Customised my 3 Maruti Gypsy scale models for an enhanced look

Well as BHPians, we do have an appetite for customisations, may it be our real cars or scale models.

BHPian ArTigor recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here are some plastic 1:36 Gypsy modified by me, these are the local super cheap Shinsei made, which otherwise look worthless but some customization completely changes the perspective.

This is the original model which I have worked upon:

This blue one is inspired by the various safari vehicles, additions include a rollover frame, front crash guard, ladder at the rear, hella lamps, registration number, ORVM, Wheel arch trim, and some detailing like color to the turn indicators, window beading highlights etc.

The next yellow one is inspired by the rally-spec Gypsy, with body graphics, hella roof-mounted lamps, rollover frame, ORVM, Wheel arch trim, Flatbed at the rear, removal of rear seats, Apron on the B pillar, detailing touchups all around.

This black one is inspired by the armed forces. I have a memory of seeing a black Gypsy which had the armed forces registration number. This piece was originally a blue Gypsy, so I spray painted it in black, interiors are painted in red, red and purple stripes are added on the body and minor detailing here and there.

Here are pics with all three models in action.

Well as BHPians, we do have an appetite for customizations, may it be our real ride or our scale models.

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