Details of the major service of my Ertiga carried out at 2.35 lakh km

Along with all the fluids, multiple mechanical and electro-mechanical components were replaced too.

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At 235,000 km, a major service and preventive replacement of critical parts

"A car is as reliable as the owner who takes care of it" – Hence, after 9 years and 235,000 km, I continue to take care of it on a regular basis. However, there are important milestones during the ownership where the replacement of certain critical components at the right time ensures a trouble-free experience and remarkable performance even after clocking higher mileage.

This post is all about details of a major service that my Ertiga VDi underwent at the beginning of this year when the odometer was around 235,000 km. As part of this major service, not only were all the fluids replaced as per prescribed intervals but mechanical and electro-mechanical components were proactively replaced solely due to preventive maintenance and the age of the car, more precisely the number of kilometers that these components lasted.

Following is the list of jobs that were carried out along with components that were replaced:

  • Engine oil – Periodic replacement
  • Transmission oil – Periodic replacement
  • Coolant – Periodic replacement
  • Brake fluid – Periodic replacement
  • Caliper pins – Replaced due to wear and tear/noise
  • Stabilizer bar bush – Preventive replacement
  • Stabilizer link rods – Replaced due to wear
  • Timing Chain & associated components – Preventive/Periodic replacement
  • Oil pump – Preventive replacement
  • Water pump – Preventive replacement
  • Alternator belt - Preventive replacement
  • Thermostat - Preventive replacement
  • Gear shifter cable - Preventive replacement
  • Intercooler hoses - Preventive replacement
  • Oil sump cleaning
  • Exhaust cleaning

This service was carried out an FNG (Swastikaa Auto Centre) where I have visited on earlier occasions too. While the person who runs this workshop was associated with a Maruti Suzuki workshop for over 2 decades, there are few staff members present here who have earlier worked on my car when they were employed with MASS. I would like to specially mention mechanic Rakshit here who single-handedly carried out all these tasks listed above starting from 10:30 am all the way stretching till 7:00 pm very professionally. He was neither in a hurry nor ignored small little things to ensure that the final outcome was precise. While I did stand along with him holding the torch or passing a few items as he worked, we did have some very good conversations discussing the overall health of my car. Executing these tasks in a single day is not an easy one, but he certainly went the extra mile.

Since the primary task of this service was the replacement of the timing chain, a list of parts was shared with Lokesh 2 days in advance and he ensured to arrange everything from the list by sourcing it from a nearby MGP Store. Prior to that, I placed an order for Engine oil that was delivered home which I carried to the service centre.

Servicing of the brakes

The car was put on the hoist and the wheels were removed to check the condition of both the front and rear brakes and also replace the brake fluid and caliper pins. The condition of the stock rotors definitely is noteworthy even at 235,000 km.

The pads were in good shape including the rear brake shoes. The handbrake mechanism was adjusted as I had complained that it had become weak.

Timing chain replacement

Maruti doesn’t refer to a schedule for when the chain has to be replaced. However, the ideal timing is between 100,000 – 120,000 km or even earlier. I first replaced the timing chain around ~115,000. During the same time, along with the chain and associated parts, I also replaced the water pump assembly as preventive maintenance. This time too both these parts (chain and water pump) were replaced. Additionally, I also got the oil pump replaced as the car had already run on the stock pump for 235,000 km and failure of this component due to age can lead to damaging results for the engine.

Parts removal in progress to access the timing chain

These are important images just to show the position of the tensioner after driving for 120,000 km and then compare that with the position of the new tensioner along with the new chain.

The timing chain area was cleaned before installing the new chain

Timing chain and the adjuster were dipped in engine oil to lubricate before they were fitted inside the timing chain case

Replaced the timing chain, guide and adjuster. You can notice the position of the adjuster after replacement

Cleaning of the oil sump

Oil sump was removed with an aim to clean it before fitting in back. The condition of the oil sump was absolutely acceptable, thanks to the periodic replacement of engine oil. The mechanic didn’t have to spend much labour to clean the sump.

After cleaning the sump, adhesive was applied along the boundary of the sump before it was fitted back. Note that the oil sump doesn’t get a gasket and hence applying the bonding adhesive correctly and fitting the sump back and ensuring to torque all the mounting bolts are very important to prevent any oil droplets from leaking out of the sump.

Replacement of the oil pump

During the second time replacement of the timing chain, it is important to replace the oil pump as well. In terms of labour, the timing chain case cover is always removed when the chain is replaced and both the oil pump, as well as the oil strainer, are part of the timing chain case. Hence, I got the oil pump replaced this time.

You can notice the oil strainer which is part of the oil pump assembly marked in the yellow rectangle.

Replacement of the water pump

A good practice when replacing the timing chain is to also replace the water pump and we have had many discussions around it on various threads in this forum. Hence, the water pump was also replaced during this service.

The timing chain case (Oil pump & strainer) fitted back along with the new water pump

Old water pump and tensioner

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