Random parked Thar catches fire: How I spotted & helped extinguish it

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Didn't inspect the Thar much after the fire was put out, but the SUV did seem to have aftermarket headlamps.

BHPian SRISRI_90 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was out on an evening drive with my parents. On returning home, I spotted a Mahindra Thar with a small fire on its front bumper.

I immediately stopped and rushed to the spot. The fire seemed to have just begun, the owner was right there, but was in complete shock and had frozen not knowing what to do.

My Dad, I and another good Samaritan biker rushed to the vehicle with bottles of water and a cloth to extinguish it.

Within 15-20 seconds we were able to extinguish the fire.

By then a crowd of about 100 people has gathered, with very few helping hands. Unfortunately, none of the vehicles passing by, including mine, had a Fire Extinguisher.

The Thar did seem to have aftermarket headlamps, but I didn't stay long to inspect all that, had to rush home as I had some other work. I will be ordering a portable fire extinguisher for my car ASAP.

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