EVs could get green number plates, free parking, toll waivers


According to a media report, electric vehicles (EVs) could get green coloured number plates. The Niti Aayog, which drafts policies for the Government of India, has come up with this proposal. 

The draft policy prepared by the Niti Aayog also proposes that electric vehicles be given toll waivers and free parking for three years. Additionally, the policy proposes that 10% of the parking space at residential, commercial and office buildings be reserved for EVs.

In India, there are six different types of license plates currently in use. Private cars use white plates with black text while commercial vehicles use yellow plates with black text. Vehicles with black plates and yellow text are used by rental or self-drive vehicles. Embassy vehicles bear license plates with white text on a light blue background while vehicles used by the President of India and Governors of states have red plates. Vehicles belonging to the armed forces have their own unique numbering system.

The Government of India has set 2030 as the deadline to replace fossil fuel-powered cars with EVs. It will certainly be an uphill task and would require huge investments in infrastructure. However, a report by the Niti Aayog suggests that the move is likely to reduce the demand for fossil fuels by 64% and bring down carbon emissions by 37%.

Source: The Economic Times

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