Fake accident: Thak Thak gang extorts my 61 year old father

The entire length of the car has scrapes and dents on one side by the end.

BHPian ArTigor recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Alert all Mumbaikars especially those who travel around Kalanagar, WEH near Bandra, Entire BKC and the stretch near Kurla Car scrap bazaar - the notorious Thak Thak gang seems to be active.

While travelling late at night in BKC especially in E block where the new flyover joins, beware, there are notorious bike riding gangs active, they will come and crash into your car when it is stationary at the signal, after a few seconds 2 more bikers will come from behind saying the car was driving in speed and crashed into the bike, and the driver is at fault. these men will be decently dressed. They will start abusing verbally as well as physically, the better thing is to not get out of the car or unlock it, this seems to be the notorious 'thak-thak gang'. Last Tuesday 2nd November it happened with my dad at around 8 pm. He was waiting for a signal to take a left turn from Kalanagar junction to enter BKC, Just as the signal went green he heard some noise, the car was stationary. Next moment he sees two men in front of him abusing him. Both of them parked the bike and came up to my dad's car and started abusing him saying he crashed into their bike. They were asking my dad to get down. He did not get down, neither entirely rolled down the window, only slightly rolled down to speak. in the meanwhile, 2 more men on 2 separate bikes approached from behind saying they also saw the scene and that my dad is at fault. Eventually, all 4 started abusing dad. one of the guys removed a hammer and hit it on the front left fender threatening my dad to come out.

Now, imagine the plight of my dad who is 61 years old, after a tiring day at work is facing this situation, yet he did not panic. At that point dad called me up and quickly told me the situation, I advised him to keep the car locked and just proceed to the police station. He asked them to accompany him to the police station and drove ahead, they followed him till the police beat chowki in BKC, as soon as dad entered they just went away vanished.

The entire car has scrapes and dents running on one side, seems these thugs had something in hand (apart from the hammer) with which they caused big damage to the car.

Dad reported this to the police, but we all know how things proceed, the guy tells dad, "what is the use of reporting now, those men have vanished and anyways your car will be repaired in Insurance". I just asked my dad to leave it and come home, as I was more concerned about him. This happened in BKC where every junction has CCTV and the cops can nab these thugs easily if they want!

Those travelling in late hours in BKC, Sion Panvel highway (between CBD Belapur and Kamothe, few similar incidences were heard here too) after office hours please beware.

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