Diesel MT: Ford EcoSport vs Hyundai Venue

I am looking at sub-4m SUVs due to a strict budget and currently looking at diesel option only

I am looking to replace my 9+ year old Volkswagen Vento 1.6 TDI Highline diesel car. Due to the 10-year rule by NGT in Delhi NCR, I cannot use it beyond March 2022. I am looking at sub-4m SUVs due to a strict budget and currently looking at diesel option only, due to my monthly usage of approx 2,500 kms. After a lot of test drives and going to and fro across models, I finally shortlisted 2 options which work out for us - though both are a stretch for my budget.

Ford Ecosport S Diesel Manual


  • Peppy Diesel engine
  • Relatively better build quality
  • Excellent handling and steering
  • 5 alloy wheels
  • Really feature loaded even over the Venue - Auto dimming IRVM, Puddle lamps, rake and reach steering
  • Ford has put out maintainence chart with price for each service and that looks good on wallet (especially after owning a VW product where each service costs approx 12- 15K)
  • Discounts to the tune of approx 50K available on ex-showroom price including dealer discount of 10K


  • Plastic in the lower half of the cabin are of very average quality
  • No rear air-con vent (my family is saying this as a BIG negative point against EcoSport). We are a family of 4 - 3 Adults and 1 child
  • Boot opens sideways (this may be ignored though better half has noted this too as an issue)
  • No grab handles on doors (find it a bit weird as other cars with 6 airbags have them)

Hyundai Venue SX (O) Diesel Manual


  • Better plastic and interiors feel than Ford
  • Jazzy features like wireless charging, e-Sim, air purifier, SOS calling button etc.
  • Frugal diesel engine which gives better mileage than Ford; is adequate for both city and highways
  • Rear AC vents (this is a big plus according to my family as they are adamant that this helps in cooling the cabin better)
  • Family think it has a better boot shape (we drive extensively and do 2-3 drives in between our homes in Mumbai and Delhi every year)


  • Sheet metal and external build RELATIVELY lighter than Ford
  • Not sure, but the service costs might be higher than Ford
  • ABSOLUTELY no discounts at all
  • No reach function in steering, manual Day / Night IRVM
  • Driving dynamics though good in isolation are a step behind Ford (as per my test drive)

My heart says - Ecosport but my family says Venue.

I need to finalise the vehicle in another 1-2 months max. Hence request forum members if they can help me. I will be driving the vehicle on my own and it will serve as my primary vehicle in my garage - the other being A-Star which is being used by my wife primarily. Thanks.

Here's what BHPian jigar1791@gmail had to say on the matter:

Ecosport anyday, for the lovely 1.5 TDCi pot.

Though old school, the engine is brilliant and relevant in today's world. You'd have a BIG smile on your face when you floor the EcoSport's pedal.

Venue is a very capable product in today's compact SUV/crossover crazy world, but EcoSport was, and still is, by far, the best sub 4m C-SUV India has on it's roads.

Here's what BHPian TrackDay had to say on the matter:

I expect a lot of members to vote for the EcoSport. Even I love that car. It feels robust and built to last.

My vote is for the EcoSport. I am not going to suggest other cars as it can only increase the confusion in this segment. Besides, you have shortlisted these two. This Ford is a well designed car that has stood the test of time in terms of design as well as build quality. I feel the car is built to go the distance.

Here's what BHPian ramki.grandhi had to say on the matter:

Looks like you have the budget, so look for Nexon as well. Give a test drive, its an amazing choice next to EcoSport.

Out of EcoSport and Venue, EcoSport is a far better choice. Venue won't even come closer w.r.t. safety kit and driving dynamics.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

I would pick the EcoSport as well. Says a lot about how competent this product is, when it's a whopping 8 years old and still winning polls against younger competition. But that diesel + build + road manners + driving pleasure make it a no-brainer choice. Especially for a Vento owner who is used to the "European" build & feel.

Of course, if it was the turbo-petrol or AT, then the Venue makes for a compelling choice. But diesel = EcoSport.

Check out BHPian comments for more insight and information.

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