F‑Protekkt : Automatic fire extinguisher for the engine bay

Deccaleap Technologies has introduced F-Protekkt - an automatic fire extinguisher for cars, which is claimed to detect a fire and extinguish it by releasing a gas contained within it. The device approximately costs Rs. 9,040 (including GST).

F-Protekkt is installed on the underside of the bonnet. Therefore, engine bay fires can be contained quickly, preventing the fire from spreading to the passenger compartment.

The device measures 2.1 m in length. It automatically activates at a temperature of 120 degrees Centigrade and has an activation pressure of 16 bars. 

Currently, F-Protekkt is only available in Pune and Thane. The company plans to appoint 13 distributors in Maharashtra before expanding into other states.

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