • The music system- it is wonderful
  • The sunroof
  • AC - the rear passengers were comfortable with the temp at 23 and fan speed 2.
  • Place for mobile in the rear door.
  • Lights on the door.
  • Auto headlights and rain sensing wipers
  • Ventilated seats

To be figured out:

  • NVH levels- the noise level was comfortable, hardly noticeable. My petrol Ciaz probably has more noise coming in through the tyres. However, vibrations were more than my Ciaz. Checked tyre pressure, it was 35. Tried reducing the tyre pressure to 30, but that didn't help.
  • iRA App- downloaded the iRA App and it shows status on 27th July (pressure allotment). 47 kms had been done by then. I received the vehicle with 62 km on the Odo. Do they test the vehicle in their plant?

Done around 160 kms in the start stop traffic of Mumbai (mainly on 13th) and the FE is around 10km/l.

3D Mats: I had negotiated for 3 D mats. However, their catalogue shows the pic of moulded 3D mats for around 4.2 k and the price list mentions a 3D mat for around 2.9 k. I was expecting the moulded 3D mats, but got what looks more like a 2D mat, the driver side mat is small.

Need advise on the following:

  • Suggestions for reducing the vibrations - wife finds the Ciaz more comfortable in this respect. Recommended tyre pressure is 33.
  • Moulded 3D mats: should I buy the expensive ones from Tata or from 3rd party vendors?
  • Dashcam: they are recommending only the one available in their list (Blaupunkt) otherwise warranty may be void. But reviews of the same are not good

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