Getting my Audi Q2 serviced at 15000 km: Impressive workshop experience

The workmanship at the service centre was top-notch, and so was the wash, but it was something else that impressed me the most.

BHPian dhruvritzed recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

With my car on the verge of reaching 15000 km on the odo, done a bit earlier than the 1 year alloted for service, I booked a service for today at Audi Delhi South. As has been a tradition now for me with my primary car, I was there at the bay while it was being serviced. It would be great to inform everyone that the service quality, speed and adherence were absolutely perfect with absolutely no lapses or carelessness on the team's part.

Was helped by the fact that only three cars drove in for service today morning.

As I have the service pack, I didn't have to pay a penny but the overall bill raised was for around 19700 which could easily have been 15000-16000 with a bit of adjustment, a fair price to pay for this category of car.

A thing to note for all owners, please do get it checked if Audi recommends 0W20 or 5W30 for your car, this is entirely dependent on the VIN and the service centre stocks both as the Q8 has the same thing in place.

The workmanship was top notch as was the wash, but what impressed me the most was the knowledge of the SA Mr Jitin and the mechanics allotted to me. A comprehensive checklist is adhered to that checks every aspect of the car including the tread depth of the tyres, so almost nothing goes amiss.

The work took a modest 3 hours including washing.

Until the next milestone maybe.

Please use XP95 on your Q2, guys!


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