Fixing the windshield misting issue on my Thar diesel

Have installed a number of accessories on my diesel SUV as well.

BHPian wooka recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Getting my AC replaced.

This is as per service circular 03212.

Fixes the misting issues on the windshield.

Just the valve swap didn't work for me.

It's a driving hazard if you can't see the road!

Get it done!

Part number - 1203CW500071N

I've got a diesel manual.

Supposed changes:

  1. Modified air direction valve levers.
  2. Denser and fatter foam to prevent air escape.

Service time: 5 hours labour.

You'll have to convince the servicemen to order the part in advance.


  • No rattles thus far. I had things done as per my spec. They did well up the plastic of the A-pillar LF.
  • A few accessories - a sub, my bushranger LED bar, a dr nano winch, dual alt horns, LED vents and footwell LEDs. And a window-up-on-lock module by RD.

I control most of these via a switch panel near my left knee.

It helps when I want to ensure that the amp is off when the car goes for service, as is the auto-window-up. Also helps with randoms driving the car or when I want the stereo on for >5 minutes (the amp can drain the battery fast.)

  • Wasn't a nightmare - you can have the parts arranged citing my service circular. They will look it up on the i-smart tool.
  • The AC replacement STILL LEAKS AIR! Esp on direction= footwell side.

Why am I upset? I had to race the Rajdhani and catch it at Delhi Cantt. instead of NDLS for the wife to get on the train since they took all day and this is the second time they've opened up the dash to get this rectified. They had no thread locker so I now worry that down the road, there will be dash rattles. There is no SOP for thread locker here at Mahindra outside the factory even though Loctite is a listed supplier for the part!

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