Enthusiasts share memories of cars they sold off, but remember the most

Join us as we celebrate these cars that have stood the test of time, for they may be gone from our lives, but they are certainly not forgotten.

BHPian M_Poweredd_ recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Our cars become more than just modes of transportation; they weave themselves into the fabric of our lives, becoming companions on countless journeys. As time passes, our beloved vehicles age, carrying with them a treasure trove of memories and experiences. In this article, I invite you to take a trip down memory lane and share your stories about your oldies. These cars, once shiny and new, have weathered the years alongside you, witnessing milestones, adventures, and unforgettable moments. They hold a special place in our hearts, and it would be interesting to hear about the journeys you embarked upon, the mishaps you encountered, and the memories you created together. So, join us as we celebrate these cars that have stood the test of time, for they may be gone from our lives, but they are certainly not forgotten.

Having said that now I introduce you to my first car, the 2015 Honda Brio in Mystic Blue. I got it just days after receiving my driver's license in 2018. Previously owned by my friend and fellow BHPian @Autocaptive. We lived in the same building so I have seen the car literally every day since it was bought. Although being a '15 car it had racked only 13k kms and was in perfect shape. A Petrol manual Honda is really suited as the best-first car you can have. The mileage was pretty good even after driving it trashily. The 87 bhp engine combined with the lightweight made it fun to drive in the city and easy to toss around. The light clutch felt effortless too.

Some pics which I considered were 'Professionally Photographed' by me back then.

The mileage which I got was around 10-12 km/l in the city. Surprisingly, when my father used to drive, it gave around 18-19kmpl in the city! Now the 18-year-old enthusiast I was, the car survived those wheel spins, ramming the gears, hard cornering and failed attempts of 'drifting'/sliding through dirt(like an idiot). And if my father reads this, I did that on the ground and ALWAYS kept my speed below 55.

Being lightweight did come with its drawbacks. Once (when my dad was driving) a Swift Dzire backed into the car 'slightly'. It wasn't anything major but the dent left on the brio was deep. This made us doubt the build quality of the car, it also lacked basic safety features such as ABS and Airbags. Also, the seats didn't have much support and the low seating didn't help either. After a year of ownership, we decided to sell the car.

I spotted it after a few months outside a restaurant. I was so excited that I started taking pics of it and the owner noticed me. After hearing him shout "Ayy Ayy" I figured out why this gentleman was yelling from the terrace. I proceeded to do some actions by pointing my finger at the car and then towards me, surprisingly he understood it.

There it is, my experience with the Blue Honda Brio documented. I would love to hear your stories and shenanigans. Thanks for reading.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Have bought and sold many cars in my 30 years of driving. But the one standout car from my past is the 1st-gen City Vtec. It's the one I miss the most. Purely due to that mad, insane, MANIAC Vtec engine that revved like a motorcycle motor. It was built for the redline, had a slick gearshift, one of the best hydraulic steering wheels & a very light body. All of that made it go-kart-like under 100 km/h (and scary above that).

This is definitely the most special of the exes.

On the first Mod trip to Mahabaleshwar in '04

Here's what BHPian Dippy had to say on the matter:

For me, it has to be my old Honda City 1.5 Exi AT. It was a 2003 model that I bought in 2006. It had 24000 km on the clock when I bought it. Drove it for all of 10 years and the odo read 1.5 lakh kms when I parted with it. Loved the low stance, the typical JDM looks and the bulletproof reliability. Really miss it and wish I could have kept it.

Here's what BHPian Samba had to say on the matter:

This was the first car I bought (with my mom's help) after I got my first job in Bangalore.

As a car, this was nothing special. We have owned many better cars, but this was my first car, & I was pretty much emotionally attached to it!

In 2008, I was just 23 years old and used to live alone in a 1 BHK flat. The best companion I had was this car!

The first night drive, the first hill drive, the first mild off-roading, the first tyre change at midnight, the first drag race, and the first handbrake turn were all with this car! Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I was a reckless young driver, for them I must say, this car never got a police challan, nor any scratch or dent in all those 3 years!

After 3 years of owning this car, when I was leaving Bangalore, we were a part of 49 road trips, so to make that 50, the day before selling this car, we again went for a day trip and made it 50!

Have driven through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Goa & Maharashtra.

Have many great memories with this car.

Here's what BHPian comfortablynumb had to say on the matter:

Out of sight, but definitely not out of mind. My first car, the Palio 1.6 Sports.

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