Did a 1217 km roadtrip in my BYD Atto 3: EV charging experience & costs

Though I was fairly confident of Atto3 range of >400km, I did not take much risk and charged whenever we stopped for food.

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We went on my first outstation trip on my new BYD Atto3 from Hyderabad to Mahabaleshwar. The round trip was 1217 km. Though I was fairly confident of Atto3 range of >400km, I did not take much risk and charged whenever we stopped for food. The charging infrastructure in Hyd - Poona highway (NH 65) is fairly good. The number of chargers in Mahabaleswar - Panchgani area was also much more than my expectation. The only stretch where I did not find many was the 150 km between Bhigwan in NH65 and Mahabaleswar. I did not encounter any issue in finding or charging in public chargers. These are the charging details for my trip:

Minor issues I encountered were:

When I reached SVS Tyres Sastapur, there was a power outage. Anyway we had stopped for breakfast there. In 10 mins the power was back so I went ahead and had successful charge.

Shivkrupa Cafe was advertised as a 60 KW charger, but I could get a max power of 34 kW only. It was extremely hot at that time, so I am guessing that the vehicle would have reduced the charge rate for thermal protection. So it took around 1 hour 20 mins for full charge. I was expecting around 1 hour.

Hote Shree Veg Bhadalwadi is an excellent stop for EV owners. They have 2 Statiq and 2 ChargeZone points so 4 vehicles can be charged at a time. But eventhough plugshare advertised the Statiq one as a 60 kW charger I was getting only around 27 kW. I tried moving around the ports (thats why you see multiple entries for this charging station in my spreadsheet attached) but still it was giving only 27 kW.

IOCL COCO, Kamakole was the fastest charger I encountered during this trip. They have a 50 kW charger and I got 44.5 kW on average. There is also a restaurant Food Pyramid next to it. We did not have food there, since I just topped up for 15 mins there just to be doubly sure of the reaching safe home.

I did not charge in my hotel, but there was a 30 kW fast charger just 1 km away from my hotel, so I charged for an hour there before going to sleep.

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