Ford: Faulty headlight reflectors in Figo, Aspire & Ecosport

Thanks to BHPians d3mon, blackbandit and samaspire for sharing this information with other enthusiasts.

There have been multiple reports of defective headlight reflectors in the Ford Figo, Aspire and the EcoSport. This is possibly a design flaw or poor quality of reflectors being used in the Ford cars.

The defect which is basically a burn mark is seen on the top part of the reflector above the bulb. This area is seen to be developing a white spot in all the headlamp assemblies. This white spot is not visible at first glance and requires a closer inspection on some cars whereas on others it can be easily identified as a burn mark. The issue was first noticed in October 2016 on a Ford Aspire and was later reported by different car owners.

Ford is reportedly replacing the affected headlamps without any fuss and in some cases the replacement headlamps have also developed the same white spots. There is no similarity between the usage of the affected vehicles. While the issue cropped up in less than 6 months in one car, in other cases, despite very low night driving the reflector has been affected similarly. Some affected cars have done less than 5,000 km where as others have done 15,000 km or more.

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